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  1. Got all excited for a totks walkout only to be giroud!!!
  2. All this young crap he is 24 in 6 months!!! Looked good against a average league one side and everyone jizzes over him, after that looked a million miles out of his depth and still does in the turkish league.
  3. Just got 4 in a row draft...packs premium gold pack and x2 rare gold pack. The premium gold pack had marcelo and cuadrado in. The rare gold packs naff all
  4. Played a draft 3 in a row get crappy premium gold players pack x2 first one 👎 Second one pack pogba. Fit in to my team nicely
  5. Hope i red pick him hes over 150k atm Might just finish off the league sbc.
  6. rui patrico was dog muck for me.
  7. diabate is 24 in 6 months time. alwasy has looked loat in the premier league and is way out of his depth. not really doimg anything in the turkish league at the minute either.
  8. just had a german from 65 minutes pass it across his back line at 2.1. messaged him saying why ruin the game does it mean that much to you...he said i play boring i **** your sister!!! thing is he was a very good player and would of beat me anyway!
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