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  1. Firstly, I'm going to be slightly biased as I've lived in Liverpool for 5 years and have married into family from the area. Re "feed the scousers", it's not something I'd be rushing to tell a steward or admonish individuals in public as, particularly when I was younger, I would probably be joining in. It's a wind up, it's catchy and all the other clubs are doing it. But in essence, it's simply "haha look how poor you are and how much you're struggling" and whether the Scouser stereotype makes it worse I don't know but of all the things you could sing about, is targeting the most
  2. Assuming lots of injury time it won't finish later than 7:30. Assuming you're going from a central Manchester station that's more than enough time. Will be first time I haven't gone to this in years barring a miracle with a load of tickets emerging pushing it to members. This got to members in the title winning season!
  3. It's never there in the EFL cup unless there's a motivation to offer it (home end not likely to be very empty and/or big away following expected). On the other point the gentleman makes I'll accept a lot of stick about our fans but not in terms of numbers and especially not from possibly the most miserable and negative fanbase in the country.
  4. Got lucky in the members ballot for both Sheffield United and Man United, if we do well this season that may well be the only way of getting tickets without an ST for most aways.
  5. Just playing devil's advocate here by the way.. Sure, changing the cup final is awkward or playing 48 hours later. But do uefa care?
  6. One spanner to throw into the works. From what I've seen with the premier League bowing to uefa requirements, is the Dutch cup final date absolutely fixed? I'd imagine uefa will schedule as they see fit and tell Ajax it's their problem and requirement to rearrange.
  7. Block 313 on the site now with just under 900 available. 314 still to open and there's still availability in the other tiers. This sold out on general in the title winning season so don't anticipate this selling out any earlier.
  8. Friday night change unlikely surely? As another game is scheduled then.
  9. It is a shame but all the more reason to visit now before it possibly changes. It's still a great bar and has something for everyone, some of their core beers are a totally different beast on cask. It does sadden me that their beers are now being stocked at room temp in Tesco
  10. Wow, the one time I've entered the members ballot this season and it was actually worthwhile! Surprised this has sold out this early but the 500 less on a "standard" prem allocation of 3000 probably had an effect.
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