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  1. The international break has not helped us. Same as the break for c19 last season. We thrive on momentum.
  2. Dusk till dawn the series surely is a must...(just for Eliza Gonzalez)
  3. Crimbo without panto and full on ally pally just dont feel right.
  4. Just makes Taylor's achievements look next level. Anyone but gezzy p for me.
  5. What the heck is happening with mvg at the mo? Is he spent?
  6. Happy Diwali everyone. To mark this auspicious occasion my wife made pizza. I'm expecting nachos for xmas dinner.
  7. The lady on sky sports presenting the masters golf.
  8. Just started watching from dusk till dawn the series..
  9. Just knocked out caliphate over 2 nights. Thoroughly recommended.
  10. Does the impending national lockdown mean the stamp duty freeze will be extended past the end of march 2021?
  11. Great actor. Great loss. RIP.
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