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  1. under is a slight upgrade on Gray and a downgrade on Mark Albrigjton. Trust the management team.If he was any good,then he'd be starting. We learned lessons with Musa Slim and Silva recentley. From a financial angle this is good deal.Back he goes in the summer no inflated wage bill no big fee to write off.
  2. also it is partly synthetic.Does it still "give" naturally?
  3. makes you wonder if we would be better going back to 100% grass pitches.Are the synthetic strands getting caught up in studs ? just a thought?
  4. yeah a bit handy in the fushion in the early eighties
  5. perform better than allbrighton both ends of the pitch
  6. kane would have been a good No 10 for Vardy as a 9. Gareth couldnt see that one thats why England were poor.
  7. over the course of a full game he offers much more than the potential alternatives.He only had one bad game against Liverpool because they doubled up on that flank and we were slow to pick this up.Mr reliable and good for another 2 seasons.
  8. same team! .Brendan dont try to be clever ffs!
  9. Mark allbrighton injured. not even on the bench? Better results with him playing than not?
  10. Get well stuffed by Liverpool. Then the wheels come off. Same old Leicester/Rogers effing useless!
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