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  1. Harry96

    FIFA 19

    Would anyone like a game on PS4? Preferably FUT
  2. Harry96

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    FairPlay to the players putting in a performance like that after everything that’s happened
  3. Harry96

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Good to see Danny on
  4. Harry96

    Cardiff Match Thread

  5. Harry96

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Got to take advantage next half
  6. Harry96

    West Ham H Match Thread

    That red card just makes matters worse when we don’t win
  7. Harry96

    West Ham H Match Thread

    How is albrighton still playing one trick pony
  8. Harry96

    West Ham H Match Thread

  9. Harry96

    West Ham H Match Thread

    Didn’t see that coming
  10. Arnautovic out great news
  11. Harry96

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Good show I’m waiting for season 2 but not sure if it’s coming out?
  12. Can see it being a frustrating draw
  13. Have a day off mate footballs the wrong sport for you
  14. Harry96

    Arsenal Post Match

    Expected really big game on Saturday now got to be looking for a win
  15. Harry96

    Arsenal (A) Match Thread

    We really have to look at strengthening our wide areas because bringing albrighton and ghezzal on is useless when you’re chasing a game , simply not good enough