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Alex Telles

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26 minutes ago, CityIsBlue said:


That's 90% down to his age and his lack of regular playing time, of course he's going to struggle getting up and down the line in such a high tempo league, at his advancing years without regular football.

The other 10% is a lack of pace. Which I can't really tell whether it's because he's not got a lot, or because of the previous point. His recovery pace always seems decent at least. To be fair to Fuchs, he'd have been one hell of a top full back during the 4-4-2 era of English football. 

6 foot 2, wand of a left foot, can take take set pieces.....To be fair he'd be first choice left back for most sides in this league but for his age.



After all, this is actually his 18th season as a professional footballer.

I seem to recall retired player after retired player has said that it's the pre-seasons that take it out of you.

Can’t argue with that. One thing that seems a bit funny now is that he was regarded as good going forwards but bad defensively in Germany, I’d say it’s the opposite now. Brilliant squad player.


We need to be careful we don’t lose/move on Fuchs, Morgan, King, Albrighton and James all at once because they’re a big part of the culture if not the starting XI

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