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  1. 3 months is pretty typical for a torn hamstring. Speaking from experience it takes a long time to heal!!! I came back a little early and I’ve never recovered. My first tear was about 7 years ago. A true rat of an injury
  2. Hate to be the one to inform everyone but he’s on 4 yellows. So almost certainly going to get banned for a game soon
  3. Fair enough mate. I would suggest giving an under 18s striker a go but given theyve all been furloughed it might take the biscuit a bit.
  4. I disagree really. They have a bit of a free pass at the moment. If we got him for 25m or under and it is worth a punt whatever happens. Replacing vardy has to be a priority id rather loose some money and get it wrong now, loose 25m while we still have him than wait for the 'perfect signing' that might never happen.
  5. See I know im probably not going to convince you on this. But even if that is true, a loan at a very minimal cost to you with the option to buy just insures that you can start preparing for next season. If hes not good enough, you dont take the option. I cant see a club like celtic just giving up and not replacing him in some way.
  6. Fair enough, I understand but would you want to look for the replacement in the january market? Or take a risk free punt on a loan on someone like this? I dont think for 15 mil you will get your golden boy.
  7. No offense mate but Iheanacho is actually the type of player that does well in the spl. His strengh is his finishing and composure (when on form). He doesnt make it here because his all round game is often weak along with his decision making 2 things he would get away with in the spl I actually think this would be amazing for both sides. You get a goal replacement (once he finally gets the first goal he always needs to get going) he ends up with a decent goal record and in the summer newly promoted side would take a punt on him. Or you would make an offer. Hes still young so goo
  8. My personal opinion is that Brenadan has got it all wrong with Hamza. He's tried to adapt him to a game that he doesnt suit. I think for hamza he will always be better suited to either a low possession team or being the defensive minded player in the middle. He had good success in this role for the under 21s and up until a silly red card was the standout player alongside foden in a squad that included madison and barnes. However, he isnt on wilfs level and he doesnt have mendys composure. So he really is just a bit unlucky that when he came in to do that job he was always compare
  9. I hope you’re right in that. I’m just not convinced that’s what we will end up doing. It’s going to be Hamza isn’t it?
  10. What’s worrying about this thread is just how few people actually realise he’s the only youri cover. Every other post says we’re fine because Perez, nacho or even albrighton are available
  11. You just know that this is going to be a huge mistake. if it’s because we sign someone else that’s simply going to be a block to his progression next season. Hopefully a nice loan deal is in the pipeline.
  12. Given the covid crisis at the moment it makes sense not to mix bubbles. If he’s been training with the first team it smart to keep him away from the others. glad our club is run sensibly
  13. He went from slaying dragons to killing kittens. Bad egg
  14. I agree with you here tbh. Fans are too quick to judge, you have to trust your scouts. If he was the finished article you wouldn’t have got him for that price. However, It’s not the talent I question with him, it’s the EPL. It’s a physically tough league and he might never adjust to that, whatever his potential. im sure a few big loan breaks and you’d get your money back anyway
  15. not fully. Why would we do that? Must have met him in the middle somewhere so we will still be saving some wages
  16. Sorry for the double post but a reserve team also leads to more of the players actually going out on loan earlier. Because there are less spots for over 18s the good ones are likely to be sent out to lower leagues at 19 rather than 22.
  17. I dont understand. Why would a reserves team not be managed by someone who got a 'jobs for the boys' gig? Im not sure it would make a difference would it? Is it more because the senior players would expect a more qualified coach? Wouldnt change anything for us, Bealehole would still manage them Yes, thats partly why but it was also probably seen as a benefit to the youngsters on the field with him. Having a senior pro play with you will make you raise your game, he would offer them a lot of guidance and demand more from them. If the right personalities are lit
  18. Im firmly in the recall camp now. Unless Praets injury turns out to be minor. We need to learn from last season. We wont win a game if Tielemans is out... or even when he is too tired to perform. 10-15 minutes of premier league or EL football every other week, Fa Cup football and games when needed as cover for me is going to be better for him then finishing his loan. He's going to return next season to do exactly this... but with Praet out its open for him to do this right now. Im seriously worried we find ourselves with another Bennett coming in on deadline day that
  19. I flew back from Thailand to watch the west ham and swansea games as an utter legend gave me his season ticket. I often call this the Leo Ulloa pilgrimage
  20. It’s Esteban cambiasso mate come on! It’s not a random nobody. part of the reason you sign someone with his pedigree is for this experience and influence. 90% of pros would appreciate his input especially in a newly promoted side. I love Vardy to bits but I find some of his comments a bit petulant
  21. read comments on here before watchin the draw. Was expecting dead rubbers but were playing one of the most talented sides in the championship and probably a prem side. Not as easy a path as much of the cakewalk you nods made me think it was going to be. Overall though good draws. Man city and Chelsea are the only big boys youd put your house on being in the next pot I was gutted watching newport lose the shoot out yesterday... now im really annoyed
  22. Another year on his legs, mostly without playing. Big wages.... could see him flopping once again at Lyon
  23. Loved Sol when he was here. Sending all the positive energy I can
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