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  1. 200- 1 i'm on it!
  2. Phased out at 32 and 33 both got 2-3 seasons left.but yes Benny is coming through aged 30 a mere youngster!
  3. OK point taken Ormanroyd was shit! Slims poor to average
  4. Not took any yet today.all about opinions! Walshie when up front was also better.its about desire along with ability. Perfect example j Vardy
  5. Yeah top end city league.! Which was about right for my limited skill level.slim's Level is championship at best.worse than fern,Roger Davis, Ian ormanroyd.nowhere near as good as Euan Roberts .
  6. I will drive him to either club. Im willing to drop musa off at Kettering town and Mendez at Northampton en route!
  7. Especially in Seville!
  8. Mahrez is world class but inconsistent, Gray is top end championship class and tries a bit harder . Gray may develop - but if he was any good he would displace either winger or Singhi by now. Most City Fans want Gray-- like all youngsters to be good -but unfortunately the coaches and three managers have all spotted his limitations. He is a good squad player so lets keep him and hope he develops. (but note players like Mahrez are born with that talent!-Lets hope we can keep him)
  9. Ranieri was an average coach until he was lucky enough to manage our club,Pearsons Team and be backed by our owners. We have made him he owes us and owes the players for last year. They knew all along he weas bang average but a nice enough chap. He then got carried away and changed a few things- that didn't work and he dipped below his average ability. As for Jamie C-He lives in the past- ref the True order of Teams .No devine right for anyone to be anywhere (look at Liverpool -and Forest)
  10. We were mad to let him have this long.thanks Claudio but time to go
  11. Estaban is magic
  12. Mclintock was better than this!
  13. Let's get someone in now to try and save us.anybody would be better than this idiot who has overseen the biggest turnaround in history!
  14. This