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  1. Wayne Brown trainer and Richard Smith Director?? Well i never....
  2. Thommo

    Corona Virus

    If we all wore a 2 Meter diameter hula hoop...that would do the trick.
  3. Thommo

    Corona Virus

    Where in Spain is this?
  4. Just noticed that the selling prices are now approx 67% lower than the current values making it Impossible to sell...
  5. At the season halfway point i dont think everyone has played everyone... the fixtures are all over the place these days
  6. Who's mark Lawrence??? Jamie perhaps?
  7. Buying and selling shares in footballers..similar to the stock exchange..has anyone tried this? signed up tonight bought shares benkovic, mcguire and toulemanns...Oh well!
  8. Not back at work yet but thinking of beer and sun..,
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