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  1. Our centre backs looked shocking both first & second half.
  2. Simmo will always be welcomed back to our club with open arms for me. True professional n I hope he feels he’s left the club feeling like a legend with his head held high.
  3. The club should send them Leshabela, Ndukwu & Muwske.
  4. I know I’m probably going to sound so thick here but what do you mean by drilling outside the main entrance ?
  5. Really excited for this season. That first half considering it’s our first run out was different class. I think we are going to look immense come the Atlanta game. Cant wait to see the service Vardy gets from Pérez, Barnes, Youri & Madders linking up.
  6. Anyone who doesn’t support & wish for a sport to go well in their local city needs to get there priorities right. Whether it’s football, rugby, cricket or even pis*ing hockey. I want all the sports in my city to be successful, if anything it puts us as a city more on the map.
  7. He has to say that though let’s be honest.
  8. Might be good on the ball but they’re woeful defensively.
  9. One thing that has annoyed me this morning was reading the article on sky sports about Man City’s need for another English player. The thing that annoyed me wasn’t the obvious link to Harry, but the fact that it states a premier league club has to register 8 homegrown players over the age of 21. Man City chose to only have a squad of 21 so they didn’t have to pick anymore English players. I’m sorry but for me that should be a requirement. Maybe 8 is excessive, but there should not be an option just to have a shorter squad to avoid bringing in extra English players. For me that should be a requirement for the benefit of the growth, of our national team.
  10. Unfortunately I think it would be the other way round.
  11. Couldn’t agree more. Give the job to a young championship manager who is struggling to get the opportunity in the premier league, someone like Gary Monk for example.
  12. But come on now the nations league is a glorified friendly.
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