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  1. Unlucky mate close
  2. Booooom
  3. Playing a draft 2_2 90th minute and Messi freezes and won't respond to my controller what so ever (fully charged) open knocks ball and scores I kick off normally ffs
  4. Alli piss poor. Rashfords corners are garbo
  5. Hungary Belguim Switzerland Cyprus Netherlands Portugal France Got no hope as im having terrible luck lately
  6. Had someone do it to me at 3_0 up the other day after about 20 minutes of the match, went on to win 4_3 scoring a 93rd minute winner so I paused it guess what he quit
  7. This after the arsenal game last minute winner after fighting so hard all game we needed to win this game, as the game went on v Norwich I had it in my mind that the wheels had come off!
  8. He says that shoot to kill endangers us all in that pal he changed is take on it after the terror attack on saturday/sunday.
  9. Shoot to kill if you ask me. What if the vest was real that these cowards had on could of took more people plus police out
  10. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4571622/amp/Jeremy-Corbyn-opposing-shoot-kill-policy-goes-viral.html He as soon changed his mind on the shoot to kill policy. Trying to buy votes.
  11. Yet struggle to fill it every week...
  12. Think is first was the forest game Phillips missed pens.
  13. More than one attack a month in Europe since 2014
  14. He's 36 I though he was older and that, seems to have been around forever. Played against us twice this season in champions league.
  15. It's called ultimate team