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  1. It is all right to discuss spending 100-150 mill on new players, but to keep withing FFP, we will have to sell to balance the books. You can't keep buying players without knowing you can offset that cost elsewhere.
  2. No, picking the kids up from school earlier on.
  3. Not bothered really who we play but, nice to see the ball No 7 coming out first.
  4. Not only a great pass and goal but it completely silenced their crowd until half time. They thought they may be in for a tonking with scoring so early.
  5. Remind me which one of these teams play in the Championship.
  6. Going rat droppings now. Make some changes please.
  7. The Huddersfield Town Tifosi don't seem to be that impressed with the move, after all the resent history. Good luck to him.
  8. Chilwell misses his mate Maquire. When ever there are interuptions in England matches, look carefully and you will usually see them both together. Probably he wants to go to Man U with him but feels left out because they don't want him. Just a thought.
  9. If the manager cannot get the team to play the way he wants, then he will have to go into the transfer market. Some of the current players here need to understand this. It is about the good of the club and not about individuals.
  10. I can slso remember of there being 2 corporation football specials from Windley Road that use to drop off on Walnut Street. Sometimes at the end of the match they were parked up at the bottom of Saffron Lane. Packed to the rafters they were with people travelling on the platforms. With all the smokers upstairs, you could not see your hand in front of your face.. Happy days.
  11. Reading some of the Sunderland forum posters last night, they thought we were a very young but c.o.c.k.y side. Hopefully I think they are part of a ground swell at the club, riding on the success of the first team. Long may it reign.
  12. How can he be learning his trade. He is a full England international!
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