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  1. Fiorentina have some serious coin now, if he fancies a move to them they'll be able to sign him I'd have thought.
  2. Haven't watched a second of this series but Callum Wilson is ready for love island isn't he, practically in the villa
  3. He's a tabloid journo but John Cross regards him as the worst signing the club has ever made. He's absolutely atrocious.
  4. Despite the potential for upset I think the top 6 will be exactly the same as it always is, unfortunately.
  5. Shinji was obscenely good in those couple of games in all. What a guy.
  6. The top stat in that tweet is absurd but the fact they've not had someone bag 20+ top flight goals for thirty years isn't really. They've been a bottom to mid table club when they've actually been in the top flight in that period bar the odd season.
  7. I've heard he's really pleasant from someone that's worked with him
  8. Langston


    It's great we have a tram that seem genuine mates, Youri loves it
  9. Not like you to be negative.
  10. I can't get over how big this lads head is
  11. Giroud is really but that doesn't suit the argument (not saying he's fantastic, but still...)
  12. Emery is genuinely Arsenal's saving grace bar their front line. I don't actually think their squad is all that worse than United's. If they can sort out their heinous away form and keep hold of Aubameyang I actually think they'll be safe re the top 6. How long Utd keep hold of OGS for will be what determines the top 6 imo.
  13. Langston


    I can't wait for the day a meme is made for the St Etienne thread, perversely one of my favourite on the forum
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