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  1. As if they're comparing vardys studs catching mustafi as they both fell over with nketiah going in full pelt with studs up.
  2. He blew the whistle before kelechi touched it. VAR couldn't do anything
  3. Martin ****ing Tyler trying to justify that tackle!
  4. If that was a foul by Bennett then what the hell was our goal ruled out for?
  5. Hopefully we will start to see some form from him now
  6. I live near Rochdale and I know there's a walk in one in the town centre. The main one for the area is a big drive through next to the Etihad.
  7. Remember when we scored nine goals in one game? Doesn't look like we could score one goal in nine games now.
  8. The camera and battery life are the main concerns for me so it sounds like an easy choice.
  9. I'm currently trying to decide between the galaxy s10+, Huawei P30 Pro and the oneplus 7t Pro. Anyone got experience with these? I'm leaning toward the p30 pro as I'm currently using a p20 Pro and only changing because I smashed the lens glass on the back. It's still a great phone and I'd be going sim only if I hadn't done that.
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