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  1. Maguire - England debut

    The tempo and style of play has been like it for years.
  2. The Mighty Three Lions v Slovenia

    Look so clueless in the final third. That's more entertainment than the whole game the pitch invader
  3. The “Sean From Enderby” Thread

    I think he's mentally ill to be honest
  4. Betting Thread

    Monaco can kiss my ****ing arse!!!!!
  5. FIFA 18

    I know pal. Fifa 18 Is only 45 quid on Friday
  6. FIFA 18

    Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192317223225 think this is worth it just for codes no game
  7. Dragovic looks some player

    What game was you watching chilwell defended well tonight
  8. Betting Thread

    Haha the team who are top nordsjaelland have conceded 12 the team second bottom conceded 11
  9. Betting Thread

    Looking good all my teams are 2.0 up bar rangers (fingers cross) Jinxed 10 min later Patrick score
  10. Yeah he moved to square bar old sun bar and wasn't there long.
  11. He's got the barley mow now
  12. Terrible players we've made look good

    He is naturally a class player
  13. FIFA 18

  14. FIFA 18

    You can move fifa points over