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  1. Thorgen Hazard

    Hahaha... Riyad is only leaving if someone meets our price tag. Which is not a given to happen.
  2. Sheffield United Pre Match

    Jakupovic Amartey Dragovic Maguire Fuchs Silva Iborra Diabate Mahrez Gray Iheanacho Subs: Hamer Morgan Chilwell Ndidi Albrighton Okazaki Vardy
  3. Thorgen Hazard

    Why does it have to be a replacement for Riyad?
  4. Albrighton

    Am I the only one who thinks he could do with a rest? I thought at times he looked knackered. Which I’m not surprised with the work he puts in, week in week out.
  5. Fleetwood Town (A) pre-match

    Hamer Amartey Dragovic Benny/Moore (if he’s back of his loan) Chilwell James Silva Gray Nacho Thomas Ulloa Subs: Jakupovic Maguire Johnson Hamza Musa Slim Vards This will be the side I go with personally.
  6. Transfer Window - January

    Might get shot down for this but I’ve always wanted to see Charlie Austin in a Leicester Shirt. The old Charlie Austin obviously.
  7. Transfer Window - January

    I do completely understand. But your comparisons are from his time at Southampton. Every manager will change his style to what gets the best out of his players at the club they are currently at. I dont understand why your so obsessed of changing a formation, which it seems to be very effective for us from what we’ve seen so far, just to accomadate Silva. Silva has to show he’s worthy of a starting spot.
  8. Transfer Window - January

    I disagree. At home we can play attacking football. Away from home we can play 3 in the middle with Silva making the 3. So he’s far from going to be rotting on the bench.
  9. Transfer Window - January

    In that formation yes as at home in that attacking formation we will need 2 holding midfielders. N also how would anyone know what Puel’s plans are he’s been in charge what 2 weeks.
  10. Transfer Window - January

    In: Attacking Midfielder - (Ben Afra or Redmond) Attacking Right full back - (Arias from PSV? Been linked before) Out: Ulloa - Permanent Musa - Loan to prem or champ James - Loan Benny - Permanent I personally think our centre backs and centre midfield doesn’t need strengthening. With Huth & Silva being available after the new year. With a few additions our squad will look stronger than it ever has before. Imagine a 4-2-3-1 attacking formation at home: Schmeichael Arias Maguire Morgan Chilwell Ndidi Iborra Mahrez Ben Afra/Redmond Gray Vardy thats a side with alot of potential.
  11. Tom Lawrence

    Mahrez, Albrighton, Gray & Lawrence as our wingers. Utilise Musa as more of a forward than a winger & give Kaputska a year out on loan in the championship see if he can replicate what Lawrence has done this year.
  12. Summer 2017 player incoming / outgoing

    Summer signings: Maguire/Gibson Kieran Trippier Adrien Silva Sigurdsson/Ziyech Lacina Traore/Deeney Out: Moore (Loan) Wasilewski Matty James Kaputska (Loan) Ulloa 5 In who improve the squad massively & are realistic signings who we stand a chance in getting I reckon personally. 5 out with a few of the young lads going out on loan.
  13. Summer 2017 player incoming / outgoing

    Did he not go out on loan in the end?!
  14. Summer 2017 player incoming / outgoing

    Out: Was Mendy James Ulloa In: Cb: Keane/Gibson Attacking Rb: vieirinha/Arias/Lichtensteiner/Juanfran. Centre mid: Silva Creative no.10: Sigurdsson/Ziyech Striker: Defoe To return: Lawrence Kaputska
  15. January Transfer Gossip

    YouTube videos please...