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  1. What fuel source do you use for your pizza oven? Gas or wood pellets? Also, are they ok to use indoors, or are they really designed for outdoor use? I would love a pizza oven (cooking a pizza in a conventional oven just isn’t the same), but don’t really want to cook outside.
  2. If cooking chips, I par-cook them first in the fryer at a low temperature until just about done, lift them out and turn the temperature to its highest. Then when the rest of the food you are cooking is about ready, stick them back in for a couple of minutes. Get perfectly cooked and crispy chips. Note, this is if you are cooking home cut potatoes, not frozen chips.
  3. Looks fab, but why is it in a takeaway pizza box? 🤔
  4. I had a Mercedes A180 until recently as a company car. The 1.5 Diesel engine was perfectly adequate, and very economical. However I didn’t particularly like the car. It didn’t feel as well refined or as well built as the Audi A3, BMW 1 or the VW Golf. Back seats were also too cramped for adults to sit in, and only a minor detail, the cup holders wouldn’t fit a standard metal water bottle. Small point but very annoying (couldn’t find a reusable bottle or drinks cup slim enough).
  5. Maddisons set piece deliveries are getting much better.
  6. Would that have been a penalty if Madison hadn’t scored?
  7. Would be my current 1st choice, but I guess he would command a hefty transfer fee.
  8. .....and that is why West Brom will go down
  9. Lack of quality out there. A few misplaced passes and a bit of a lack of movement. WBA look like they have little or no pace.
  10. TBF, he has not had too much of a career to date. He is 22 (turns 23 tomorrow). Brendan also knows him well too.
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