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  1. Just asked a local about decent beer gardens for matches, he mainly just mentioned places in the Northern Quarter - Dive Bar is meant to be decent, but perhaps a difficult one to book at this later stage. I won't be around for the cup final but I'd be up for finding somewhere to watch the League game against Chelsea on the following Tuesday if anyone fancies that? Tib Street Tavern is a good spot for when we can book places indoors again. Are there still many Leicester fans still living in the Manchester area itself?
  2. Is it just me or do the foxes on these retro shirts have a wonky eye?
  3. Based on a mix of tradition, my favourite away days & decent local derby's.
  4. I've followed the situation with interest since the Robin Hood fiasco of last week. This EToro business is at least as bad and should be highlighted as a scandal in itself. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks, months & years as a result, given the spotlight on the whole situation.
  5. I've generally avoided this thread to avoid seeing spoilers until I can watch games the next afternoon / evening. But these playoffs have been great to watch with multiple highly memorable moments already. Can't believe Denver overturned a 1-3 deficit for 2 series running.
  6. Just bit the bullet on the NBA game pass until the end of the season. 50% off atm with the code ‘SLAMDUNK50’. Got plenty more time these days than usual so will see if I like it. Also downloaded the App to watch it on the PS4 via a temp Argentine account. Did it via a US one initially but that only works with the US accounts. The Argie one works with our international accounts.
  7. It's a full size, first gen model. They can be pricey but I got it at a good price via a staff purchase scheme a few years ago. Overall I absolutely love it! It's switched on while I'm working, cooking, basically whenever I'm awake, especially during lockdown & it fills my apartment with great sound, even at 50% volume. I also use it for my TV audio atm. It's a fairly large unit, but not having separates is much easier for me as I've had to move apartments a few times during the last couple of years. Quite like the range of radio available via the app too. My only gripes with i
  8. Also considered it for a Naim Muso, but haven't signed up. I don't want to sign up for an attractive starter deal and then find myself spending approx $20 per month on it if I find it very good.
  9. Absolutely love Trance music. Always felt like I'd just missed the boat when I turned 18 as the scene had mostly died out. I've managed to do the occasional Trance night out & the Gatecrasher orchestra in Sheffield a couple of times but not much more. Used to regularly hear this compilation in the car as a kid & still listen to it regularly when driving at night: Would happily give it a listen. I'll take a look at all other recommendations in this thread too.
  10. Did you ever confirm whether this number was from LCFC in the end? Just missed a call from the same number myself and found this thread from Google. I can see you posted an image later in the thread but it's not showing now - must've been lost somehow in the last year.
  11. Potentially great news for the club & city if that can happen.
  12. I waited a good few months before even trying them while learning some of the most common words in the language, along with various other verbs & adjectives (process still ongoing) which certainly helped. That said the narrator chimes in for context in English at least once per minute, so you can mostly make out what's going on, plus the episodes aren't not too long. I think the best thing about them is that if you can't quite understand a word / sentence, you can rewind 15 seconds and listen again. Then if you still can't make out the word, rewind again until you do, which I t
  13. To be fair to the guy he did post a good response after an absolute mission to & from Kent to watch this match. Just found Pearson's post match interview, which was every bit as enjoyable as I'd hoped it would be: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/16714076
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