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  1. 3 academy lads ( one rated £71 million in a transfer ) moving up to prem football is " ok " , you actually don't understand how much those 3 players have saved in transfers and wasted transfers . do a bit of research on other academies and their success compared to LCFC ? LCFC is Very much up there at the top. 0.012% is the success rate of academy players .Nigel Pearson once described you " deluded with grandeur " .
  2. Exactly ! Fans on here make up so much TOSH , some actually believe what they post ! I know Beags/Petty quite well, they do their best , the academy is doing ok and like ALL academies have up and down years .
  3. Dmitri Halajko going to WHU .Only change i have heard ? I've never read so much tosh on here lately . No wonder Jackanory stopped !!
  4. Surely someone could've let the fans know it was going to be done today , so fans could've got a last look over the weekend, maybe took a few pictures with it ? Nothing knee-jerk about being gutted we are now without it and disappointed its happened .
  5. Kate Street turns grey !! Gutted !! No matter what is planned in the future , this didn't need to be done ? What is better grey ??????
  6. As much as "fans" want to have their say about the tweets , the media won't hold back. A lot of people ( an actress on a brit soap ) have lost their jobs through tweets like these !! I think we all know where this is going with the press . LCFC have sacked players for racist slurs before , so not good this . Surely the media staff needed to keep a tab on this by checking accounts ?
  7. In the last year , 3 academy players in such a short time have reached first team status ,1 has now , an England shirt ! Whether you like what is behind the scenes as such or not, i say " well done to the academy " !!
  8. U'23'S nearly won their league, U18's did well ,as did the youngsters and Barnes and Choudhury moved up . Please look at the top 6 Premier teams academies last season . Only Liverpool and Arsenal did better ,Man Utd came bottom ! Spurs , Chelsea ? LCFC academy last season played some nice stuff and did well , compared to any top 6's . Enlightening done !
  9. I don't think you know what you're on about , last season was very good for the academy .
  10. The trialist is forced on him to play and he is useless . Virtually playing with 10 men !
  11. Lupano trialed at Hull for a while , they lost a few games too !
  12. Martin Allen was sacked shortly after his F.I.F.O performance , this was in front of all the staff . 100% fact !!
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