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  1. That what they said in 74.! Nice one Dennis.
  2. ID: O/5137986/0001506 Single POWERED UP English Premier League Outrights 2019/20 - Relegation Man Utd500/1600/1 Stake:£2.00 Potential Returns:£1,002.00£1,202.00 Add selection to betslip
  3. If any club is stupid enough to pay over £70 million for an average to good left back them bite their hand off If not keep him .
  4. A lot quicker and stronger but not so tall. Probably just £81 Million........
  5. Jury out so far.communication better than Puel and probably more likeable. But......has not signed anyone to get us out oir seats and now plays Choudry instead of Allbrighton. Vardy happier and fitter but very isolated. Tomorrow a very good benchmark.
  6. Surely if hed done his homework prior to taking over he would not have wasted one of his chances by playing Gray.!
  7. we are weaker with him in the team.We are better with Allbrighton in the team.Barnes and Parez dont offer much more.So marc is still the no 1 winger preferably on the left like when we won the league. Why does each manager have to learn this?Is Gray brilliant in training during international breaks ?
  8. If he ws playing for Barca etc he wouldn't be out of place.We are so privileged to have him within our ranks.He is now one of our own!
  9. Forget weller wortho liniker Smith and any other Vardy is the best by head and shoulders.World class .How Lucky are we to have him?
  10. some players take 3-4, matches to get back into the season...sharpnesswise . Training cannot simulate match intesity mentally and physically. A full close season means building up stamina and fitness again He hasn't become poor over night.A couple more games and he'll be fine.
  11. Cant fault his effort and his ambition.But he has proved to be a top end Champonship player.Once he accepts this he can enjoy a great career at this level.I would expect us to get around 10 million £ for him in January.He may need a fresh challange and prove us all wrong after a step down.
  12. Applauding the life of a young supporter who had died suddenly earlier this year.Aged 24
  13. A brick in my pile of stuff to be sorted In the garage
  14. If I were a Norwich fan Id be in the car now....miss the traffic get home. No more humiliation
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