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  1. Think that was Roy Keane when he was at Sunderland
  2. I think below Liverpool it's been one of the more interesting ones for a while, top 6 not sewn up, traditional 'superpowers' looking shoddy, new boys in the league in sheff united threatening to gatecrash the Champions League, no one really adrift in the relegation race (maybe Norwich at a push).
  3. Really? Feels as if they've been about 15th or below since the start of the season, they definitely play some tidy stuff though. It's a weird division this season.
  4. People making excuses for games he's performed well in are ****ing weird.
  5. They'll be dancing on the streets of Leicester U23s tonight
  6. Either of those two would be great – that said I don't particularly dislike Jenas, when he goes and interviews players / staff and his chat is off-the-cuff ex-pro to current pro stuff, he's actually pretty watchable. But I don't think he's quite anchor* material, certainly not in the same bracket as Lineker - can't see him packing it in soon, mind. *Don't, anybody
  7. We absolutely don't want them up, I don't care if it's a derby.
  8. You're bound to get a few reactionary comments in a post-match thread immediately after losing like that, more so in a tie we really should have won. I'd take everything with a pinch of salt.
  9. Could, but doesn't. You can't have turned in a brilliant performance if you reflect on things that *nearly* happened, surely?
  10. I agree you could argue that, we've definitely seen more of the ball and carved out better openings than we did at ours – but since the onus has shifted on us to chase the game we've been largely pedestrian, ponderous and flat - when Villa go forward they look more dangerous, Ricardo is being left with far, far too much to do.
  11. Love Emile but you wouldn't fancy him as an after dinner speaker would you?
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