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  1. Have we ever signed a worse defender...

    Harry maguire.good on the ball but positionaĺy terrible and prone to 1 or 2 mistakes a game but often gets away with them.he could be decent in 2 more seasons?
  2. Wes Morgan's Indian Summer

    Him and rob huth being written off both good for another 2-3 seasons.hopefully mcguire can learn off Wes and Huth.
  3. Iheanacho

    Activate the buyback clause!
  4. Iheanacho

  5. We expect TOO much!! Unless your old haha

    Fan since69-70.seen some good and bad times.....Now I am Aware of the the change due to the owners.we are no longer a yo yo but a team who are establishing outselves as a top half premier league team.we will have a few blips along the way.but this is the best ever time in 50 years and still growing.
  6. Manuel Pellegrini

    Hes been right before and wrong.so more of a bit ITK!
  7. Okazaki = Class

    Why do we need to be getting nacho in the side,when the players with the shirts are a lot better.
  8. Manuel Pellegrini

    Opening odds on weds.I had a tip from a ITK! Lets hope its right not just for my £50!
  9. Manuel Pellegrini

    Bet Receipt Bet details Single 1 Manuel Pellegrini @ 25/1 Leicester Manager Pending Next Permanent Leicester Manager, Manager Specials 09 November 2018 12:00 Potential Returns: £52.00 Number of lines 1 Stake per line £2.00 Total stake £2.00 Freebets redeemed £0.00 Receipt number O/26794191/0000742 Bet placed at 18 October 2017 11:19
  10. Ranieri

    Not funny-we are becoming a joke! From champions to laughing stock in 18 months!
  11. Next City Manager?

    Hope so.he would struggle here.
  12. Next City Manager?

    Odds locked on chris coleman on ppower!!!!??
  13. New Manager, essential credentials?

  14. Shakey Sacked

  15. Swansea away pre match thread

    We could win this quie conceivably with the right formation and attitude.wecould then be 12th in the table looking for our next game to make us unbeaten in 4