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  1. Bluearmyfox28

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Why not just play a 4-2-2-2 so Iheanacho can actually play upfront rather In the number 10 role, with Gray & Maddison drifting more as attacking mids allowing the fullbacks to play as wingers whilst we’re going forward to create more space, in the middle & outwide.
  2. Bluearmyfox28

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    We need to find a formation where we can play both Vardy & Iheanacho together but also fit Maddison behind them. I honestly believe this year could be Nacho’s year to breakthrough & with the form he’s currently in, it would destroy his morale imo.
  3. Bluearmyfox28

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Problem with Albrighton being on the left he’s always gonna cut in on his right to get that cross in so it gives the defender that extra couple of seconds to intercept. With Albrighton on the right he can whip that ball in first time, with the quality of his crosses it will be a nightmare for defenders, & is also when he is most dangerous, with Perreira overlapping I think that’s the way forward.
  4. Bluearmyfox28

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    The negativity on here is unbelievable. People saying we didn’t create chances, we had 4 great opportunities which on another night would of been converted. You had Iheancaho’s strike that just went wide, he would usually finish them. Maddison had a great opportunity which De Gea pulled off a great save. Gray had the strike from Vards cross which if he would of got a better connection would of been a goal. Vards had that volley before his goal which he should of done a lot better with. That’s 4 great opportunities before we even scored. People are forgetting we played at old Trafford one of the hardest places in English football to go to, yet we dominated the game for huge periods & I honestly think if it wasn’t for Bailly having one of the best games in his Man U career so far we would off came away with the 3 points. Personally I’m buzzing for next Saturday & if we can carry on with the consistency of last nights performance I think we are up for an exciting season. UP THE FOXES!!!
  5. Bluearmyfox28

    Done Deals

    Josh Gordon gone.
  6. Bluearmyfox28

    Nigel Pearson working for KP again

  7. Bluearmyfox28

    David Wagner

    Can’t ever see Howe leaving to join us tbh. N I’m not to sure how reliable you usually are so I’m going to take this with a pinch of salt.
  8. Bluearmyfox28

    Ex-Leicester City player news

    Haven’t you heard? Bamba is as good if not better than Van Dijk these days!
  9. Bluearmyfox28

    Sheffield United Pre Match

    Jakupovic Amartey Dragovic Maguire Fuchs Silva Iborra Diabate Mahrez Gray Iheanacho Subs: Hamer Morgan Chilwell Ndidi Albrighton Okazaki Vardy
  10. Bluearmyfox28


    Am I the only one who thinks he could do with a rest? I thought at times he looked knackered. Which I’m not surprised with the work he puts in, week in week out.
  11. Bluearmyfox28

    Fleetwood Town (A) pre-match

    Hamer Amartey Dragovic Benny/Moore (if he’s back of his loan) Chilwell James Silva Gray Nacho Thomas Ulloa Subs: Jakupovic Maguire Johnson Hamza Musa Slim Vards This will be the side I go with personally.
  12. Bluearmyfox28

    Transfer Window - January

    Might get shot down for this but I’ve always wanted to see Charlie Austin in a Leicester Shirt. The old Charlie Austin obviously.
  13. Bluearmyfox28

    Transfer Window - January

    I do completely understand. But your comparisons are from his time at Southampton. Every manager will change his style to what gets the best out of his players at the club they are currently at. I dont understand why your so obsessed of changing a formation, which it seems to be very effective for us from what we’ve seen so far, just to accomadate Silva. Silva has to show he’s worthy of a starting spot.
  14. Bluearmyfox28

    Transfer Window - January

    I disagree. At home we can play attacking football. Away from home we can play 3 in the middle with Silva making the 3. So he’s far from going to be rotting on the bench.
  15. Bluearmyfox28

    Transfer Window - January

    In that formation yes as at home in that attacking formation we will need 2 holding midfielders. N also how would anyone know what Puel’s plans are he’s been in charge what 2 weeks.