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  1. I seen a leicester fan say he wants arsenal to get to the europa final!!!! I dont want arsenal anywhere near a europa final as it takes 4th away from champions league football
  2. Wasnt just unsighted watch the goal back he takes a small step to his right which wrong foots him.
  3. The thing that frustrates me we are so slow on the ball!!! We take a age to work it up the pitch and teams then have everyone back!!! Look at west ham today few quick passes and in. We need to start playing abit more direct a get forward quicker mix our play up a bit.
  4. This is bigger than next week we need to win this.
  5. Wasnt the 90degrees going to ve done many years ago and the kop would of been a touchline stand?
  6. Rotherham away championship runner up season
  7. We had 1800 there fpr a pre season game few yeqr back
  8. They was one before think it was championship about 3 in a row
  9. I ain't seen him score a rocket like Hamza though
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