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  1. tylesta

    Fifa 19 PS4 Pro Club team - FoxesTalk FC

    Will have a blast when I can be arsed to go and buy fifa
  2. tylesta

    New training ground approved

    Was just about to post at least we seen out achievements pal
  3. tylesta

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    10.000 in league 1 ?? Our average was 20.000
  4. tylesta

    Who’s this trialist?

    Is he George weahs cousin
  5. tylesta

    Jamie Vardy to Speak at the Oxford Union

    Reminds me a bit of Pete burns does mrs vardy
  6. tylesta

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Lost on penos
  7. tylesta

    Betting Thread

    Sporting Lisbon keeps my bet alive wow!!!
  8. tylesta

    LCFC Relegation Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 73 seconds  
  9. tylesta

    Betting Thread

    Anderlecht you bar stewards for 127 Real Madrid for 229 yesterday 😂
  10. tylesta

    Danny Ward

    Didn't we beat celtic
  11. @The Bear will probably be chilling on the west Brom forum
  12. tylesta

    Gray ??

    You mean the diabate that's had one good game against PETERBOROUGH
  13. tylesta

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Me neither william hill says 55/45 in our favour