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  1. Why did this make me laugh?
  2. Unfortunately I think it would be the other way round.
  3. Couldn’t agree more. Give the job to a young championship manager who is struggling to get the opportunity in the premier league, someone like Gary Monk for example.
  4. But come on now the nations league is a glorified friendly.
  5. To think the starting line up could consist of: Henderson Alexander-Arnold Gomez Tomori Chilly Rice Maddison Alli Sancho Abraham Hudson-Odoi that is one seriously scary team.
  6. The problem is the players are so pressured at club level about not getting burnt out they probably wouldn’t even push to be included.
  7. Nope he could play for our u21’s. You can represent a certain amount of different nations at u21 level or below. Until you have a competitive men’s cap your technically not tied down to any country. Hence why the likes of wales called up Woodburn, Wilson etc early.
  8. This is why the likes of Spain produce better talent than we do in recent years they give them the experience of playing tournament football.
  9. They talk about giving the lads the experiences of what it’s like to be in a tournament & dealing with the pressure yet they then chose lads like Clarke-Slater who lets be honest will never play for England once he’s no longer eligible for the u21’s. I think they should atleast give the younger lads the option, I guarantee a lot of them would want to play. Lookman should be In the squad for me too.
  10. Tuanzembe should be with them too imo. I think having Joe Gomez in the side would of been a clever move too.
  11. Obviously done his homework allowing a right footed winger on his stronger foot
  12. Absolute woeful defending from him there no winger should be able to carve open an opportunity on goal that easily for me.
  13. Should of had money on both boys scoring. He is a great player tbh.
  14. Weaker foot tight angle I think he was hoping for contact from the defender to be honest. Great build up play from Abraham.
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