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  1. Would love us to have a mini tour in Germany one year!
  2. Anyone know if the prices will be increased this year? And when can we expect the details to be released?
  3. ordered mine last Thursday and still haven't received them. My Palace tickets never arrived, had to collect them from the away ticket office on the day.
  4. Went as a family of 4. Tickets £93 Train £98 Food and drinks £50 Total £241 £241 spent to watch that! Seriously considering anymore away days unless something changes. I don’t mind losing, but to play without any real game plan or passion in the manner we did is so frustrating. Such a talented squad, without a clue.
  5. Just wondered if anyone else bought anything online over the blue Friday weekend has experienced any issues? I made an order in the early hours as soon as the sale went live online to make sure the items I wanted were in stock. I received an email the next day to say that the 13 items I ordered had been shipped, the club took my £350. After waiting a few days without receiving the order I tried to call the shop but after numerous calls nobody answered. I contacted Jim who has chased this up. I’ve today received an email from the club telling me that they have refunded my card as 6 of the items are out of stock. Still no sign of the order, what an absolute joke!!!
  6. We live in Nuneaton and my 8 year old is the only Leicester fan in his Sunday league team. Today before his game they held a minutes slience. He also scored and took off his shirt the reveal the Vichai top. Lovely stuff.
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