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  1. Aldi do some very decent little ipa’s at less than £1 a can...
  2. I think the performance was pretty much much what most of us expected, especially if you compare it to the wolves game first game of the season. I expected it to end 0-0, there wasn’t much to suggest otherwise until 90+ minutes. Disappointed Barnes didn’t affect the game more though, and yes its maybe easier to enter that environment as a substitute but gray had more impact in his 20-30 mins... if we beat Brighton that’s a decent return from the two games. Watched the game in the garden with a few mates and a few beers was simply delightful to be able to do that again!!
  3. Always felt today was going to be a very difficult game. lets be honest, we massively miss wilf... Southampton were good, however I think if wilf plays half of those attacks are snuffed out before they even start. andI’m not even going to begin to question Brendan, he works with the players all week and has earned his stripes... but if you aren’t going to start Kelechi now, when’s he arguably in the best form of his life, exactly when are you going so start him? like I say I was fully expecting a difficult game today and even predicted a scoring loss with my
  4. Very comfortable, though a bit lacking in the build up play and final third. Think Barnes is much more of a threat when he has the pitch ahead of him rather than receiving the ball with his back to goal. Love Albrighton but some shocking decision making at times, think he was trying too hard once he got given the armband...! Job done
  5. I like Pérez and I think a lot of work off the ball goes unnoticed, however I thought he was poor tonight and the few times Everton attacked whilst he was still on the pitch was a result of him losing the ball too easily...
  6. Anyone looked at the trains for this? cheapest I can find for a return is around £50, and that includes train back at 8.42pm which could be pushing it a little as well..?
  7. If Liverpool or Man City had scored that second goal we wouldn’t hear the end of it. We shouldn’t underestimate how good a goal that was. and I’d like to give some credit to demari gray as well, he is now consistently having a positive effect on the game when he comes on, very encouraging that the attitude of the whole squad seems spot on. As with 15/16 you can feel the positive energy around the team.
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