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  1. I think there was vote to throw the trial out yesterday, of which 40 odd GOP senators voted for. Based on that I am pretty sure this confirms that the trial will be waste of time.
  2. I had the same thoughts, it didn't seem like a serious tear by the way he limped off.
  3. Bad result and confirms to me that I think we are in a slightly false position currently.
  4. Looking at the projected results 'down ballot' it appears to me that the Biden/Harris mandate is pretty precarious. A Republican majority senate and losing seats in the house could be pretty ominous come the mid term elections.
  5. I understand that the Constitution doesn't specify the amount of Supreme Court justices, but I'd imagine attempting to change it would be political suicide and a clear attempt to 'pack the court' which I think would undermine the legitimacy of the institution. I think 9 justices have been used since the middle to late 19th century.
  6. Criminal from Lilley, in a situation where Notts were desperate for a boundary and doing something so silly like that is unbelievable.
  7. Terrible over from Lilley. Not had the greatest day so far.
  8. Well not a complete embarrassment but I'd expect Notts to knock it off within 15 overs.
  9. Played against him this year and he was probably the pick of the academy lads on that particular day.
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