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  1. Free trial for the Leicester game if anyone is interested PM me.
  2. No mate. Really good service. Happy to give provide you with a free trial for the game today. PM me mate
  3. Anyone looking for a new iptv service? Drop me a message.
  4. After seeing this i thought i have got to give this a go. I will let you work it out how it went
  5. I have just started running again and my aim is to run half a marathon. I use Nike run club. You set your goal of what you want to achieve and how often you run etc and then it creates a training routine for you. I am in my second week. I would recommend it. You have a coach talk to you on some of the runs and for me helps me as it pushes me to keep going.
  6. 35 - 0! Fair play. Wish my weekend went like that
  7. Weekend league was going so well till Sunday night. Wasn't planning to play the full 30 games as i find it too much. Ended up getting stuck into fifa for 4 hours Sunday evening. Thought ill stay on for and go to gold 1. Ended up needing 1 win from 6 games. Lost all 6 games. Never been so angry over a game! Really hate this fifa. The passing is terrible! The goals on this fifa are always the same as well. I moan but ill drag myself to play it again after yesterdays drama.
  8. Imagine Players that were 300/350 are going for just under double now.
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