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  1. Thanks again everyone for your advice. yeah clever fox the whole ceiling was removed so he could sort out the wiring for new lights and speakers. i will send this info over to him as he said he was going to try fix it at the weekend. I haven’t seen it in person yet but apparently it looks worse in person 👎 thanks again everyone
  2. Sorry for the delay of photo hope this photo is clear enough to show what’s happened
  3. Thanks mate I will pass this information on. Much appreciated
  4. The plasterer did an awful job! Many mistakes in their work, was not smooth on the walls! So they complained and got their money back. £750 he charged! if you like I will get a photo as someone else has requested. I will also find out what tile they are. I appreciate your help on this. It’s looking like the ceiling is only going to be prepared if he starts again. But the tiles and units are all in now. They’ve been doing this since September. Doing this though a lockdown as well has been awful 😂
  5. It’s as if it’s like bedded in and looks like a water mark if that makes sense. that’s a good shout though white vinegar! I’ll get them to try that tomorrow. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it!
  6. Yeah I thought the same that it’s going to keep doing it. im not sure if he did or not. Feel for them as they had a plaster who did an awful job on it as well
  7. Yeah I wasn’t sure on that either. It was something my dad was told that when he put the plaster boards up that they should have been staggered and not all in a line of that makes sense. so it’s been plastered and painted but there’s a crack from one end to the other. Which he’s trying to hide by painting it. It’s not like obvious crack like you would see if you typed it in google but it’s noticeable. Not ideal when they’ve spent so much money on the kitchen.
  8. Hi all wondered if anyone could give me some advice for my parents kitchen. They’ve had a new kitchen fitted and it’s been a nightmare with lockdown and the issues they’ve had and I need some advice. 1. They’ve had a new ceiling and my dads fitted the plaster boards. When plastered and painted you can see a line. It looks like that because on this part of the ceiling he hasn’t staggered the plaster boards for this part they are in line causing a visible line. Does anyone know anything he can do to remove/hide this. He can’t start again. 2. They’ve just had their tiles f
  9. Very good advice. So many channels to choose from rather than SS or BT.
  10. Few of my mates and I are into clubs at the moment. If anyone else fancies a friendly let me know.
  11. I have moved over to seasons now. So much better! If you haven't I would recommend moving over, not worth the stress.
  12. Awful weekend league for me on the PS5. Needed to get the 11 wins but lost 7 games in a row yesterday and just gave up. Think its time to give up on UT, i just can't keep up with it all. Freeze cards, flashback cards, these orange cards and then these team of the year cards. Just too much.
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