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  1. Manchester United (H) Match Thread

    He did just play 120 minutes midweek. He usually can't manage much more than 60! Give the lad some time to recover 😂
  2. London pub showing today's game?

    Anywhere will do. I'm in the city, but would happily hop on the tube somewhere for the second half.
  3. Down in London for the weekend and was wondering if anybody knows of a pub that will be showing the game? Not on in the Stags Head. Cheers
  4. Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    Cheers to @Blue717 for the two Arsenal tickets. Very responsive to messages. Much appreciated mate 👍.
  5. Still looking for 2 adult tickets for Arsenal. Please PM if you have any available.
  6. Looking for 2 adult tickets for Arsenal. Can meet in Leicestershire this weekend, or London any day next week. Post also works of course. If anyone is selling, please PM me. Cheers.
  7. Does anybody have a link for somewhere that I can watch this back? Cheers.
  8. Leicester Internationals 2016/17

    Does he? A niggle earlier this season, and in our first season back in the top flight. Even still, I think he's only missed around 15 games through injury in 6 seasons with us. Might just be me, but even for a keeper that doesn't seem abnormally high. Same as missing one in every 15 games or so.
  9. Man City Post Match Thread

    Definitely doesn't matter now, but I'm still interested to know the rules for such a situation
  10. Man City Post Match Thread

    @ttfn just a quick one regarding the elbow on Albrighton. If the referee doesn't give initially give a foul, but then stops play (due to it being a head injury), can he then change his mind and give a free kick/booking? The state of Albrighton's face after the challenge makes it very clear that a foul was made, so I'm guessing that they can't go back and give the foul after letting it go initially?
  11. Man City Post Match Thread

    Please see the post made by somebody above with the actual rules on penalties. Two Man City players were in the box at the time Riyad made contact with the ball. Riyad made two touches with the ball. As far as I can tell, both teams infringed the laws of the game, and so the kick should be retaken. No blue-tinted specs here, the rules are clear and obvious for all to see. It's a fact that it should have been retaken, not opinion.
  12. Man City (A) Match Thread

  13. Man City (A) Match Thread

    Could somebody tell me who's between Albrighton and King?
  14. Musa arrested - Released without charge!

    Look at his Instagram post from 1am. Why would he be posting a happy birthday message to his wife whilst being nicked? Clickbait from The Sun IMO Edit: Beaten (sorry) to it
  15. Shinji

    Fantastic post.