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  1. So they wanted to scrap a cup lose two league teams and two drop out the prem due to fixtures yet this league is 4 more games than the champions league?
  2. How pickford ain't been sent off for that is criminal could of broke both his legs!
  3. Was just a out to same the same, even his own fans are on his back constantly
  4. They not even members of the premier league!!
  5. The big 6 should just go and make a league of 6 and play each other 4 times a year!!!
  6. What Is the point in friendlies, grealish morn other day and on the bench!!!
  7. Love shinjis Twitter pic him and the boss😥
  8. He says about germans nicking his players yet they spent 40 million on a 20 year old sane!!! Why not give a youth player a try
  9. Clown did you read the Rodri comments it was clearly a wind up!! Muppet
  10. They was lucky just had 10 men behind the ball
  11. Never seen someone tackled as easy as this guy.
  12. Some villa fans I have spoke to have said they will do a leicester this season😴
  13. Enjoy your 7 minutes of play over the 3 games. fair play to him fully deserved
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