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  1. Basingstoke Fox

    New Members - Please Introduce Yourself Here

    Up the Persian Foxes.
  2. Basingstoke Fox

    Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    After Vardy's goal it was the best it's been since the CL days for me. Extra time was weird though. That's exactly when we should've been roaring the team on but it was strangely silent across most of the ground. I get that people will be focused largely on the match but our support could've been much better at that point, especially as we'd managed to force extra time in the first place.
  3. Basingstoke Fox

    A year ago

    Any excuse to see this again. It really was a truly special night for the club and is the single best match I've had the pleasure of watching.
  4. Basingstoke Fox


    Happy with this as long as they bring out decent, custom made kits. Some of the stuff brought out by Nike over the years has been awful. Adidas kits are known to be a rip off though, they hit £100 when Chelsea binned them off! I wouldn't be surprised to see our shirts hit the £60+ mark. I hope the 3 stripes are actually white rather than gold, could look very smart.
  5. Basingstoke Fox

    New training ground announced

    £80M If we're investing that sort of money into anything then it's great that it's into the infrastructure of the club rather than just blowing it on one or two players and astronomical wages. I'd be interested how they've reached that total figure.
  6. Basingstoke Fox

    30th January 2012

    I'm sure I have plenty of that to look forward to. From 01:40
  7. Basingstoke Fox

    30th January 2012

    Big Wes nearly scored a backheel volley in that game! If goal-line tech was around back then it may have been given.
  8. Basingstoke Fox

    Countries Picture Quiz

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  9. Basingstoke Fox

    Manwell Pablos (home made) Boxing quiz

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  10. Basingstoke Fox

    Diabaté Signs

    Agree completely with your second point but I think Mahrez and Albrighton are more than competent on their weaker sides. They've each got goals and assists to prove that.
  11. Basingstoke Fox

    Diabaté Signs

    This is the only question mark for me. I couldn't see much of the first half because the crossbar was in the way. But from what I could see, he wasn't using his right foot much at all so I wonder if that's a weak point. He's young though so if it is then I'm sure he can improve. Take nothing away from him though. A surprisingly excellent debut.
  12. Basingstoke Fox

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Reminds me of this
  13. Basingstoke Fox

    Which goal did you celebrate the most?

    Great shout this. Completely forgot about it and it was just another huge moment in our great escape.
  14. Basingstoke Fox

    Which goal did you celebrate the most?

    Christ we’ve been spoilt during the last few seasons. Long may it continue. Most of my contenders have already been mentioned. A less obvious but highly memorable one for me was Drinkwater vs Watford. Came back from 0-2 down, literally the last kick of the match. He HAD to hit it as perfectly as he did for us to not lose it and it meant so much more after the playoff heartache just months before.
  15. Basingstoke Fox

    Stan's Sports Quiz - Part 3 (The 00s)

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