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  1. chuck'em

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    Nice to see the Beegees going strong at Bramall Lane
  2. chuck'em

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    Anyone got a half decent stream? Everything on reddit is awful today.
  3. chuck'em

    International Mens Day

    Came in to make a Richard Herring joke. Had a quick read of page 1. Doesn't seem appropriate now
  4. chuck'em


    I'll echo this but for the greater Manchester area. I've never suffered myself but have lost 2 close friends who were suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. I'm here to chat to anyone who needed it.
  5. chuck'em

    Questions Thread

    Thanks @Buce and @Strokesfor the feedback. I'm the buyer not the seller of the property, sorry if I didn't make that clear. My thoughts on it were this; if the agents guy says it only needs the consumer unit and installs and certifies that it's safe it's on him if it turns out not to be safe. If the guy I hired does the work for the £3k he quoted once the work is done there no evidence whether it need to be done or not. So shouldn't I go with the agents guy because the work will be certified by him? I understand it may not be so simple. The Mrs found the guy we hired on trust a trader or something similar and he was highly rated but said he was available to do the rewire whenever we needed. Would a good sparky thats well trusted not be more busy than that?
  6. chuck'em

    Questions Thread

    Cheers man. I know it not a lot of info to go off but I hope someone can give me decent advice that may save me a few grand
  7. chuck'em

    Questions Thread

    Surely if they are getting a guy to come in and fit a new consumer unit though he will be certifying the fact the electrics are safe. Isn't he liable if the system is no good? I know the agents just want to sell the house and to be fair I have many reasons to think she isn't good at her job but her electrician surely has stick to the rules.
  8. chuck'em

    Questions Thread

    Any electricians on here? I'm buying a new house and the electrics flagged up on the survey. We've had an electrical condition report and the guys said it needs a full rewire and rcd installing. The estate agents are dubious about it and are sending their own guy in to check it out. The agents think it just needs a new consumer unit to pass. I dont really know anything about electrics. The house is 50 years old and the agents say it shouldnt need a rewire. Are the electricians having me on or are the agents just trying to get the sale done?
  9. chuck'em

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  10. chuck'em

    Kasper Speaks

    I didn't think I could love kasper more but there you are. He epitomises Leicester. He is Leicester. Edit: I'm not even jealous at how much my fiancé fancies him today
  11. chuck'em

    The Gang's All Here Quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 91 seconds  
  12. chuck'em

    What's that thing called quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 75 seconds  
  13. chuck'em

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Wouldn't complain if you sent one my way, everything is cutting out every 2 or 3 minutes
  14. chuck'em

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Anyone got a stream that doesn't freeze every 2 minutes?