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  1. I'm shivering trembling everything
  2. Collectors item. Dharamasena gets one right.
  3. I get the feeling that nobody likes ganguly. Had a right little ding dong with isa earlier.
  4. This is in bag defo. Get the blue white and red ribbons on the cup.
  5. Best chance England will get to win the cwc this. Surely.
  6. How the fcuk did dharmasena get this gig? Worst umpire on circuit.
  7. No worries mate, I think I misread ur post...
  8. Not sure why india are being bashed for being the most organised when tickets were released and available to buy.
  9. Great show by England. Indian rockstars take note. This is how you chase a total in the earlier 200's.
  10. Lcfc pin badge on my laptop bag. Lcfc CD case for my laptop wires and accessories. Lcfc scarf when it gets cold.
  11. I'm completely distraught. Some changes for india coming up. I thought they had lost their soft underbelly. Apparently not. No matter how well nz bowled and fielded, 240 should have been got. I thought India purposely threw the England game, not anymore. Just dont think dhoni could step up the gears. Perhaps his previous exploits had set the bar too high for him. Still cant believe it. Fcuk.
  12. If the final is washed out, I believe the trophy is shared between the 2 participants. I think...
  13. Leeds away looks the business. I do like kappa and hummel shirts though...
  14. ....'didn't even think about United.. '
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