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  1. Someone asked in another thread about previous number 7s we'd had and I wondered whatever happened to Ben Marshall - checked, currently a free agent after being released by Norwich one season in to a four year contract. Had everything to play in top tier apart from the mentality by the sounds of it. Such a shame he never kicked on after joining us.
  2. Over the past ten years alone we've had Bobby Zamora, Kevin Davies, Jay Bothroyd, Fraizer Campbell and Dominic Solanke play up top for England, anyone putting Heskey in an all time worst England XI is an absolute prat.
  3. Langston


    I can definitely empathise with this mate, if it's any consolation. As it stands I have a steady job, a place I own and an other half I know I'm really lucky to have – but more often than not I just feel a big sense of malaise, and I find myself pining for a time I can't go back to (in my case, uni - and the years just after it, despite being in a better position now than I ever was whilst studying). Some days and evenings I really get into a huge rut and break down where the past thirteen years or so have vanished to. I have loads of stuff on a "to do" list, but the thought of even approaching just makes me retreat to my pit or sofa, then I get worked up that I've hit my thirties, and the cycle seems never-ending. I'm an absolute king of putting things off until tomorrow and it's not through laziness.
  4. I think United will win but Martial might have a job scoring, mate...
  5. Hull away 16/17 written all over it
  6. Husky Loops are great, I Think You're Wonderful is a real earworm.
  7. 3-1 to Man United. If it was at our place I'd back us, I just think they'll have too much. That said, it wouldn't overly surprise me if we nabbed something. Strange game to predict.
  8. Him and Diabate have both gone with no announcement from us, did Silva as well? It's pretty poor tbh.
  9. I did say that what's happened was a bit much... Once you get alcohol in your system everything's amplified isn't it?
  10. As you've mentioned mate, Hull and Leeds didn't go ahead. Watford pitched their badge design as a competition, literally anybody could enter which is why I assume there are loads of choices, it's not part of any Americanisation. Brentford's and Bristol's badges really don't seem American to me so it might just be a subjective thing, if anything the simplicity of Bristol's reminds me a little of our running fox badge.
  11. Ours, yours and Newcastle's are the best in the division for me. Bournemouth's is an absolute mess.
  12. Which English clubs have had new badges you'd say are synonymous with Americanisation?
  13. Lovely couple of touches from Berisha, made that look a lot easier than it was
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