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  1. Gone posh tonight. Carling with a dash of vimto.
  2. Out of curiosity, how do you make prawn puri's?
  3. Exactly what I got matey!
  4. Thanks.. glad I'm saving some money though.
  5. Question... When you have paused your channel's, can you still view them? My next bill gives me a credit for sports (indicating they have been paused), but I can still view via my sky box. Cheers
  6. I've been trying to pause it for the last 3 days. Some technical error is preventing me.
  7. Macca total idiot. I reckon kate mason was happy the scousers went out.
  8. Parcelyard as a couple of boards at the back.
  9. They certainly ain't bothered about shaking hands in the darts (whilst the prem and efl are giving it a swerve).
  10. On bbc sport website it has it on Saturday at 3pm.
  11. Remember freezing my balz off last time we played them in the cup. Hoping for a warmer day this time around.
  12. Score aside, it's a lovely day out for villa boys..
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