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  1. Jesus , we sound like wolves fans.
  2. Or 49er posting some photo of a bald 70's footballer.
  3. currently on 4 998 958 ( as i write) . who do you reckon will get it and when?.
  4. Penalties https://www.lcfc.com/tv/439574/u23s-live-leicester-city-vs-fc-bayern-munich
  5. For someone paying those prices for a rock hard pie and a flat pint, shouldn't be calling others thick.
  6. Depends on what you're after really. Most artists are capable of a fox logo or something , however, if it's a portrait you're after , then do some extensive research. I had this done after the title win, and yes, that is my leg.
  7. Nah . This is the new look Leicester, so we’ll smash them.
  8. I always wait until the fourth official holds up the board. If its a couple of minutes I make my way down and watch the last bit on the screen. If I do that, I’m home 45 minutes earlier.
  9. Barnes, Bailey , no idea, no idea , Coppell.
  10. In before it’s ‘cool’ to be on foxestalk 😎
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