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  1. Seems half the fans didn’t have a chance of getting any freebies, as the air cabins and useless throwers couldn’t get passed row G, and top passed shirts out to people that had scrambled to the front for a freebie. thing that gets me most though is the people with signs begging for players shirts, never used to see that at Filbert St, 😡
  2. If Brendan likes the look of Kaputska, when he comes back from loan, then maybe we can say goodbye to Gray!
  3. Let’s do a United get an old player that knows the club and the fans adore let him manage till the end of the season if he’s Magic we keep him if not we go for Rogers, he’s Magic you know.
  4. The moaners can’t say that we didn’t entertain them today, not Puels fault that our players choke in front of goal, they probably choke due to the pressure our fans out on them! get behind the club and show support for all until the end of the season
  5. Dim whits next to me one minute they are singing through the good times and the bad we will always back the lads!! Next their booing because Puel has taken of a player that to be honest was beginning to blow a bit and wasn’t having his best game. What do you think that behaviour does to the sub that’s coming on? Talk about knock somebody’s confidence before they’ve even kicked a ball!!!
  6. Wasn’t he spotted in Morrisons this afternoon ? If true maybe he is coming back
  7. A real good read from Him, give the guy a break you can clearly see he’s trying to build things and is working to the owners plans. yes he’s made mistakes but we are still 7th 1 place behind the top 6 which we in reality have no chance of competing with on a regular bases. He’s steered this young group of players through the most traumatic times in the clubs history all with a quite dignity. I belive it is now time for us all to get behind him and shoot his name fromthe terraces
  8. Ghezzal offered more in his cameo than Gray did all game, if anyone is robbing a living it’s Gray and maybe even Maddison, the pair of them need to realise that they haven’t made it to the top yet and need to stop blagging a career in football and start to ply to the talents they both poccess
  9. Do you think we will see Silva play a part tues night?
  10. What a crap day, Danny has an horrendous Injury, the Nobheads start fighting in and out of the ground and then worst of all the helicopter crash, words cannot say how I feel about the club I live at this time, FNQ
  11. We will be ok, after all Wes won’t be playing so we could stumble onto a stronger defensive line up
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