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  1. No, I don’t think that the vast majority of match officials are corrupt. I just think that many of them are not as good at their jobs as they need to be, and not all can handle some of the high pressure environments that they need to work in.
  2. Their keeper has had a good hand in that though. Plenty have been on target too.
  3. I’m guessing it is due to a potential loan move?
  4. What a ball from Praet, and a great cross from Justin
  5. The camera is quite low, does seem a little odd
  6. He is a very different player to Vardy, but I think his hold up play is very good, and as we saw against West Ham, is very good with his back to goal. With the quality of our 3 playing behind him, I can see him (maybe not scoring loads of goals), but creating lots of chances for the attacking midfielders and the likes of Chilwell and Perreira.
  7. Watching on Sky, but the sound keeps cutting out, only very briefly but very annoying.
  8. Anyone’s sound keep cutting out?
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