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  1. From my youth it was either 300 Spartans or trawlers catch in loughborough.
  2. Was going to mention the blue oyster bar, but you have that covered already. What are food options like at the BOB?
  3. My sky bill has gone through the roof. I have tv, phone and broadband with them. Dont use the phone, but need unlimited internet. What is the base tv pack and what does it give you? I've been hearing about sky signature back but cant find any details on sky site. Any advice appreciated!
  4. Hello - does anyone know when refunds will be processed for season tickets? I've applied, but nothing has hit my account yet. Cheers.
  5. Very sad news. Son of the city. Will be missed.
  6. And the glorious gem that is loughborough ( I'm not taking the p)
  7. Will try this in Leicester city chippie first game back. And I want it in the same cone.
  8. But chips with chips is ok right?
  9. I loved the walshy/bully banter with my old wolves boss.
  10. Ahh brother friar tuck from the forest of sherwood
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