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  1. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    On my way there shortly
  2. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    £3.95? I pay £3.30 for a pint, albeit lager, and it's been my local for years!!😂
  3. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    I was told no refund or exchange, which I thought was a bit naughty but what can you do. 1000 tickets available on a first come first serve basis
  4. PutneyFox

    Fulham (A) Pre-Match

    If anyone drinking in Putney area I will be in Fox and Hounds around 2/3pm. Top of Putney High Street near main train station. Revolutio Bar opposite. Be full of Fulham but I know em and be a good crack 😁👀
  5. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    If anyone drinking in Putney area I will be in Fox and Hounds, top of Putney High Street near main train station around 2/3pm. Revolution Bar opposite. Be full of Fulham but I know em and be a good crack 😁👀
  6. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    Tickets are available for City fans. Pay on turnstile. P4 in Putney End. I got an email from Fulham confirming this and I have just been to Craven Cottage to try return the ticket I bought in P3, mixed neutral end.
  7. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    Im in P3 also. Literally 3 seats away from P4 which holds the away fans. Fair few in the neutral end I believe.
  8. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    Spot on. I spoke to the ticket office. Luckily for myself as I am a resident in the area I can purchase a ticket in the "neutral end" but advised not to wear colours as stewards may eject.
  9. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    White Horse. Of course.🤬
  10. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    Sloaney Pony? Where or what is that? Know the others very well.
  11. PutneyFox

    Fulham Away

    Oktoberfest pub a great shout. Been a few times myself. Durrell Arms on Fulham Road a decent pub but match days mostly Fulham when they are at home. No bother though. Been there with Fulham fans myself. I will be in The Fox in Putney if anyone is in the area.
  12. PutneyFox

    What's the nicest pop?

    I remember Top Deck. A youngsters version of Shandy. Limeade & lager if memory serves me right.
  13. PutneyFox

    Southampton Away

    Just got one meself. Block 43 I think. A score. bargain.
  14. PutneyFox

    Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    Big hand to @Higham Fox for our recent transaction running as smooth as it could get. No fuss. No hassle. Straight forward & all done n dusted in 24 hours with ticket arriving in London next day. Top man
  15. Looking for 1 adult, unrestricted. Live in London but will pay for postage & payment via whatever is easier for you. Thanks.