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  1. After Amartey’s performance yesterday I can see us getting 1 defender, 1 centre mid & 1 winger.
  2. Imo he needs to be more direct. I remember when we first signed him, his first idea was taking his man on or cutting in for a shot. Yes his decision making was poor but he still pinned fullbacks in. I don’t know if the club has trained it out of him to look for the better pass instead but for me he’s just so negative when he gets the ball now compare to how he use to be. it’s either a confidence issue or been trained out of him.
  3. Smart if we don’t miss out on our targets. So many clubs are in financial crisis due to the pandemic, the last two weeks I feel we will see a lot of clubs drop prices in desperation of raising funds.
  4. I somehow completely missed the Iversen loan to Leuven.
  5. With regards to losing any of our key young talents I feel that if we qualify for Europe regardless if it’s europa league or champions league that will be enough to convince the lads to stay, as I would imagine they’ll all been keen to test themselves as a close knit group that they are at the highest standard.
  6. Chilly is the future at left back for England let alone us. How people could question is ability is beyond me. Also a lot of people have questioned Barnes & Chilly’s communication on the pitch, yet forget Madders has a big role in that too. Before Madders wasn’t really looking for the ball when chilly had it enough instead looking for the pocket of space (which there is no harm in doing) which then rarely gave chilly an outlet. However the last few games, Madders has mixed it up a lot more & helped massively with the link up play, which gives Chilly more time to make his overl
  7. Really? Everton are the most unpredictable side so you never know how they’ll turn out. Sheff Utd is a win, West Ham away is a really hard fixture, Bournemouth the same as Everton, Man U away again a really hard fixture & Burnley are the most solid team in the league. I would be very surprised if they expected 18 points from those 6 games.
  8. The key is to not constantly watch how the other top 6 is getting on, we have to worry about our own results & that’s it. if I had to predict how many points we would get for the season after the start & form we are in it would look like this: Palace - 1pt, Arsenal - 1pt, Brighton - 3pt, Everton 1pt, Watford 3pt, Villa 3pt, Norwich 3pt, Man City 0pt, Liverpool 0pt, West Ham 1pt, Newcastle 1pt, Southampton 3pt, Burnley 1pt, West Ham 1pt, Chelsea 0pt, Wolves 1pt, Man City 0pt, Norwich 3pt, Villa 3pt, Watford 3pt, Brighton 3pt, Everton 1pt, Palace 3pt, Arsenal 0pt
  9. I would love us to give a debut tonight to one of the young Cm’s either Leshabela or Dewsbury-Hall. I know it won’t happen but have a midfield 3 of Hamza, Leshabela/DH & Praet. Give Ndidi, Youri & Madders all a rest.
  10. The one thing that concerns me about these games is that you can go a few goals ahead against lower league sides & they have a tendency to lose there heads & fly into tackles, there’s some players I wouldn’t risk getting injured. Ward Justin Benko Wes Fuchs Hamza Youri Praet Gray Kelechi Albrighton I can’t see BR going with this however for me that side is more than good enough to win by a few goals against Burton.
  11. Personally I would be very surprised if we went for a holding midfielder. Hamza is more than good enough to play that back up role. If we are to invest in another midfielder down the middle I wouldn’t be surprised to see us go for Maxime Lopez. There seemed to be genuine links in the summer & he fits exactly what Rodgers looks for. Gives you the options of CDM - Ndidi/Hamza, No.8 - Youri/Praet & No.10 Madders/Lopez
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