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  1. Every shot on target. That can't happen ofyen
  2. Launch all your corners into the box against a massive Burnley team and play the short ball against these? What's the ****ing point
  3. I think he's probably watching at home mate
  4. It seems the clause that he is activating is for a free transfer. Imagine the wages he will be asking for.
  5. Awesome. If you could send me a code it could be greatly appreciated.
  6. Nothing about hours in lieu. The contract mentions normal hours, plus more if necessary. No mention of less hours, hours in lieu or average weekly hours
  7. I negotiated my deal down and started a new 18 month contract. Will this still work?
  8. Yes that's right. But I'm not asking whether I should be grateful to still be working in the current environment. I'm trying to find out whether my company is legally obliged to pay me for the hours on the contract they offered me every single week or whether they can average it out over a given period.
  9. It's hourly pay so i get paid for what ever I work. In this scenario my pay would be the same as if I worked 40 hours each week, but I feel that working the extra when the company needs it shouldn't then result in hours being cut on other weeks.
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