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  1. Hull would only get their 15% of the profit so we would get £70.4m from selling him for £80m
  2. I don't know about that, the fee for kante was pretty ridiculous.
  3. Great performance from the lads. Special mentions for hamza, wilf and Ricardo. Also first time my steam has worked for an entire match so it feels like a win
  4. Who exactly is melting down? I haven't seen a single one
  5. Hamza and wilf have been immense
  6. Not a great start to the half. Maybe bring on Barnes to get us up the pitch a bit
  7. Fantastic half from us. The longer we keep them out the more the fans will get on their back. Can see them getting a red here too
  8. Oh yeah for sure, but they could do with a bit of respite
  9. Sitting very deep now. Need half time to come quickly
  10. Horrible basrards. Excellent from maddison
  11. That was one of the worst games I've ever seen
  12. Why the short corner there? Take a breath and get the big lads in
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