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  1. Need the points for next season do you?
  2. Will be worthless in the Championship.
  3. It's ridiculous how many spares have come up. If you can't go to the game, then don't buy a ticket. Let others have a go.
  4. Oh yeah, that old chestnut...
  5. I believe it's on tv as well.
  6. I thought the club was clamping down on points gatherers like you?
  7. Wednesday 7.45pm is a horrendous kick off time for a 6 hour journey to Seville.
  8. It's embarrassing that there's still tickets left for this game. This is by far the biggest game of the season. What happened to all those clamouring for tickets last season?
  9. Swansea away isn't on General Sale. So yes you did give me a stupid answer.
  10. Yeah course you have. If you have 150 points I'm assuming you have had a season ticket for the past three seasons but haven't been to any aways for the past 4 seasons. Yet you've gone and got yourself Burnley and Swansea tickets? I smell bullshit.
  11. Why are all these ticket beggers not begging for tickets for Burnley away or Swansea away?
  12. But what if he insisted on a release clause? Would you have said no? Even though it meant helping us to win the league and make an almighty profit?
  13. Why don't you just let someone who is able to go buy them, rather than you buying them and selling them on just to increase your number of points...
  14. You're obviously not very good at using the quote function. Why can't you say which competition you won them in?
  15. You mean you've bought the lowest price tickets, and now you're gonna sell them at a higher cost, pretending not to know the value and then all of a sudden you'll announce that they're the lowest price tickets...**** off