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  1. Still nicely placed in third. Would have took top 6 or 7 at the start of the season. Just need to steady the ship and we will be fine. This is a new era but never forget Mcklintock. Or Taylor days or administration. WE ARE GOING TO BE FINE.IN BRENDAN WE TRUST
  2. Needs a rest.Then he'll be fine.You dont become this poor over night. He really is a good player but not fantastic.He is just in very poor form due to .Speculation? Lack of confidence? Being sussed out by the opposition.He is very one footed and positionally naive at times. This will improve again with time and these weaknesses are outweighed by His positives.
  3. Also Brendon sees the players in training each day.He judged that Hamza was not the best 90 minute option to replace Wilf. We will see in the next fee games how good Hamza is or not.
  4. Still a role for kingy then?
  5. hes ok! Hes one of our own and cares passionately about the club.
  6. A few weeks on the bench would concetrate Chillwells mind a bit. Put justin in as a wake up call for Chillwell.we then still have Fuchs as a back up.
  7. Allbrighton is so much better going forward and covering a weak full back.He is not a long term solution but for half a season he will do a job.
  8. Championship same as Gray.Ship them out on loan for one ladt chance then move on
  9. Not the same as derogatory Ape chants. No place for this in football or society.
  10. Low team bullies. Lost to Liverpool, lost to Man u, lost to Man C, drew with Chelsea, fluked it against spuds. We'll be lucky to finish top 4 on that showing. Reality check. No shame in us finishing 5th or 6th with cup runs.
  11. No booing in prawn sandwich section.
  12. We stayed right up until the VAR then enough was enough!
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