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  1. Smiffy Fox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Would love him to stay, but I’d be amazed if he’s still here for our 1st game of the season.
  2. Smiffy Fox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Would like to see, In Gibson Loftus Cheek Hazard Maddison Omur Out Benny King James Musa Slimani Mahrez
  3. Smiffy Fox

    Away Tickets 18/19

    Anyone know if the £30 price cap on away tickets will continue for next season? What do people think the priority points brackets will be?
  4. Smiffy Fox

    James Maddison

    Just pay the money and get him in!!!!
  5. Smiffy Fox

    James Maddison

    In the last few minutes Everton have gone odds on favourites to sign him, out to 6/4 with skybet for us to sign him??? Do we get on it?
  6. Won’t let me post it! Max size allowed is 1.95mb??
  7. Goal keeper top doing the rounds on Twitter, black and red
  8. Last season adult season ticket holders were given £10.00 credit to use in the shop, anyone know if the same will happen this year?
  9. Smiffy Fox

    Pre Season - any word?

    Would absolutely love Coventry away!
  10. Smiffy Fox

    Season Ticket Renewal 2018 / 19

    Probably waiting to announce a couple of big signings first to justify the price increase.
  11. Smiffy Fox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Harry Maguire was relegated with Hull and he’s done ok. I just think that players playing in this league already fit in a lot quicker. Look at the silva situation, no doubt he’s a good player and I know waiting around for half a season doesn’t help, but his 1st decent game was in May! You can’t expect to go and sign 6 or 7 players with no premier league experience, for them to come in and make a difference straight away. Just look at signings we made after winning the league, no premier league experience and and have all left the club except N’Didi. It’s about getting the right balance and experience in.
  12. Smiffy Fox

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    I’d like us to invest in some proven premier league players. Most of our business seems to be on unproven/unknown foreign players. I know Mahrez/Kante were possibly the best business in premier league history but we’ve also wasted millions. Id like us go for players like Butland, Evans, Shaqiri and then maybe a few young unknown foreign lads.
  13. Smiffy Fox


    I’ve been saving up all my loyalty points from the club shop and had planned to use it to get money off the new shirt. However I was told in the shop on Saturday that I must use it by the end of the month or I would lose it. Ended up using it on crap that I didn’t really want. Wish they would just bring back the 10% discount for season ticket holders.
  14. Smiffy Fox

    Brighton away

    Can anyone tell me how many are left for this? Can’t buy until tomorrow morning.
  15. Sk4 and P2 now released