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  1. Who's mark Lawrence??? Jamie perhaps?
  2. Hands down....The one and only David Ruffin!!
  3. Thommo

    Football Index

    Prices are up and down constantly...sell when they peak, buy when they trough..you have to track the players to make good money gradually..Why would you buy shares in neymar at say £18 a share when you can buy shares in a player like Choudray whose value can only increase long term ?
  4. Thommo

    Football Index

    Not sure which prices you're looking at. All mine have shot up recently especially Choudray..up 23p per share since the arsenal game. Most of our players values have increased recently (tielemans, Madison, Maguire, chilwell, pereira)
  5. Thommo

    Football Index

    Surely the point is to make a profit??
  6. Buying and selling shares in footballers..similar to the stock exchange..has anyone tried this? signed up tonight bought shares benkovic, mcguire and toulemanns...Oh well!
  7. Not necessarily...Bori and Zolt looked like Messi and Ronaldo after their first game (well maybe not quite) and look where they ended up!
  8. You obviously didnt see King play in his prime...some of his goals were TOP CLASS !!
  9. Not back at work yet but thinking of beer and sun..,
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