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  1. Want 40m according to Di marzio. Roma have offered 30 plus add ons.
  2. Should be level by now poor finishing by vardy
  3. letting coutinho cut inside always a good idea...
  4. Both strong line ups, should be a decent game
  5. Cancelo would be a dream signing. Never going to happen though.
  6. He was decent picked a lovely ball out to Fuchs. Don't know why elder is still on our books tbh don't think he's that great.
  7. Iborra looked pretty tidy and assured in possession
  8. Looking forward to seeing iborra in action hopefully
  9. What a ping that was from benny another imperious touch from slimani
  10. Slimani always has. Makes lukakus touch look world class.
  11. Lovely goal more like it riyad. Decent display so far