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  1. I suppose regardless who he plays for, that goals per game record is class for a lad his age. I wonder if the whole racism stuff from last season has anything to do with him leaving this year?
  2. I think if he works on his positioning a little & stops being so rash into tackles he could easily be a top 6 centre half.
  3. IF the signing of Praet goes ahead, he will strengthen our squad massively with regards to tactics & formation options.
  4. Bluearmyfox28


    I respect your view mate. Ain’t gonna hold a grudge or anything over the internet just trying to share some info that’s all.
  5. I personally think a lot of the top 6 will be looking over there shoulders at us this season. Could upset a few along the way.
  6. Marco Silva always seems to fall at the last hurdle, reminds me a lot of Roberto Martinez to be honest.
  7. Kean is a tough one like you say. He’s scored 6 in 12 games, I personally don’t watch serie a so I don’t know if that’s purely based on for the side he’s playing for? For example Kelechi’s record before he came to us.
  8. Ndombele, Haller, Moise Kean, Trossard. All of the above are great signings imo.
  9. Bluearmyfox28


    Believe it or not, it’s not actually far off the mark
  10. Bluearmyfox28


    The best part about it is regardless of what I say... I’ll get there’s no truth or it’s just “rumours” can see why anyone with inside knowledge on transfers etc, leaves this place
  11. Bluearmyfox28


    Why do you think he’s shipped out on loan?
  12. Bluearmyfox28


    Listen... what you say means absolutely naff all to me, I don’t even get why I’m giving you the time of day. But you’ve rubbed me up the wrong way. All I’m gonna say is you’ve got your head so far up slims arse it’s unreal. I’m not the type of character that feels to make up “rumours” you don’t see me throwing around in all my posts that I get a tiny bit of info from a friend of mine who’s in that changing room every weekend. You know why because it makes no difference. When it comes to someone asking how I would know I would share the information. What do you think I would get from spreading “rumours” regarding someone who isn’t even likely to where our kit again? Joker.
  13. Bluearmyfox28


    I’m gonna be honest I ain’t, but he’s fvcking nuts
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