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  1. Unlucky here ,its now history , but seeing how hard he trained and always doing extra sessions in the gym when not playing to keep his fitness at top level , i'm not surprised he is a good player . He also is a nice guy .
  2. Official ribbon cutting will be done when Top returns from Thailand . I think Dennis Wise and Stan Collymore are on the door !!
  3. Tomorrow is the day . Office staff 9am . First team staff ( non playing )11am . PM is the players i think ? Just glimpsed the schedule . Its open for xmas !
  4. If you haven’t noticed Health and safety is a bit on top at the minute 😳
  5. Dunno 🤷‍♂️, are you suggesting the same for my post ? 😳
  6. Staff were to be inducted to the site Friday , now cancelled !!
  7. Heard there’s been a massive flood in the changing rooms area .Burst pipe . Delaying the move in . I don’t know how bad but rumour is you need wellies not football boots !
  8. Ricardo , Gray and Slimani to play tonight 👍 Heard they’re starting but not 100 % sure
  9. Ricardo , Gray and Slimani will all start tonight 👍
  10. Not my labs , Eton ! I think I heard there’s 170 4K tv’s scattered around ! Samsung at that 😂👍
  11. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liam-moore-leicester-city-reading-4646208 And It’s not this !
  12. Get a couple of £ on Liam Moore returning ! If he signs I’ll tell you how I found out ! Of course it’s not a 100%er but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna happen and already sorted 👍
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