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  1. I think the club realises this too hence the quite window.
  2. It’s crazy to see how desperate Utd seem.
  3. I would be surprised if we don’t loan him out for the season next year too. See how he copes with injuries throughout a whole season. Imo this is a big concern for the club.
  4. The way I look at it if we made this signing 6 months ago the majority who aren’t happy with this signing would of been happy to have him as BACK UP. He’s simply fell down the pecking order due to the way they want to play not because of his ability. It seems clear that we are after a centre back who can deal with big strikers.
  5. They won more or less everything they competed in come off it now
  6. Who should we have signed then? Name a player at that price, with that much premier league experience, who can play to the ability Bennett can & offers leadership the way Bennett does & can play in a back 4 or 5. Your quick enough to slate people at the club so let’s see what you suggest. N yes he would be In charge of the scouting network but you can’t just sack everyone & hire your own people because you lose all trust at a family club like Sunderland. I don’t even know why I’m entertaining you, your clearly deluded
  7. I think once we get Europe & have the new training ground then we can start talking of these type of players. I think you’ll be surprised after the year we won the premier league we think we are a smaller team to what we actually are in fans opinion across Europe.
  8. Sunderland as a whole football club was a disaster. Most footballers go to clubs & turn out to be trash. Does it make them trash, not a chance. Sometimes people just don’t fit in at certain places. How you know that Sunderland’s scouting network was absolute dogsh*t? Congerton can only go off what he’s provided.
  9. What do you play for in the u23’s though? Nothing. Going to someone like Bristol who are fighting for the play offs, gives us as a club to see how he deals with all the pressure from the fans & in a tense environment with the expectation to win.
  10. My point is why take the p*ss out of Congerton? This is smart business. Offers a back up option with bags of experience, can play to a very good standard & is also a leader. At most it’s gonna cost us £5m & that’s if we make it a permanent transfer. Therefore it allows an extra £10/£15m to moved over to the transfer kitty for the summer. Personally think Congerton has done a good bit of business here.
  11. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks it, but imo Bennett will be the replacement for Big Wes. Would be surprised if he gets offered another contract seems to be getting little niggles a lot more often which isn’t like Wes. Bennett gives you everything you lose in the changing room if Morgan goes.
  12. Comments like this just show me you have no idea how to run a club correctly. Let me guess you would spend £40m, give him £100k a week & play him twice a season. It’s not FM.
  13. Appreciate this post, I think the majority of us are happy with this signing. Yes it is a bit underwhelming when we was linked with a player like Demiral, but like you’ve stated we are adding another leader to the dressing room which could be vital with the second part of the season & he seems a tough fvcker. In truth the last few times I seen you guys play against us I thought he was the better of the three cb’s. Not saying he is but performance wise he was the one I was most impressed with. Happy with this signing but hope we still go for another cb in the summer i.e Demiral. With champions league football we need three class centre backs to allow rotation.
  14. Not sure what all the hassle is about personally? Of course I want us to strengthen this window but if we don’t then it doesn’t matter. This squad has got us in the top 4 of the prem, into a cup semi-final & still competing in the fa cup. That’s some success already. Financially let the other clubs pay over the price, it allows us to have more money in the kitty come the summer compared to the teams in a similar position to us. Chill out.
  15. I feel like you’ve just completely avoided my question with more waffle?
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