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  1. Few of my mates and I are into clubs at the moment. If anyone else fancies a friendly let me know.
  2. I have moved over to seasons now. So much better! If you haven't I would recommend moving over, not worth the stress.
  3. Awful weekend league for me on the PS5. Needed to get the 11 wins but lost 7 games in a row yesterday and just gave up. Think its time to give up on UT, i just can't keep up with it all. Freeze cards, flashback cards, these orange cards and then these team of the year cards. Just too much.
  4. Ps5 weekend league is painful.
  5. Fifa disc version is now allowing me to download the next gen Fifa.
  6. So it looks like the digital versions are out now. Disc versions is tomorrow.
  7. Yeah i just wanted to make sure it wasn't mine that was faulty. Yeah I will keep an eye on it as well like you say before the warranty is up. Good idea with loading it without the disc, its that then. Thanks for that.
  8. Two questions for the ps5 if anyone can help? Has anyone got the ps5 pulse headset? Is it any good? Worth £90 for the 3D experience. Also does anyone's PS5 make a awful sound when the disc is in? I usually hear it when i start the PS5 or its installing the game.
  9. I would also recommend this as well. I used this website too cash back start of the year and you get the majority of the money back you paid. Worth looking into
  10. Free trial for the Leicester game if anyone is interested PM me.
  11. No mate. Really good service. Happy to give provide you with a free trial for the game today. PM me mate
  12. Anyone looking for a new iptv service? Drop me a message.
  13. After seeing this i thought i have got to give this a go. I will let you work it out how it went
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