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  1. Langston

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    As brilliant as Barnes has been, it's Dwight Gayle - no question for me. Just a shame he seems to fall between that corridor of being far too good for the Championship but just not quite effective enough in the top flight. EDIT - Just had a look at Gayle's top flight goalscoring stats and perhaps I'm doing a bit of a disservice. Bar one season where he flitted in and out of Palace's team he hasn't done that badly considering he's not always playing as an out-and-out striker. Never hit double figures though.
  2. Langston

    The Apprentice 2018

    A woman is definitely winning this series
  3. Langston

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Looks like Jay Taylor doesn't understand the definition of "so far this season."
  4. Langston

    New training ground approved

    Have Forest not grasped that their achievement was so monumental because Clough aside they've traditionally been pretty bollocks? There's a reason the manager is revered and not the club.
  5. Charlton offered Curbishley a contract and he turned it down. If anything it was him who thought he belonged at a higher level.
  6. Langston

    New training ground approved

    Lectures in the art of Stealth with Leon Crincic
  7. Langston

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Not sure I get the clamour in some parts to recall him and give him a Prem loan. Surely he'd develop more in an attacking West Brom side, that play to his strengths, he's clearly settled and playing week in, week out – than move to a Huddersfield, Newcastle or Cardiff, lose most weeks and play pretty turgid football. A lower level sure, but he'll be full of confidence.
  8. Langston

    Players you forgotten had played for us

    Surely these players are more unforgettable on the basis they were so bad, almost notoriously so?
  9. Very clearly a publicity stunt but impossible not to be happy for him when you see him beaming after putting one past some part-time artisan baker in goal.
  10. Do people still say simples? Is it 2008?
  11. Langston

    Players you forgotten had played for us

    He played in that 4-2 League Cup defeat at home to Burton and he was ****ing abysmal, came with a good reputation but he was muck for us.
  12. Not getting on is he? Did the fact the weather was belting, everyone was perpetually half cut and we actually won a knock out game of football mask the fact that we were largely pretty dross in the World Cup? Sancho might show Southgate that playing wingers on the wings might be a novel approach to things. Stop crowbarring Rashford in, please.
  13. Please can we bring on somebody exciting Gareth. Cheers, mate.
  14. Thrill a minute, this. No doubting the quality of the opposition, but we just seem so slow at getting the ball forward however there's absolutely no movement, really hope we see Madison or Sancho on at some point. That midfield trio is offering nothing at the moment. Chilwell looks sharp though, probably our best player so far.