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  1. Who could have possibly predicted we would be losing at half-time, and then Maddison and Albrighton would be introduced, and we would go gung-ho trying to salvage something from the game? i feel like I’ve seen that movie before but maybe that’s just me.
  2. WTF do Ndidi and/or Mendy have to do to be dropped?
  3. There are some truly sh!t names on that list. The correct answer is Ancelotti.
  4. It was a good free kick and a very poor attempt at a save.
  5. I dared to suggest bringing in Amartey at right-back and dropping Ricardo prior to the Bournemouth game and was ridiculed and told it was classic Foxestalk. I guess Claude is classic Foxestalk today too.
  6. Right-back is the main conundrum for me. I’ve been impressed with Ricardo’s use of the ball and him as an attacking player. But he’s now been at fault for two goals and I’m yet to see him defend well. I think I’d pick Amartey. And with Ghezzal playing well I’d have to put Ricardo on the bench. i think it’s only a matter of time before Soyuncu comes in to partner Maguire. I hope that time is this game.
  7. That would be for all of 4 mins. Garth you are moronic.
  8. By that logic, if Maguire was any good Hull wouldn’t have got relegated.
  9. It’s got sod all to do with liberals or do gooders. It’s about the laws of the game as they are now. It was most definitely a deserved red card. Had that tackle been committed by a Wolves player not one person on here would be claiming a sending off was undeserved.
  10. You appear to have some idea why.
  11. We had a piss poor defence at the end of last season. Hopefully solid summer investment will go some way to fixing that. Our midfield is strong in terms of quantity. We need to work out the best midfield system, the best partner(s) for Ndidi, work out Silva’s best role/positioning, clear out a lot of dead wood in this area, and integrate new signing(s). We need to sort out the Mahrez saga and how to replace him. Also need to determine What Ihenacho’s best role/position is. And like midfield get rid of some dead wood.
  12. As an England international who is good on the ball and a threat at set-prices he is worth a lot. As a defender he isn’t worth all that much.
  13. Gotta be one of two play-off semi-finals.... Beating Cambridge 5-0. This is still one of the greatest displays I have witnessed from a City team. And it was the day that solidified my love of the club for life. David Speedie’s winner against Tranmere is also right up there. What a night; standing in the Kop at Filbert Street. Nixon being sent-off. Nevin going in goal. Fantastic atmosphere. Worst feeling was losing to that dodgy decision and that crappy Bodin penalty at Wembley. From elation when Thompson stroked in the equalizer to dejection.
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