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  1. whatever rules can be twisted and bent will be- to ensure that the "big six" are at the successful Good job we dont believe in conspiracy theories! .'
  2. No covid allowed in Garden centres though? judging by the Covid free crowds rammed into Palmers this afternoon.
  3. Brendon will always stick with Parez because he paid neatly £30 for a £10 million player. He will continue to try to cover up that mistake . Also unless Mendy was injured the Hamza sub was a waste and unnecessary. Also this is not real football.
  4. thay was my bet at 35 to 1 Also had us at 10 .@200 -1 to win thw league. so unpredicable bookies obvious fancy us for mid table and are rarely wrong
  5. Vardy weller mahrez worthington Glover top 20 at best
  6. piss poor today according to reports nowhere near good had his dad but give him time . .......
  7. Bloomfield out! Good shout that Mclintock in! That was up there with Peter the Taylor and then "wheres the money gone" add in admistration and relegation to League one.Wembley losses. The present is now absolute Football Utopia for everyone young and old.It wont last for ever..
  8. No hes never a racist. A Twit and a a bit of a dinosaur but no racist
  9. judging by form since christmas,quite possibly. we need three signings quickly. Winger. CB. and a Forward.we also need a fresh style. current squad have been worked out and have lost their way.
  10. very worried. Have just put 20 on relegstion at 35 to 1. Hope to lose but it will be tight
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