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  1. Just lost for words. I can't believe how bad we've been.
  2. I can fully get on board with the notion that Selby is the pantomime villain of snooker. Makes me like him beyond the Leicester connection tbh.
  3. You're asking Wycombe to overturn a pretty sizeable goal difference there...
  4. For all I know you might already be active @StanSP but I fully recommend getting on some kind of exercise bandwagon, however clichéd or simplistic it might sound! It's definitely not a panacea for everybody - and I'd really like to add that I tend to get more "fed up" than anything else more serious, thankfully - but I find if I ever feel like I'm going through the motions, or work feels never-ending, that just going for a run, trying to set new achievements on Strava (as trivial as that comes across) and the little serotonin boosts that come from it really seem to balance any sluggish feeling
  5. Perfectly fine defensively, just being asked to do a little too much when playing as a wing-back. It's tricky for Rodgers as neither Castagne nor Ricardo seem to look half as good out on that side (Castagne is admittedly very capable on the left) and it's where we're really missing Justin. Of all those starting tonight, I don't begrudge Thomas playing safe passes and keeping it simple.
  6. Bit of a myth, last year we slapped Southampton 9-0 and Newcastle 5-0, so not really always.
  7. So we win that game if several significant events played out differently? If my auntie had balls...
  8. Really shit, to be honest. Ring the changes.
  9. Neilsen wasn't Norwegian / bought from Norway either. Allen was shafted a bit by Mandaric but I don't think he'd have lasted too long regardless.
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