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  1. This joke wasn't that funny the first time you made it mate.
  2. It happened earlier on in the season, around the time we beat Palace at Selhurst - and plenty on here were hankering for him to start. He isn't very good, reasonable squad filler but that's about it.
  3. I found it funny when he just posted a relentless stream of pics of him looking like a fan on a tour of Old Trafford. Pointing at big canvases of Eric Cantona ahaha, fair play Harry.
  4. Would absolutely love Wolves to sneak into the top 4 at Chelsea's expense.
  5. Just look at him. Future millennial spice boy written all over him. Join us Steven.
  6. Steven Berghuis - they look very bloody different but not hard to mix up!
  7. Yet. Perhaps the staff think he'll be better for us down the line if he goes and gets regular games and is a little more polished? This transfer just seems like a (relatively) budget stop-gap until Benkovic is ready and Evans starts creaking a little.
  8. He might be a bit shit but he'd be fourth choice, could do worse if we fancy Benkovic to improve elsewhere on loan before we give him a crack here. Bit expensive mind, and it does reek of Congerton.
  9. Just inherently likeable isn't he?
  10. If Gray isn't going to kick up a fuss about staying here as a squad player, we could do loads worse - he's fine in that role. I just don't think his ceiling is anywhere near that of Barnes.
  11. As do loads of other people...
  12. Curtis Davies was an absolute class act for us, had we got him permanently we might not have splashed a load about on Matt Mills. Hard to be arsed about that after the last few years, mind.
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