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  1. But did you have ‘butter’ or just a non-descript vegetable spread?
  2. Maybe this should have been our away kit this season then?
  3. I’m sure Brendan said that he was completing his isolation in Turkey. Shouldn’t need to isolate when getting back to the UK.
  4. I think he would be a great buy. I have seen him play a few times, and he really stands out. Wonder what his value would be?
  5. Let’s hope that Southampton are this piss poor on Sunday.
  6. Why is Cags still in Turkey? What have I missed?
  7. Isn’t it going to be based on the Covid passport? If so, this will be either a vaccination, evidence of Covid antibodies, or a recent negative test. Announced today that every person can now have 2 lateral flow tests per week.
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