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  1. After Amartey’s performance yesterday I can see us getting 1 defender, 1 centre mid & 1 winger.
  2. Tbh he reminds me very much of Slimani.
  3. £10m + Hamza for McGregor 🤷‍♂️
  4. He’s so full of it. I’ve spoke to someone involved in the deal.... no you haven’t One bit I do love however, is that they stated from the Fofana interview that it was all about joining the premier league stated nothing about what he actually said about us as a club. Correct me if I’m wrong but Fofana said about how joining Leicester would be a life changer for him and his family not joining the premier league.
  5. Denayer would be my pick all day long. Was so impressed with how much he’s came on, when I watched the champions league game against Man City.
  6. Agree with this actually, there was always a perception that Wes was slow purely because he’s an absolute unit, however he actually has a good turn of pace.
  7. Loan to a premier league team, with an option to recall if we get desperate in terms of depth. Could see him being a good fit at West Brom 🤷‍♂️
  8. If true I wouldn’t be surprised to see us bring in another attacking midfielder.
  9. 100% would also allow extra funds for another player. Competition for Madders would be perfect.
  10. Feel like this is a smokescreen to put pressure on the St Etienne board.
  11. Let alone the numerous occasions they’ve donated large sums to charity.
  12. Very true but that would leave a net spend of £1m. The Silva & Slimani fee’s I got of previous links for the duo.
  13. Personal I don’t think either are bad. Both improve our squad imo.
  14. In: Centre back - Fofana £25m Fullback - Castagne £21m ✔️ Winger - Ünder - Loan to permanent ✔️ Winger - Ounas or Buendia £12m Total spend £58m Out: Chilwell £50m ✔️ Silva £7m Slimani £5m Total Income £62m We could actually make a profit of £4m this window
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