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  1. You’d have taken a draw before kickoff. But that was absolutely horrid football! Ndidi is missed immensely
  2. Not a fan of slamming your own players after the make 1 or 2 rare errors. But when it's consistently this shocking you just can't excuse it. One of the worst defensive performances from Ben Chilwell in a very very long time. Our England left back. Yes Harvey Barnes wasn't good etc but he just couldn't get into the game. Ben just point blanc couldn't pick a single pass, cross, nothing. SHOCKING.
  3. This is one of the worst fullback performances I may have ever seen. Can't even make a pass for god sake
  4. Get that pile of garbage of the pitch right now
  5. Schmeichel - 6 Ricardo - 7 Soyuncu - 7 Evans - 3 Chilwell - 1 Barnes - 2 Tielemans - 3 Praet - 3 Ndidi - 2 Maddison - 2 Vardy - 4 Any disagreements?
  6. How bad has Chilwell been tonight? Abysmal, absolutely abysmal
  7. Ricardo could play for anyone, utter class.
  8. Game 2: https://www.sporcle.com/games/KingPower/leicester-city-word-scramble No accents included
  9. I'll try and keep this updates when I get time to make new ones. Number 1 - Premier League Yellow Cards Surnames only required
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