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  1. He will be judged like all managers on our league position by late October. This will be based on results provided by his player recruitment,developmtnt and motivation.Along with tactics and game plans. We should all be backing him at this stage and hoping for another top 6 finish. In Brogers we trust .........?
  2. We must have some good signings lined up with our recruitment experts now settled in. So adding these signings to the currant squad no reason why we shouldn't improve on this season.
  3. He will be better than Chillwell and he's decent despite all the negativity on here
  4. Fuchs and Albrigjton.. Premier league winners.Not funny Will do a job next year in the Champions League as well RESPECT.
  5. Brendan got it wrong again. Fuchs on for Bennet. 442 Perez right, all Brighton left. Then Barnes next sub.
  6. Vardy is just getting his sharpness back aftet a long rest. Dont turn on him.Look higher up if you want a scapegoat for this lack of individual and collective match readiness!
  7. Its not the same booing the telly is it?
  8. the wheels have actually came off. The players have seen through the blarney.
  9. vardy is not finishedbut he is not match sharp. Brendon sort it out!
  10. at least we can concentratr on slipping out the top four now!
  11. who has Rogers signed to improve the team?
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