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  1. Anyone would think you don't rate Praet. Although agree a winger he is not.
  2. Lol. Glad it was Hamza playing then and not Ndidi
  3. Kasper is so handsome Also a decent talker
  4. Can only see a couple, maybe x3 changes for tonight. I'd like to see a strong (ish) squad to get the win and then maybe not have to worry about our other games so much in the group. Regarding Leeds, I honestly believe we will smash them
  5. Streams have been great all day until ofc our game
  6. Perhaps the keeper should have done better but not sure he could have kept that out.
  7. Excellent debut especially for such a young un. Played really well tonight, really looking forward to seeing more of him.
  8. On the positive side, Fofana & Timmy played well and i didnt pay £15 to watch it.
  9. It’s getting very tedious, isn’t it. 😞
  10. Mine is behind by a min or 2 but it’s a good picture and no stuttering. I just have to be 2 pages behind in FT to avoid spoilers
  11. Footybite has a few streams of the game.
  12. Watched all the games from yesterday and today and so far very very few issues. I think I have had to do a couple of refresh’s in total. However what’s the betting as soon as our game starts it all goes to shite.
  13. I get the nostalgia and all that but it’s awful. I wouldnt be seen dead wearing it.
  14. Just watched a cracking movie on Prime, from 2012. Interview with a Hitman. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2061712/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 Was dubious at 1st, but kept me hooked right to the end, with a badass twist, won't be everyone's cup of tea i'd imagine but for me it was an 8/10.
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