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  1. Cant fault his effort and his ambition.But he has proved to be a top end Champonship player.Once he accepts this he can enjoy a great career at this level.I would expect us to get around 10 million £ for him in January.He may need a fresh challange and prove us all wrong after a step down.
  2. Applauding the life of a young supporter who had died suddenly earlier this year.Aged 24
  3. A brick in my pile of stuff to be sorted In the garage
  4. If I were a Norwich fan Id be in the car now....miss the traffic get home. No more humiliation
  5. Because he never faced any top strikers whilst playing for England.
  6. Whats really does it is.....Anyone but Man U !!! We all hate the Tw..ts hes getting boood good and proper!! Thanks for the money and hes joined a crap Man u side with an incompetent Manager.Pressures on him now.......
  7. Average defender who is English.Played well for Englang against the poorer opponents.He played ok for us and used us for a leg up.He aint no kante or Riyhad and has not helped us win a Trophy.God knows how much Walsby and Elliot would be worth in this crazy market.Nice one Rudders Man u have been well and truly done.Good luck Harry.......move on .
  8. No negotiation pay the price or F off Simple.
  9. Weve all ready got a £30 million winger.why do we need an upgrade.
  10. United will over pay by £20 million .To get him.We will get robbed signing a replacement.End result we will end up with a worse player but have some cash in the bank.We will be above united at Christmas and they will be back for Brendon.However Brendan knows hes on a long term project and will tell them to no thanks!
  11. Cant believe this wingefest is still going on.if you dont like it dont pay it .and dont go.simple supply and demand.This is our club being managed sensibly as a potentially ongoing long term successful business. Get over it.
  12. Hes stopping get on paddy power!
  13. Cheers geoff just had 20 to stay at 7.1
  14. No problem with covering admin costs? If each area of the business continues to be managed and priced correctly, then the overall business remains sound. If the business continues to be managed professionally in all aspects then we continue to move forward has a club.
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