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  1. He is a prime subject of the "you would be a better player in a better team" scenario. One of the England/Man U players have probably already had a word in his ear. At his current level with Madders, they won't get much of a chance at International level
  2. I think the politicians call it a good day for burying bad news.
  3. Much improved, I hated it when somebody posts a 3/4 page article including a picture or quote and then somebody copies the the whole post and then reposts it with the word "this" written underneath, so you use three whole pages up for the same article for one word.
  4. Got subbed off today. Rotherham scored soon after. 1-1 last heard. Rotherham fans not impressed.
  5. It's a shame that Wesley won't be coming as SSN has reported that Puel has stopped the transfer to LCFC. The player has been told to look elsewhere. What a nice person are ex manager is.
  6. Jamie will not be a good betting option due to the fact of the rebuff of the England selection even with the Golden Boot.. Harvey is a good player, but lately you wouldn't put your house on him when in a one on one situation to score, although his goal assists returns are excellent. The less said about the second half of the season with Rodgers, the better. Fingers crossed though.
  7. I just wish that Harvey Barnes would go back to WBA and pick up his scoring boots he left whilst playing there. He should be worth at least 10 goals a season to be any good for us.
  8. We are simply not good enough over the whole season We also only seem to play well when its pissing it down.
  9. Always thought he was better coming on as an impact player in the second half. When we play him from the start he has a few good moments then tends to fade away. He is frustrating to watch at times, but rather we keep him than sell on
  10. I remember many years ago of similar problems on the A1. There used to be many tractor crossover points which caused horrific deaths. They stopped the carnage by simply blocking the crossover points. Most answers to this situation, if they wish to continuing to use this junction are either in: Putting in traffic lights. Putting in a roundabout. Putting in an underpass for southbound traffic in and off site like they did on the A1.. The reduction in speed limits will not work on their own. If the road situation is of a dangerous configuration then the guidance i
  11. It is all right to discuss spending 100-150 mill on new players, but to keep withing FFP, we will have to sell to balance the books. You can't keep buying players without knowing you can offset that cost elsewhere.
  12. No, picking the kids up from school earlier on.
  13. Not bothered really who we play but, nice to see the ball No 7 coming out first.
  14. Not only a great pass and goal but it completely silenced their crowd until half time. They thought they may be in for a tonking with scoring so early.
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