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  1. Fox & Hounds (my local) is where I will be drinking on Sunday. Top of Putney High Street almost opposite main train station or few minutes walk from East Putney. Mind you, as you said plenty of bars on the High Street. Putney Pies. Boathouse. Rocket. Revolution. Half Moon (brilliant for music) Coat & Badge. Jolly Gardners. Spotted Horse. Bricklayers Arms. Think I have covered a fair few.
  2. I went to Hawaii last Christmas/New Year to celebrate a milestone in life Took 18 months plus in planning for a "trip of a lifetime" as I always wanted to go (ever since watching the original Magnum!) It aint cheap but was worth every single penny. Pearl harbour was such an experience. If anyone gets that chance to go take it. I hope to visit again maybe couple of years down the road. So now, back in my real usual world I am heading off to Budapest in a couple of weeks for my annual pilgrimage to a festival called Sziget. Though do have time to explore Budapest itself & visit the Ruins Bars which are a must see should anyone visit.
  3. Kemble Brewery is a good shout. That's where I am probably heading & only a 10 minute walk from the ground though I also like the Frog n Fiddle (Sports Bar, loads of screens, with pool, table football etc...) on the High Street & the Bottle of Sauce (wonderful Burgers) literally a couple of minutes from Frog n Fiddle.
  4. I have been going every year for the past 8 years. I go in August though to a festival called Sziget (2 days) though do have to visit Budapest (2 days) as well. Love the City. Food. Drinks. Weather. Not pricey either. Some great places to visit such as the Ruins Bars. Parliament Building. Outdoor Spas. Some great walking tours around the city taking in museums, hidden cafes, markets. etc... & of course a boat trip on the Danube. The old town is Buda, I believe & the modern is Pest, either side of the river. Go for it!
  5. £3.95? I pay £3.30 for a pint, albeit lager, and it's been my local for years!!?
  6. I was told no refund or exchange, which I thought was a bit naughty but what can you do. 1000 tickets available on a first come first serve basis
  7. If anyone drinking in Putney area I will be in Fox and Hounds around 2/3pm. Top of Putney High Street near main train station. Revolutio Bar opposite. Be full of Fulham but I know em and be a good crack ??
  8. If anyone drinking in Putney area I will be in Fox and Hounds, top of Putney High Street near main train station around 2/3pm. Revolution Bar opposite. Be full of Fulham but I know em and be a good crack ??
  9. Tickets are available for City fans. Pay on turnstile. P4 in Putney End. I got an email from Fulham confirming this and I have just been to Craven Cottage to try return the ticket I bought in P3, mixed neutral end.
  10. Im in P3 also. Literally 3 seats away from P4 which holds the away fans. Fair few in the neutral end I believe.
  11. Spot on. I spoke to the ticket office. Luckily for myself as I am a resident in the area I can purchase a ticket in the "neutral end" but advised not to wear colours as stewards may eject.
  12. Sloaney Pony? Where or what is that? Know the others very well.
  13. Oktoberfest pub a great shout. Been a few times myself. Durrell Arms on Fulham Road a decent pub but match days mostly Fulham when they are at home. No bother though. Been there with Fulham fans myself. I will be in The Fox in Putney if anyone is in the area.
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