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  1. Phillipe Countinho is foaming at the mouth at the thought of learning off Demarai Gray
  2. GOT. TO. F**KIN. SCORE not good enough that
  3. Man City away, you know it’s coming
  4. What I thinks going wrong at the minute. In my own personal view. And yes I will slate some players in this post just to disclaim because some people on here act like they’re defending their child from criticism. It’s hard to judge against a team like Birmingham because obviously they played pretty much the 90 minutes with 8 deep players and we simply didn’t have enough quality on the pitch to find that clinical edge. Partially and equally, -Maddison hasn’t been good with his playmaking and some of his decision making has been poor. He’s either dropping too deep and overtaking ndidi’s job at time I feel. Or going out wide and trying to play some Barcelona stuff with Chilwell who just isn’t on the same wavelength. -This leaves a huge hole in the ‘Number 10’ and like in that game there’s no one to drop in there. -Chilwell although he does get into some good positions attacking wise, still can’t pick out a sensible pass or cross 9/10 times. -As a team attacking we’re just not looking for that killer pass and move often enough and of course they could of been told to play like that. -Collectively as a lot of people will know we’re passing back A LOT and often it’s passes into players that put them under a great deal of pressure. -Too much responsibility left to the single striker with a real lack of service through the middle and often poor decision making out wide. Lastly, were the commentators playing a drinking game to tick off every cliche in the book?
  5. Jesus Christ how much better is Barnes than Gray. I know he’s had some bad games too but...
  6. Keep telling yourself that Chilly is world class. Don’t be a sheep 🙄
  7. Demarai Gray has to be one of the most disappointing players in our history. Rancid stuff
  8. Are we playing the wrong formation against teams like this? Yes Birmingham have been good defensively recently and it’s difficult to break down 8 players when you only have 5 or 6 attacking maximum. Doesn’t help when Maddison is AWOL on the wing or in Defensive midfield
  9. What is it with these Commentators going on about Chilwell like he’s gods given gift
  10. So if you don’t disagree then whats the problem with expressing my *correct* decision on this post then? Why aren’t you commenting on any other post slating his performance? Clearly 25,000 posts doesn’t make you the oracle of football knowledge.
  11. So you’re telling me that you rate Ben Chilwell as a player?
  12. Said he was terrible when he broke into the first team, still say he’s terrible now and even when he has a ‘good team’ And will continue to say he’s terrible for the foreseeable future until I deem that he’s actually become a good player. What people see in him I have absolutely no clue. Wouldn’t bat an eyelid if he was sold for £1million. Edit: Strictly talking about defending. His attacking has got better but it still doesn’t set the world alight for me
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