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  1. I heard there was other players that are injured and unavailable for selection there too .
  2. So people think that Beaglehole coaches 'hoofball' but 'allows' his coaches to teach 'tippy tappy' as such , then when games come round , instructs Wimbledon style 1980's/dark ages football ? OK . And the best players are the ones who bypass the U23's !! And yes people who really have no knowledge of the academy are slagging off the academy .
  3. Quite a few slag off the academy . With players on loan and coming into the first team , i think the academy is doing its job . This young lad shows the coaching system and academy progression is working . You can't really take much out of results of academy matches due to players away . The future is bright .
  4. You focus on negatives only . As a football academy LCFC is doing OK .Could it do better ? yeah , we all can in life . I bet your great on a night out .
  5. When the pubs open I’ll buy you a pint of BITTER . 👍 ! If you was an electric cable you’d be ‘negative’ . Unfortunately over 98% of academy players fail .Leicester have had success and failures ,that’s football . But overall they’ve done better than most . If you think Leighton has failed because of ‘ hoofball ‘ , you know nothing . If players (not just Leighton ) are that good , quite obviously they’ll be signed by another club ? Why doesn’t/hasn’t that happened ? We’ve got quite a few ‘hoofball’ trained players out on loan doing fine 👍. Like I say , the academy is doing ok for what it’s supp
  6. Its an opportunity for him , i suppose, but the plain and simple reason he is playing is 8 players were taken out the squad for the 1st team and they're short of players !!!!
  7. Academy players , Chilwell and Barnes have both gained international caps, which is great achievement . Could someone point out which other club has achieved this lately ? It's doing okay in what its supposed to do IMO . I also think that time is needed, to give the influence of the new facilities to kick in . With Covid about i can not see any changes being made until a later date .
  8. The U18's get their first win today . They've not been on it all season . So a nice win . 4-3 .
  9. It was built with the capacity limitations in mind ! If there wasn’t restrictions, it would have been a lot different .
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