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  1. Personally (I’m sure most are with me) I would most certainly hope that if we can make the final it’s against Chelsea.
  2. A penalty shootout win for Man City would be perfect tonight. Keep their focus on the Champions league but tire some legs so they rest a few against Chelsea.
  3. Since last season his value has dropped. He has not lived up to the hype on the pitch. The manager has said he’s not in the plans with how they are going to be playing. They are cash strapped. 40m would land him in almost sure of it. But don’t be surprised if he ends up going for less
  4. HB’s is going to be the biggest headache for Brendan. his inclusion means a change of formation. A decision on which 2 cbs to play. A decision on how to use iheanacho. I’ve gone from desperate to have him back, to happy to wait. Especially given what’s gone on
  5. We would say, where is the other 80m?
  6. Helped us get an important point against man city at a crucial time. For that Inler was worth having.... compared to the other names at least
  7. In fairness half the under 23s have been needed with the first team. Which means half the under 18s have been bumped to the 23s. It’s still poor but it must be a tough job at the moment
  8. Don’t agree with this. Probably the only irreplaceable player in this team.
  9. we need to be going for better than Okay. I want Fantastic Yokuslu or im not interested
  10. you think the media are going to drop their perceptions of him? If he farts out of place they will be giving him a full page spread.
  11. I completely agree and we are justified to be upset. But these guys are going to suffer for it. Maddison in particular may not shake off this image for the rest of his career now. Nobody is winning in this situation, so im glad that Brendan is trying to move forward and not just dragging out the situation. I actually think that Maddison is a nice guy. An idiot, yes. But he just has bad judgement, that doesnt make him a bad person.
  12. I did stupid things when I was younger, most of us did. I remember going to Barca with my football team when we were 16, One night the team went out to grab some food, everyone went to Mcdonald's with the parents but 3 of us decided to go to Burger king... of course we decided that we were going to go for a night on the town rather than go back to the hotel after ( I think any of the other lads would have done the same) We got caught sneaking in at 5 in the morning, they'd been looking for us all night. I absolutely adored my manager, ive never had a bigger role model in my life a
  13. A journalist wasnt paying attention to the game, his boss has asked who number 7 was ... he has scrambled and made up the name Wormeleighton on the spot.
  14. Based on what exactly? You don’t know me from Adam. Like most people on here, I write the majority of my posts sat on a loo, I can’t say I put that much effort in. But if I’ve offended the grammar police I should be chastised along with the Leicester bad boys!
  15. How dare you. Seniorman has gone from pantomime villain to everyone’s favourite player.
  16. Edited by The_77 .... now surely a man like you wouldn’t make a typo?
  17. He’ll be laughing when he’s lifting the World Cup for France one day, while Madison is telling old men in a pub how he would have captained England if he didn’t get a hip injury
  18. Sounds like we’ve got some classic Leicester drama coming our way. Please can you confirm that Rodgers’ daughter was not at the party?
  19. I’ll admit, if it was just those guys and their partners.... it really isn’t anywhere near as big of a deal. Stupid, of course but I’d forgive them for it. the big question is whether or not other people attended.
  20. The biggest question I have after west ham... and there are lots..... why is Kel on short corners?
  21. Well there are a few things I have issues with. One, if he didn’t even watch the game... that literally means he doesn’t care. Even the kit ladies watch the team. My mates work in f1, they don’t drive the car but they watch every race because they care about the team. Two, and this may be pedantic but if I’d been having hip issues the last sport I’d be playing is golf!!! At least rest the injury edit- I need to add a third here. After being sent home from England duty, he got hounded for going to the casino... how has he not learnt from that... is he brain dead? Or just
  22. I think the important momentum, is that nacho shook off some of the international break cobwebs. Because we need a goal scorer and Vardy is looking miles off the pace
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