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  1. My sons school is not an academy, but attrition rate is terrible. All down to poor leadership from the new head.
  2. I have some inflatable sheep if anyone wants to take..
  3. It peeded me off, so thought it would fit into this thread. I think the ginger one is Jessica. My favourites (for obvious reasons) were dawn, amy and daphne. All waitresses at merlottes.
  4. Been watching true blood on sky boxsets recently. I find the sookie stackhouse character realy irritating. Just cant stand her or see the fascination in her by the opposite sex.
  5. Found it.. Find it funny and pathetic at the same time. Villa would love owners like ours.
  6. Away end will look awesome in these! Are they for sales in the fanstore too? *found adidas one on lcfc for £18. Top being very generous if its these*
  7. What a awesome display by the Aussies in the first odi against india.
  8. Why do you think its coolant? Colour? Also, carpet in front or back aswell?
  9. Missed the final as not feeling well. Heard the averages stacked up well though. Scotty dog gonna try his hand with pdc now?
  10. Was hoping you would see the sarcasm in my post 😀
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