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  1. Back 4 worries me a little with Bournemouth’s attack and pace.
  2. Big Sam until the summer whilst we search for a new long term boss. He will stabilise us as we seem to be in free fall at the moment. Dont want him long term, but he is the best person for our position.
  3. We can still sign unattached players (ie players not signed to a club). We can still loan out or sell to clubs in countries where their transfer window is still open, ie China and Russia.
  4. He won’t be worth mega mega bucks after we have finished with him!
  5. Rutland 1/2 in April. https://www.therutlandmarathon.co.uk/
  6. It’s the manager that sets the tactics (zonal marking). The manager coaches the defence and defensive set up. The manager keeps Ndidi and Mendy on. The manager keeps picking Morgan. The manager wont play a second striker.
  7. The last thing we need is someone adapting to the way we play. We need a midfielder that will offer something different.
  8. Has anything been mentioned about Susan Whelan? I know she sometimes travelled in the helicopter as (I believe) she lives in Surrey.
  9. They did have the best defence in the league last season.
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