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  1. Langston

    The World Football Thread

    Really lovely Boca goal, the pass and Benedettos touches to set himself were top drawer
  2. Langston

    Crystal Palace (A) 15 Dec Pre Match Thread

    Kasper Maguire Wes Evans Ricardo Chilwell Ndidi Mendy Maddison Gray Vardy
  3. Rondon looks pretty handy, been a decent game so far, this.
  4. Fixed struggling to score for Man City? He's gotten double figures in all comps since his first season there. He's scoring more now, absolutely – but it wasn't ever a problem, really.
  5. Ask Jermaine Jenas to say 'area' then be sure to brace yourself for the worst thing you've ever listened to.
  6. Langston

    Loss of momentum when attacking

    I agree that Mendy and Wilf (whilst tidy players in their own right) offer no threat when we transition from defence to attack. They're both very safe. You could argue that Puel tried to counter this by throwing in Iborra tonight but it seemingly just left us with a lot of bodies in midfield and no forward presence because Vicente drops so deep. We need a winger and a striker badly in January.
  7. Langston

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Had a few jars so excuse the repetition / spelling. I'm so indifferent to everything at the moment. Puel goes and I'll not be bothered, his replacement comes in and I'll feel the same. We're just boring. Being rooted in 20th under Nige I cared. Is it the players or is this what comes with being midtable? I guess by its very nature its inconsistent but it just feels so uninspiring and tepid at the moment. I can't say i feel strongly about the manger either way which is definitely the first time in my lifetime I've said that. He clearly doesn't want us playing like we've just woken up and I worry for us if we go down a short term fix route, there's a clearly some logic behind the direction we're going in terms of squad age and recruitment, but if he went, would I be arsed? I wouldn't – which is strange in the PL era of instant gratification. I think we need to realise we aren't a mess by any means, there are fanbases more sane than ours going nuts every week at what they have to put up with – but a season ticket under Puel represents shit value. We simply aren't entertaining.
  8. Langston

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Harry Kane is a striker and played in a world cup with more sides involved, including Panama....
  9. Langston

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I mean, if @Ozilassist says Pele isn't one of the greatest in history then who I am to accept it as anything as gospel. **** me. Same people that use the word fraud at an alarming rate. I wasn't around for Pele (clearly) but his legacy and influence on the game is clear for all to see. Emabrassing to see Messi and Ronaldo fanboys try to discredit his achievements in the game. Great player, different era. You can argue there have been better Brazilian players at the time / since (Zico in particular) that never got the recognition of Pele, but that thread reeks of ****ing desperation. Just accept he was fantastic and move on.
  10. Langston

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Tbf "pubs" serving pints at a fiver wasn't the criteria I was responding to there, it was places in general. One thing that always surprises me about Leicester is how dead it is in the week. It doesn't have the "clock off, pint" of nearby cities anymore. Go to nearly anywhere in Nottingham at 6 on a Friday and there's loads of folk out (despite the fact there's more choice). It's a city that's never benefited from sprawling and anything high rise looking ****ing appalling to be quite frank. Through attachment / family I love Leicester, I'll defend it until there's no air in my lungs but it's an ugly city as a neutral observer. Abbey Street carpark is third world.
  11. Langston

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    And the Criterion is an absolute dive, never rated it. Love the Salmon.
  12. Langston

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Honestly I'm not a lager drinker whatsoever but the Kronenbourg they used to serve in there was worth every penny on a hot day. Rosebud is such a strange place. Not a bad gaff, just weird. Queen of bradgate, Head of Steam, Two Tailed Lion, Bruxelles, R+D, Brewdog, Knight and Garter will all 100% offer something that topples a fiver a pint.
  13. Langston

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    That's rubbish – really great pub. Hope it stays as one, I like Queens Rd but it wass a nice alternative to the other boozers up there. If those Steaming Billy whispers are true I reckon they could turn it into something profitable fairly easily.
  14. Langston

    What floats my boat.....

    Not sure whether or not this post will irk Wymesy, as it's written in a style designed to provoke reaction imo.
  15. Langston

    The Apprentice 2018

    The girl with the bolt through her eye to go, 100%