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  1. He's a student at Derby uni - from what I can gather that doesn't necessarily equate to him being a Derby fan?
  2. That white one we had in the Champions League season was incredible but I agree with the above that this season's home is the best we've had for a very long time.
  3. Loved the Daisy Cooper, Dara O'Briain episodes, and Tom Allen's and Catherine Bohart's were decent but the rest have been a bit boring for me.
  4. Just listened to the last Off Menu with Mike Skinner, had high hopes but it just had me on edge throughout, as if he was being purposefully awkward. Sounded as if he wanted to have a scrap with Acaster. The one before that with an American comedian I hadn't heard of (Kemah Bob) was unlistenable she was that annoying. Been a tame series compared to the first run in general, but the last two have been really disappointing. ---- Elis and John are still great on 5Live and Matthew Crosby and Ed Gamble's Radio X pod is an hour or so of really easy listening.
  5. I don't disagree on the point re: the quality of qualification football - but all other major nations have won tournaments since we last did and each of them has the same issue to contend with. These players are playing for the best managers in the world, in the most exposed leagues in the world - playing the likes of Andorra and San Marino shouldn't hinder how you prepare for the biggest games in tournament football. England's failure in tournaments has been down to a succession of naive / bad managers, square pegs in round holes - and other teams, quite simply, being better than us. Not down to the dismal quality of qualification football.
  6. Starting to warm to the idea of Liverpool winning the league, at least they aren't after half our bloody squad.
  7. Quite a few level headed posts in that thread for FT, surprisingly.
  8. The render of the manager is killing me
  9. I dare say it was a tactic of UEFA to stop us moaning about having a tournament here. Like a diet tournament.
  10. But that makes no sense if you only apply it to England in terms of a major nation not being "battle hardened."
  11. He's probably more likely doing it because he's ex Norwich more than anything else....
  12. No chance - they'd never pay what we'd want and we'd want it upfront, not in instalments.
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