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  1. Sean and his many many twotter accounts. I remember him making fake what's app conversations of him and top discussing transfer deals😂
  2. Not said anything about top 6 or anything said he has shown more than gray!!! Gray gets the ball and I don't feel he can make things happen when Im wathing Barnes he makes things happen.
  3. But Barnes has shown so much more in his little time in the first team than gray ever has
  4. One of the posters in owls talk is writing to the fa 😂
  5. Does the club shop sell a decent beanie hat
  6. tylesta


    It was forest starting this we don't care about leicester a few year back. Forests black and white bum boys started following suit. Think it's more they younger fans. Anyone remember that annoying chant that forest sang all the time. We hate derby, we hate leicester! that's the only words to it. And they sang it all the time during the 90s 00s
  7. Tenner on fox chairman A'Ali wins me 65 quid🤗
  8. I read Qatar still can be stripped of the world cup
  9. He's a player that needs to get his head up in certain positions. Can be way to greedy to many occasions last season he could of played a simple pass and shot. Needs to become more of a team player
  10. Looking at that list we do need more goals from other players.
  11. Is top and is family in photo aswell
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