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  1. Lewandowski in player pick. First time they ever been any good
  2. Only defender to score double figures for us in the prem
  3. Fut daily completionis 2 ain't unlocking complete them all this ain't unlocking though
  4. I got fut birthday guerrio used up mainly fut champs cards I will never use. I thought it was one of each at first
  5. 1 minute in was more class go on walshy
  6. Got Roberto carlos
  7. Don't know if to open a prime icon pack or not
  8. Played 3 games today and cannot get into it again
  9. Old bob question...I think he's dead I seen him😂😂😂
  10. The tesco Olympics was on a bit earlier at Beaumont leys
  11. He left for Birmingham as we got relegated and we was in shit street money wise
  12. you dont have to thank us we thank you for wearing the shirt with pride through thick and thin
  13. Are you actually Sean from enderby ian
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