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  1. If things stay as they are the 14 point gap to 5th is back. Remarkable after our recent run of form
  2. As badly as we're playing we've had the ball in the net 3 times.
  3. I'm happy to have hamza in there but 3 Centre backs and a DM against a team playing 10 behind the ball is overkill. Get a defender off and bring on an attacked
  4. Get in at half time only 1 down and we've got off lightly. Brendan needs to make changes and tear the lads that stay on a new one. This is poor
  5. This is much better. Showing a bit of fight finally
  6. Maddison completely bottled a challenge in the build up to that
  7. Any one got a good stream, struggling to find anything
  8. I'm sure those minutes for Matty aren't correct. That would be 160 full matches. That could be his whole career but definitely not just with us
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