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  1. Has anyone managed to renew online today? When I login, I select season tickets it loads the stadium for plan to select seats, but it's all greyed out? No option to renew?
  2. Don't think the tactics helped him or Ndidi tonight. They both work so hard to win the ball back and when they eventually do, there is nobody to pass to. Ulloa and Vardy are 30 yards up the pitch. They were trying to pass it forwards but with so little option ahead Arsenal get the ball straight back, it's either try and pass it or hoof it. Against teams that keep good possession we need to play 3 in the midfield, so when we do get the ball we can try and keep hold of it and take the pressure off us defensively.
  3. Still saying sold out, anyone know when the other blocks will be released?
  4. If the club got the pricing right then 28,000 to 30,000 season ticket holders isn't unrealistic.
  5. I know loads of people that would like to attend matches but are put off by the membership system we have. Why pay for a membership that doesn't guarantee a ticket and even when tickets are available usually there are only singles left. Most people I know would like to go as a family or group of friends 2/3/4 tickets together. I'm lucky enough to have a season ticket with my 2 sons in the family stand, which is fantastic value for money, as under 10s go free. it's just a shame that the family stand is more or less full therefore 100s if not 1000s are missing out. These are our next generation of fans that are missing out. We could easily get 38,000 - 40,000 if more tickets together were available.
  6. got 2 this morning, loads left!
  7. Kasper Simpson Morgan Amartey Chilwell Gray Drinkwater King Albrighton Mahrez Slimani I'd play Albrighton in front of chilwell, and Gray in front of Simpson so at least both youngsters have some experience backing them up. It would be criminal to play both on the left.
  8. With the Everton game being on Boxing Day,I wondered how anyone that normally uses public transport will be getting to the game? I live in Nuneaton and drive to the games but fancy a few beers before hand this year. There are no trains on Boxing Day and after contacting the bus operators was told they don't know yet if any buses will be running. Can anyone confirm if in previous years limited buses have been running?
  9. After 1 adult and 1 child ref. 165+ if anyone can spare. My youngest is 7 on that day so would love to take him to his 1st away along with the wife.
  10. Now confirmed on Wembleys website, Sunday 4pm kick off. Leicester been allocated the east side of the stadium.
  11. Someone told me on Sunday that the club would like to add 15,000 seats which would included a large number of hospitallity areas and have already been in contact with the council. If they can't get the planning the club is considering relocating.
  12. Sky will not be showing the Chelsea game on Sunday now. Will this still be shown at the stadium as I've got tickets?
  13. Any season ticket holder unable to make this, I'm in need of 1 extra reference. I'm willing to give 3 free tickets for the 1st home game of next season in exchange as I'll be away on holiday.
  14. If any season ticket holder is on holiday for the Charity Shield, I'm after a reference. I will give 3 (1 adult and 2 children) free tickets for the 1st home game of next season in exchange.
  15. Me and my 9 year old son are P2 and on 119 points, We only started going to aways last season but have steadily built our points up. We don't go to every game mainly because of the cost but try to get to as many as possible. I have no problem with the priority system and glad that nearly all P1 fans have got a ticket for this game, I'm gutted that it didn't make it to P2, but there are a lot of fans who deserve a ticket ahead of us. What does anger me is that Arsenal away, which was only 3 away games ago made it to P3. At the time it was top v second with a similar allocation and tickets were half the price. There can't of been to many P1 and P2 fans that decided not to go to this game, yet it still made P3. Now all of a sudden a game sells out at P1. A lot of fans have spent £100s if not £1000s following the team around the country and building there points up in the hope that should a 'huge' game arise, there loyalty would be rewarded. However on this occasion the club have decided to ignore the fact that real supporters are missing out on our biggest game in our history and handing out tickets to non regulars. I can't see the club commenting on this situation as the numbers clearly don't add up. For all you P1 supports you deserve to be there and I hope you witness history.