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    Betting Thread

    Come on Leicester runs at Ascot in the first today.
  2. HowardsBulletHeader


    How predictable from the USGA, it really frustrates me how an organisation can repeatedly fail to set up a course fairly for 4 days and how the head of the organisation, Mike Davis, can continue to get away with it. I don't know how the man has kept his post for the last 3-4 years after a number of farcical US Opens.
  3. HowardsBulletHeader


    Absolutely, make it difficult but make it playable. Why they don't learn is beyond me. Year on year they get complaints about daft pin positions or stupidly punishing greens or whatever it is. I honestly don't see the appeal of making the pros look stupid, the pins on 13 and 15 yesterday were absolutely ridiculous. These are the greatest exponents of our game and the pinnacles of the sport, they are not there to be made fun of. As I say, if a kid who has never played the game watches that with a thought of taking it up, they never will. They will watch it and see that a great shot is rewarded with a green that feeds it 40 yards away from the flag. I'm not saying let's have -20 win a US Open, but let's have -5/-6 win a fair contest. Not have +3 win a farce. Sunday will be undoubtedly easier and nearer to Level/+1 will win this, but only because of the player comments.
  4. HowardsBulletHeader


    I really find the US Open the least enjoyable major of the year, watching this war of attrition in an era where the sport is struggling for numbers is not what the sport needs in my opinion. Watching the likes of Tiger, Day, McIlroy, Rahm, Garcia, Scott (the list goes on) struggle and being made to look a bit silly isn't great for the game. Nor as an amateur does it "make me feel better, as the pros can hit shots that we hit", this isn't a normal golf course like the ones we play. There's hard and then there's a bit ridiculous. I always find the USGA a bit ridiculous at the US Open, the one where DJ won in particular was a farce. It isn't going to make people pick the game up, when they see a guy who plays it day in day out taking 6 on a par 3 that's 157 yards long. I realise it is a one off each year, but there's no need for it to be stupidly hard like it is.
  5. HowardsBulletHeader


    No idea why but have a hunch for Alex Noren, Branden Grace and Leishman at decent odds. They keep going on about this course being links like and those three like a windy track. As you say, hard to see past DJ after last week but I fancy yet another first time major winner. Perhaps Jon Rahm? Or maybe is it finally Rickie's time?
  6. HowardsBulletHeader


    Absolutely, the gym is good for golf. If nothing else just to avoid general tiredness from the walk round! I definitely notice when I haven't been in the gym for a few weeks. I'd say it's good that you feel you're missing out, it'll bring you back to golf. Let's face it we are in June, the season is relatively young, if you pick up a club end of July start of August you've still got plenty of comps to enter and enjoy. For now as you say, enjoy the time with the kids, good to hear you've replaced golf with something you enjoy. I hope it is a temporary replacement. Age is a difficult one to gauge over an internet forum. I'm 24, so hoping for many more years of golf with my pals.
  7. HowardsBulletHeader


    Izzy I'm only relatively young but I've been playing for about 12 years competitively and even though it frustrates the living daylights out of you at times, I try to remember there's nothing that beats 4&1/2 hours with your pals, playing badly or not. The old saying goes something like "a bad day at golf beats a good day at work", right? I hope your game improves and you come back to a level you are happy with! I used to play off 4, then went to uni and have lost it a bit, now off 5 and will probably be 6 very soon. It bothers me because I know I can be better than that, particularly better than 6. But work, life and other things have got in the way. Like you, I've found the gym and I enjoy trying to keep myself in shape. It's actually helped my golf, I feel stronger through impact, more balanced in my swing and able to get out of rough easier. So I hope that stage comes for you. Sometimes you have to accept it and come back stronger. If I'm honest, going up to 6 will be good for me, because it's going to p*** me off and it's going to make me practice and work on my game. Like Ric says, take some time out, reset the mind and just come back with a clear head. You'll be surprised what it does for you, the golf bug will bite and you'll enjoy it again. All the best mate.
  8. HowardsBulletHeader

    Love Island

    The weekly review nights are the worst nights of the summer... 3 new islanders tomorrow though, would yaaaa
  9. HowardsBulletHeader

    Love Island

    Resign. Social media is a bastard for spoilers and even when you turn your phone off so is the radio, the papers and your friends. Although if you're a night owl, then I believe it is available from midnight on the ITV Hub..
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    Serie A Quiz Akabusi

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 90 seconds  
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    Posted this in the bargain thread but hopefully might be useful here too. For anyone who uses MyProtein, likes their stuff, they have a birthday sale on. Well worth a look. https://m.myprotein.com
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    BARGAINS - Put them in here!

    For anyone who uses MyProtein, likes their stuff, they have a birthday sale on. Well worth a look. https://m.myprotein.com
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    Love Island

    Absolutely buzzing for the return of the flack!!!
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    Betting Thread

    Had 3-1 Madrid correct score priceboost at 16/1, special thanks to Karius.
  15. HowardsBulletHeader

    Betting Thread

    Gone for: Shrewsbury Doncaster Exeter Rotherham Brentford Notts County