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  1. Wow can’t believe how this show has finished. What a shitshow of a season
  2. All the Milan fans want to get rid of him
  3. Shame couldn’t end it with a win. Hopefully push for europa next year
  4. Just as well my streams shite
  5. Should’ve played in albrighton but can see why he went for the shot
  6. Proud of the boys did well especially in that first half just wish we were more productive in the opposition half. Kompany full of praise for us saying we’re realistically a top 6 side.
  7. Ricardo could’ve fallen over there looking good
  8. Choudury vs Foden will be interesting
  9. Can’t wait for clegane bowl. The Hound is up there with my favourite characters
  10. Harry96


    Murphy has a point tbh
  11. Got a feeling we’ll get a point
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