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  1. Mahrez was shit due to being judged at previous high standard. Gray was just is normal self.flash impact player with no end product against average to good premier league defences.
  2. Slimani is an agents con.he's average at of the biggest waste of moneys since akinbye . move e him on a d then let's move on.
  3. Also - not only did we win it but by 10 clear points FFS!!!! Vardy.Kante,Huthe,Kasper The spine all hit full form and Mahrez the magician did the magic. the other 6-7 also all raised their games to the Max. Won't be that surprised if we do it again!
  4. Both 32 so realistically they have a maximum of 2 years left at the us time to integrate and try out new players formations and shakey we trust!
  5. Mark Wallington was superb and massively underated.would have played for england had we not been blessed by shilton clemence Parkes Corrigan
  6. He looked poor tonight.stands on the left comes in on the right other tricks ok in championship.can't take the ball on the run.very average.not as good as Lloyd dyer !
  7. Grimsby and Hartlepool.proper footballings ----holes Muzzy made Grimsby magic. And orient 1980
  8. Yes! Paddy power running scared.worth a tenner .Ew won't be cashing out! Continuity the key along with vards Huthe and kasper.realistically expect top 8 minimum.this same group won it by 10 points so will be back at it now dilly dongs gone!
  9. We don't want relegated players!
  10. Or Colin macklworth!
  11. 200- 1 i'm on it!
  12. Phased out at 32 and 33 both got 2-3 seasons left.but yes Benny is coming through aged 30 a mere youngster!
  13. OK point taken Ormanroyd was shit! Slims poor to average