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  1. I did regularly under a certain Frenchman .
  2. I doubt those 5000 extra seats will be sold at £30 . £100 hospitality tickets is where the club will be heading.
  3. This seems as good a source as anything.
  4. jonthefox

    Alex Telles

    He's got some well 'ard tattoo's . It's a yes from me.
  5. jonthefox


    I've always thought our games with Forest and Derby are good for the banter and a chance to bring out some of the old songs. The games with Coventry however have a nasty feel about them. So the answers Coventry.
  6. It was a false acu-Alsatian 😎
  7. The “do they mean us “ thread. The original one 😡
  8. Doris day https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/05/13/doris-day-dies-aged-97/
  9. Shit. Car failed it’s MOT
  10. Must be just me, but I love leaving early at football matches.
  11. This is following on from a conversation i had with my lad the other day. We were basically reminding each other about how shit things used to be and how far we've come in recent years. For example, does any remember when Craig Mackhail smith turned us down for Brighton?. What about when we were begging sunderland to sign Asamoah Gyan simply so we could sign Martyn Waghorn?. Or what about when we signed Jermaine Beckford and thinking we had a worldie on our hands. Over to you, as i'm sure there's plenty more.
  12. Just heard this. Hope everything is ok.
  13. Anyone got any pics of todays Tifo?.
  14. I remember I’d been off work for four days and felt like shit that night ( still went 😊) . Every time the ball went out of play I slumped in my seat.
  15. A Leicester Lambretta.
  16. Linked with Southampton last summer.
  17. I think top said that one was being commissioned before anyone got the chance.
  18. Rodgers is determined to get a tune out of him.
  19. Looking at Krakow for late August. I think I’m the only person who’s never been.
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