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  1. Great effort that, looks and sounds fantastic. That's set the benchmark for us to live up to and improve on.
  2. Basingstoke Fox

    New Members - Please Introduce Yourself Here

    Up the Persian Foxes.
  3. Basingstoke Fox

    Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    After Vardy's goal it was the best it's been since the CL days for me. Extra time was weird though. That's exactly when we should've been roaring the team on but it was strangely silent across most of the ground. I get that people will be focused largely on the match but our support could've been much better at that point, especially as we'd managed to force extra time in the first place.
  4. Basingstoke Fox

    A year ago

    Any excuse to see this again. It really was a truly special night for the club and is the single best match I've had the pleasure of watching.
  5. Basingstoke Fox


    Happy with this as long as they bring out decent, custom made kits. Some of the stuff brought out by Nike over the years has been awful. Adidas kits are known to be a rip off though, they hit £100 when Chelsea binned them off! I wouldn't be surprised to see our shirts hit the £60+ mark. I hope the 3 stripes are actually white rather than gold, could look very smart.