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  1. We have some really talented young lads that could play a big part in our progression to the "next level". We'll need to be at least picking up one of the Europa League places to have a chance of holding on to the likes of Maguire, Chilwell, Ricardo, Ndidi, Maddison and Tielemans (assuming we sign him!). So I think we should really be aiming to break into the top 6. We have a lot of very talented youngsters on our books, who are destined to be playing European football within the next season or two, with or without us. Let's suck it up, pay the money for Tielemans and a goalscoring winger, and have a real good go at stealing one of those top 6 places from the big boys.
  2. I like how he just got his head down and worked hard to gain his place in the squad after his off-field issues. Shame about his social media blip after we announced Ricardo. Looked like he was gutted to lose his place in the starting lineup.
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