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  1. As the child is on the lowest points your only hope is the ballot really and even then I don't think 3 together will necessarily be possible but at least you can make sure one of you is sitting with him.
  2. Here's hoping. They've taken a full away allocation but I'm guessing there's also variation on tickets given out by the club to staff/players/opposition etc?
  3. Yes not that I'm holding out much hope for that number staying below 1000 - there will likely be a boost to that towards the end of the week with 20+ points holders who couldn't get tickets or tickets together.
  4. Also I might be reading too much into it but the latest on the page when you go to enter into the ballot says "29,437 remaining". Assuming they set the Max entries at 30,000 that would mean 563 have entered so far. Could be total rubbish mind.
  5. This is correct and, according to the website (so should be taken with a pinch of salt), you should know by 6pm Saturday if you've been successful and can buy from Monday morning.
  6. Yes I'm likely only able to get to 2 or 3 this season but like you say I don't want to end up in a totally hopeless position in a few years so I pay reluctantly. The wife is a Liverpool fan and we live in Liverpool so we go to a fair few games at anfield and membership is £27. There's still issues with how they do ticket sales but it's far more fairly priced and they do tiered sales for big games (going down slowly by number of games attended previous season) and it changes by competition so everyone knows where they stand. For example if you don't go to the 3rd round fa cup game at home to a lower league side, you know your chances of a ticket should you get to Wembley, whether you're a season ticket holder or member, are greatly reduced.
  7. How long will it take for this topic to get locked? Let's pretend we're watching heat until then.
  8. Everyone will tell you this and it doesn't help your nerves but it is true: this is the easiest speech you will ever do when it comes to it. You could say almost anything and you will be applauded. How you approach it whether it's basic notes or written out speech word for word (I hate the latter), just script you're scared and start. Within 30 seconds the nerves will wash away I promise you and you'll actually enjoy it.
  9. Workshy freeloader
  10. You're a f**ckhead Costockfox, that's what you are a f**cking s**thead!
  11. That's strange, I get Brighton for fox members at the top and then all the later games just for international beneath. I'm on mobile so maybe it's the device you're using.
  12. There's a separate section called members ballot and you can enter there.
  13. In the ballot for Brighton, I just know I would forget otherwise! Can anyone with 30+ points see what the ticket prices are this season?
  14. Season ticket resale platform, have st holders been given details on how this will work yet?
  15. Gonna go see the bear in the little car eh?