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  1. Energy - Invoice or DD

    Did they start paying you?
  2. Demarai Gray

    To be fair Gray only finished playing an international tournament a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    How far did you get with Prison Break? I've just started season 2.
  4. I'm sorry but I really don't know what you expect him to say. Should he completely ignore the league positions and remaining fixtures? What do you expect him to base his opinions on?
  5. How would you suggest he answers the question to avoid being obvious?
  6. But you were suggesting obvious punditry based on the current points. Ignoring the fact Swansea have an extra point on the board if they were even with the same goal difference you would say Swansea had the advantage based on upcoming fixtures.
  7. Have you seen the fixtures for each team?Swansea are clearly in the best position.
  8. Joey Barton Suspended

    It's not a grey area. No footballer in the top 8 divisions of English football can bet on ANY football match. There is no ambiguity at all.
  9. Lot of hate and joy

    Talksport is owned by News Corp. It's The Sun on the radio. What the **** do you expect?
  10. Shakespeare

    I'm sure you must be a troll but I'll bite anyway. Of the 4 games since those first 6, 2 were against Atletico Madrid. They have reached the Champions League final twice in 3 years and are one of the best sides in Europe. The other 2 games both came a couple of days before these matches. We obviously had one eye on the huge games to come. We don't have the squad of Chelsea or Man City. It doesn't matter that we won the league last year, we are miles away from being able to properly go for it in 4 big games in 14 days. Lets keep building our team OUR way, otherwise next season in the Premier League could well be like the first half of this, but without a man to save us.
  11. Tonight's Ref...

    I agree, I thought he let the game flow, and kept his cards in his pocket. Stopping the game for their injury seemed a bit soft given where the ball was and he gave a few free kicks for minor stuff but compared to the guys we see every week he was head and shoulders above.
  12. Only just finished watching after work. So proud of the lads for that performance. Second half we were immense fought for everything. No shame in going out like that, especially to a team like atletico. To be fair they got their game plan spot on over the two legs. Can't help feeling things could have been a bit different if we had tonights ref for both legs though.
  13. The "do they mean us?" thread

    You might want to check a list of Savage's former clubs mate.
  14. Swansea (a) Match Thread

    I wanted a red then. Never felt that way about one of our players before.