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  1. Villa more of a threat if they come up, they're a huge club. Derby would drop straight back down but the Lampard rimming would do me in. Mergh either way.
  2. That chain went as good as bust mate and closed about twenty restaurants. It's a prime spot but not for a burger gaff like that, people don't wanna have a sit down meal near the clock tower.
  3. Ahahahhaha that's so funny! I haven't seen anybody on Twitter noticing the similarities between this and the Germany shirt!!!! Wait until people find out you can get a blank version of the shirt for less than twenty quid too!!!!! Haven't seen that posted about a mind-numbing amount of times!!!!!
  4. The argument as well is always "bring back Fox Leisure for bespoke kits" - Fox Leisure used Mitre templates. ---------- The kits look fine, the home is the best we've had in years.
  5. He's better than John Stones
  6. Langston


    I wasn't even aware Coventry was regarded as a rivalry until I was about 16/17
  7. Langston


    Geography wise better but the absolute pits of an area. The Ricoh has been a right death knell mind
  8. Vapour Trail is a brilliant track, I'd probably break down seeing that live
  9. I'd say he was a flop purely for that moment, wouldn't matter what reputation he came with.
  10. You tried dessert in a can from amundsen mate? oh lord
  11. Wasn't this released about three weeks ago?
  12. Nice of him to quote the Wikipedia article for Anderlecht in his statement [citation needed]
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