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  1. They were much better than us. Didn't deserve a thing.
  2. Surely in that case you'd want him up? Six points. For all the talk of him being an "anti-football hoof merchant" he's done a remarkable job there (so far...)
  3. I didn't say otherwise, I just think context is important when throwing stats about.
  4. It's a rehash of the same quote from 2019, he's not repeated anything. I don't even know how it's made it back into the news.
  5. I think Howe's stock is this country is probably top-end Championship at the moment, perhaps bottom five PL? I think it's an 'easier' challenge to get his stock rising in the SPFL than it would be in England, as it stands. The Championship is ridiculously cut-throat and taking a job at a floundering PL side could be a disaster for him. I can see the appeal for Howe.
  6. Whilst he's now had long enough to improve them, in fairness to Hodgson he must have spent a long-time sorting out the messes that preceded him. No manager is going into a Palace side drowning under De Boer and smashing it with a 75% win ratio, I think some context is relevant.
  7. There are definitely some knee-jerkers on here but the match thread is, and always has been - a very reactionary place. You aren't going to get nuanced chat as we're losing at home to Fulham. Post-match threads in the immediate aftermath of a bad result aren't much better, but I think the forum in the main is very supportive of this side and it's players, rightly so.
  8. Felt like the back end of that season we lost 2-1 every week, Vardy consolation on around 80 minutes. Doubtless it only happened once but it felt like a perpetual nightmare.
  9. I'm still on the fence but by and large he's getting minutes in games we're stumbling through, coming on for twenty mins or so when the entire side is having "one of those days" must be tricky. We are desperate for a right winger that Rodgers trusts, we're very fortunate that Barnes has come on so much and is getting tidy numbers because it's our one very clear flaw.
  10. It's a beautiful looking stadium, how I wish we didn't build ours in the flatpack era.
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