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  1. Man city in the title winning season for me. It'd be pretty hard to top that.
  2. I was lucky enough to get a seat in the main stand for that. Lovely and dry thanks
  3. Surely the development of the stadium is the start of that. I said in another thread that the notion of 8000 extra seats being sold for £20 a go is fanciful.
  4. Made another YouTube video the other day. TBH, I’m quite enjoying making them ( even if they are Sh!t). They’re certainly my remedy for lockdown boredom.
  5. Where abouts?. I'm in St Ives on the 10th. If you are, i doubt i'll miss you
  6. He still looks about 12.
  7. Vardy at the Hawthornes - Great escape season . Probably my favourite.
  8. I think that given the cost of this project , the extra tickets will be sold as hospitality.I don't like it personally but it's just the way it seems to going these days.
  9. My son said it all earlier. He told me i couldn't bang on about the good old days anymore. These are the good old days. Right here, right now.
  10. https://www.redcafe.net/matches/leicester-city-vs-manchester-united.391/ Post number 17
  11. Has anyone got the Huawei pro 30?. More interested in the camera tbh.
  12. I think the exposure King Power get out ways any money they would get. If that makes sense
  13. Free transfers only after seeing the books this morning.
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