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    Thanks for this, this was what I have been told by others some I am not at all surprised. Probably confirms to me that it is a DIY job.
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    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2001/02

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 87 seconds  
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    Some interesting bets for the Ryder Cup, particularly the leading points scorers for each side. Rahm at 15/2 - I can quite imagine he will be fired up for the Ryder Cup, he's a streaky player and when he's on it he's sensational. Fleetwood - 9/1 - arguably the most consistent player of the last two years particularly in Europe. Expecting a great debut from Tommy, he will be a major winner very soon. Poulter - 11/1 - Mr Ryder Cup himself, he goes to a different level in matchplay and to another planet in the Ryder Cup. A true stalwart, he lives and breathes the Ryder Cup. Reed - 8/1 - I hate the bloke, but he knows how to win at the Ryder Cup, it brings out a different side to him. Holes putts at crucial times. Woods - 9/1 - the GOAT, need I say anything else? It's obviously difficult to pick now when we don't know pairings etc. But some good odds nonetheless. I think the course will be a great leveller for the European side.
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    Thanks to all that have responded, appreciate your thoughts. I have also heard the same "if you wait until you can afford it, you never will" line for both houses and children at work, so doesn't surprise me to see it repeated here. I save approximately £500pm at the moment towards the house, I also have a H2B ISA and have done for nearly 2&1/2 years. Interesting point about avoiding H2B @goose2010 - any particular reason? I wouldn't move in with nothing in the bank, given the intimidation I'm already experiencing with committing to moving out, doing that would only make it worse! I am attempting to reach between 15-20% of the deposit, which I realise is ambitious but whilst I'm living at home, I think it is doable. I hear you about the second hand stuff, some of it can be as good as new at half the price if you get it right! Appreciate your notes regarding insurance as well for myself, it was something I hadn't even considered. @Costock_Fox thanks for your offer of advice, I may take you up on it when the time comes around. At work I've had this conversation numerous times and they said don't bother with a mortgage advisor, you can do their work on a comparison website and of course you're not paying any one to do something that you can definitely do yourself. I would be interested to hear your side of that? Thanks all.
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    How do you know when you can genuinely afford to move out? I am a first time buyer, looking to move out to live with my girlfriend and buy our first house but I am admittedly scared of biting the bullet so to speak. It isn't the moving out, it isn't the living with her it, it is 100% the money. I hear constantly about it's not just the house you've got all kinds of fees to consider on top. I know someone will turn around and go, budget it out, find your house price and average fees and you will know. I've done it. I feel like I'm a bit trapped with it, I want to move but I don't have the confidence in my finances to do so. I don't know where I need to be and even when I've calculated it, I'm always thinking, well what about some hidden extras and then saving away some more just in case. I'm also thinking well I can't just blow ALL my savings on a house deposit, fees etc in one go, with no budget for living costs and potential property development/repairs. Help?!
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    Ryder Cup 2018.

    I said in the golf thread that I felt Wallace should've got a pick and I still do. I feel it's a bit of a transitional period for the European team where the likes of Westwood are on their way out. If you're Matt Wallace you've got to be fuming and quite rightly so IMO, won 3 times this year and don't get a pick. Stenson and Garcia don't have a win between them. However, Bjorn really had no choice following the picks of the US team yesterday. Their younger generation is tearing up fields regularly these days and they picked Tiger and Phil to go with them. Their team looks absolutely fantastic and they will go to Paris as heavy favourites I would imagine. I have a feeling the course won't suit the Americans and that may be a saving grace for Europe. The likes of Fleetwood, Rose, Molinari, McIlroy, Rahm are as elite as any of the American side. If Bjorn can fashion some good pairings we have a good chance to win. Let's not forget we also have Noren who won at Paris National this year! Bring it on.
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    Betting Thread

    Unfortunately I think you may be right, but neither Stenson or Garcia warrant a pick in my opinion. It should be Poulter, RCB, Casey and Wallace.
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    I think you're right with what Bjorn WILL pick (Poulter, Casey, Garcia and Stenson), but I think what he should pick is (Poulter, Casey, Wallace and RCB). Half the team as rookies could be seen as an issue, but IMO Fleetwood, Rahm and Hatton I wouldn't really class as rookies given how good they all are. Fleetwood and Rahm are 11th and 5th in the world and brilliant on both sides of the pond. Arguably the same for Hatton who is starting to find his feet in the US. These are not rookies, they are world class. I think perhaps given the quality of some of our rookies, that it is time to gamble on someone like Wallace. Bear in mind as well that 3 out of my 4 selections have Ryder Cup experience (Casey, Poulter and RCB) so hopefully should be a decent balance. I do hear what you're saying mind!
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    Well well well, Mr Bjorn, quite a problem you have now and this is before the conclusion of the PGA Tour event. Matt Wallace, won 3 times on the tour this year, has just won a 4 man playoff with a quite ridiculous finish. Birdied 5 of the last 6 holes to make a 4 man playoff and then birdied both playoff holes to win. I've had a nibble at him at 11/4 to make the team as a pick. If it was me, I'd be picking Wallace, Poulter, Rafa and Casey. Stenson and Garcia are obviously Ryder Cup stalwarts but neither are showing enough form to warrant a pick in my opinion. The problem is both of them seem to find different gears at the Ryder Cup and the pairing of Stenson and Rose is arguably our best pair. Very difficult decision on Wednesday for Thomas. I feel Wallace will be very hard done to if he is ignored, he's won 3 times and I don't believe Stenson or Garcia have won this year (correct me if I'm wrong). Bring on the yanks!
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    Betting Thread

    Had a bit of Matt Wallace to get a wildcard pick on Wednesday for the Ryder Cup team. Just won in Denmark today, 11/4. Won 3 times on the tour this year, I don't know how he can be ignored. I think the picks will be Casey, Wallace, Rafa Cabrera Bello and Poulter.
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    I've definitely been "re-bitten" by the golf bug if there is such a thing. I'd been playing so poorly since the start of this season around May time and it got so bad I couldn't take it any longer after my 36 hole "performance" at the Club Champs. My scores weren't an absolute horror, I'd had worse many a time but it was the way I played. I actually constructed a good 82 in round one, if there was ever such a thing! So I took myself back to lessons, now I have never been a huge lesson fan, I always want to play and the last thing I want to do is stand on a range and hit balls but something had to change. I went back to an old coach from my younger days and in two lessons (one a month) I'm playing better and swinging more consistently. Not only that, I'm actually enjoying lessons for probably the first time in my life. I want to go to the range and practice on what he's told me, I want to go and play and improve. I'm fed up of being off 5 and not improving, I want to get better. So far the pinnacle was Monday, myself and a very good mate of mine were in the semi final of the pairs matchplay and I played brilliantly. I was hitting the ball pretty well, but the hole was like a bucket, knocking them in with the putter from everywhere and we made the final. Absolutely delighted, just a shame the season is drawing to a close! I'm a bit more determined to keep the swing going through the winter though as I seem to take 2-3 months each Spring/Summer to get going! I'm also determined to stick to the lessons this time, its making me more optimistic about my game! Anyone else had some successes to tell?
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    Mobile Phone Thread

    Just gone to Huawei as well, brilliant phone. All the qualities of an iPhone/Samsung without the price tag. The camera is class.
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    North American Sports Quiz

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    Traditionally the weakest major of the year in my opinion had some great storylines this week but unfortunately was showcased on a platform many found less accessible than a pay per view platform i.e Sky. The coverage wasn't great, nor the commentary but it served a purpose. Best described as room for improvement. That being said Koepka winning yet another major, as some have pointed out he doesn't get the credit he deserves. I said after his US Open win this year that who'd have thought he would have more majors than DJ at this point? Certainly not me, but he is a superb player, you don't win 3 majors by being average and having more majors than the current World Number 1 isn't bad. How about the return to form for Adam Scott? One of my favourite tour players coming back and finishing third in a major following a return to the long putter is brilliant, he's always been a super talent and great to see him come back into form. But like it or not, golf is the Tiger Woods show. The crowds flock, TV ratings go through the roof and when he contends the world watches. He is the biggest draw and every person associated with golf should be delighted he's not only actually playing but showing enough to contend in major championships. For a guy who missed so many fairways to do what he did, shows you he's still got it in there. Tiger Woods is golf and roll on the Ryder Cup and the 2019 majors with him in them. The Ryder Cup should be a great end to a fantastic season, bring it on.