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  1. tylesta

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Puel would bring cdm on for a striker
  2. tylesta

    Betting Thread

  3. tylesta

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    After a full pre season how many times I heard that .
  4. tylesta

    On This Day Thread - On Going

    Probally the one of only two times I seen gally head the ball!
  5. tylesta

    FIFA 19

    Done now thanks anyway
  6. tylesta

    FIFA 19

    Feels so slow and the ball juat bouncing of players today
  7. tylesta

    FIFA 19

    Anyone want to help me out with fit swap card? Will involve x2 quitting but I'll return the favour in quitting x2 on friendly season mode Ps4 by the way.
  8. tylesta

    Pep apologises to Mahrez

    Yeah but that few minutes of skills won us many points. I think city bought him just becside they can bit like Chelsea buy players so other top teams cannot have them
  9. tylesta

    FIFA 19

  10. tylesta

    FIFA 19

    I usually mass bid well under price if I need them at night. Don't lose no coins but if you win a few you gain a few coins plus the player for svc. Can be a pain though
  11. tylesta

    FIFA 19

    How much it going to cost 350k?
  12. tylesta

    Gordon Banks RIP

    Knowing mr soulsby he will probally build a cycle lane for him. Wouldn't it be a nice tribute to have something on filbert st/old ground. Or maybe name a stand after him.
  13. tylesta

    Championship 2018-2019

    God no. Please never get promoted Bristol city.
  14. tylesta

    On This Day Thread - On Going

    I was in welford road on this day place went ****ing crazy.
  15. tylesta

    Is it time to reconfigure the stadium ??

    Split across two stands. Keep them where they are and just out sing them. Going filbert strèet over the years i remember when ever the away end started to sing the kop would sing the song or a song louder. It was like whatever you sing we will sing better and louder hearing the away fans starting a chant back then got everyone fired up to sing.