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Suzie the Fox

Going to the bottom of each thread/tpoic.

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Something weird is happening to Foxestalk this morning.


Usually when i click on a new topic i get taken to the last post i have read in the thread. But its taking me the bottom of the page. This is also happening when i goto new topics (where no posts have been read) and also when i click the home button to go back to the main page. 


It might have been happening last night too as i wanted to reply to someone who had quoted me in a post and i clicked on the notification button and instead of showing me the notified post it took me to the bottom of the page and i had to scroll up to find the actual post.


This is only happening on PC - it seems fine on my phone. Cache issue maybe? (Ideally dont want to clear my cache if its not that.)  If its just me then i will :D 


Edit;- I cleared the cache specifically for Foxestalk and its not corrected the issue :( 

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An update on my post and it perhaps should no longer be in the forum section and moved to PC issue.


Reset Chrome back to default and updated permissions to the site but im still having the same issue, which is really annoying.


The site and Chrome work totally fine on my laptop and phone just not my pc. The only way I have been able to read FT on my PC is through a different browser.


Any tips would be appreciated.



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