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  1. Bournemouth chances of it being postponed ?

    But Ipswich was away.
  2. We have the easiest run in

    Switch back to our title winning style πŸ‘Œ
  3. Explosion on Hinckley Road

    Meant to quote someone but didnt...someone said that narborough road was a gas explosion but I was just saying it was deliberate
  4. Explosion on Hinckley Road

    The narborough road explosion was caused attempted insurance fraud http://www.harrowtimes.co.uk/news/9954308.Arsonist_jailed_for_kebab_shop_explosion_that_killed_chef/
  5. Come on people, Fess up!

  6. Betting Thread

    Quite a good two days on accas
  7. Footballs Cringiest moments

    Arsenal are sooooo far behindπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
  8. FA Cup 2018

    4.1 and even musa scored It was 0.0 but we did win on pens.
  9. FA Cup 2018

    We beat Lincoln on pens frank Sinclair missed that day.
  10. FA Cup 2018

    Wasn't it Rotherham
  11. FA Cup 2018

    Even with a point deduction we still would of finished above them
  12. FA cup 5th round sweepstake.

    Ain't millwall in the championship
  13. Ulloa v Norwich said to my mate before this is where we slip the ulloa nicks a goal in injury time!!!
  14. Betting Thread

    Dortmund Marseille Sporting Lisbon Reims Niort