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  1. I've done both, but def prefer going with my missus. The walk to the station via the pub. More drinks when we get into town. Bit of food before the game, and more drinks and food after. Not to forget the game. Love match days.
  2. Kettle crisps. Sour cream and sweet onion. Fcuk Pringles.
  3. I also thought simmo had a good game. Hate to see him go.
  4. The people round me are proper critics, whereas all I say is 'shoot' or 'hold it'.
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 109 seconds  
  6. Yep, that's what I meant kopic. I'm a clean freak otherwise.
  7. Ain't this the norm in Greece? I remember doing it in Malia years ago.
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 113 seconds  
  9. Not related to leaving early, but woman behind me likes to put her foot on the back of my seat. I have on occasions sat back with some gusto, but now thinking of having a word. Dam rude if you ask me. On a par with those dirty buggers who put feet up on train seats.
  10. As a family man, match days are always tough (I live more than 100 miles from leics). That said, I always try and stay till the end, but on occasions have had to leave early due to family commitments. I see arguments on both sides. What does piss me off is ppl loitering and choosing to leave when in play. Choose a break for God sake and leave quickly (and perhaps say thanks to those who have to get up to let you out).
  11. Just got home and glad we got the points. Madison and Mendy were my picks. I still think we lack effort at times. Not wanting the ball as much as we should. Simple things like going to the ball as opposed to waiting for it to come to you. Would like us to use the empty spaces on the flanks too.
  12. Def up for this. Gonna personalize mine by putting 'Leicester city' on it.
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