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  1. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    Slimani is crap.dress it up out you want.8
  2. Huth and Maguire.pretty obvious!
  3. City v Chelsea score line prediction

    2.0 vardy first goal gerronit!!
  4. Drinkwater

  5. Drinkwater

    Hes good but not has good as he thinks he is himself.he will be a bench warmer for chelester!
  6. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

    Were Musa slimani Armartey part of a money laundering scam??
  7. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Huth for Morgan asap.
  8. Our 4 Best Players..

  9. Iheanacho

    Or mark blake!
  10. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    He will last and we will be a solid top eight or better.the players will be up for it when it matters and better still once huth returns to put confidence back in the defence and allow a little more freedom to the midfielders to become more attak minded.believe ffs
  11. It really is only a friendly! We will be ok at least top hal8i
  12. Saving themselves for the prem!
  13. Gray taking a dig at Claudio and Shakey?

    Mahrez was shit due to being judged at previous high standard. Gray was just is normal self.flash impact player with no end product against average to good premier league defences.
  14. Slimani

    Slimani is an agents con.he's average at best.one of the biggest waste of moneys since akinbye . move e him on a d then let's move on.