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  1. Imagine Players that were 300/350 are going for just under double now.
  2. Prices have gone mad!
  3. Couldn't agree anymore with this. So many people around us left before the 5th goal! So many fans would love to watch their local club yet you've got these idiots.
  4. Think you need to reduce the difficulty. You aren't good enough.
  5. I agree. All i find with FIFA now is they add 1 or 2 new additions to the game but certain styles of the game play is worse then older FIFA's. Been hearing that this FIFA street they are adding is only console play and not online. Would be very stupid of them if this is true. But, i guess they only focus on FUT because it brings in the money for them. Can't stand FUT this year. There are all sorts of cards this year, way too many. If you have a break away from not playing FUT and play against someone their team in unbelievable.
  6. Always been a FIFA man. But, i must admit from watching that clip i will be interested to see what the demo is like. Thought FIFA 19 was terrible this year, one of the worst FIFA's i have played. FIFA 20 needs to step up.
  7. Used to be really good at Fifa. Not played this Fifa in a while but when I did, I was just average. Trying to get back into Fifa again on UT but I am terrible. Won 1 game out of 5. Admittedly, my UT isn't the best. Everyone I am facing has legendary cards. Seems like this Fifa UT everyone has all these special cards.
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