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  1. The US fans chanting is so cringe, can't believe I've witnessed something worse than someone shouting "Mashed potato" after someone like Rory booms one down a fairway. Incidentally that is also god awful.
  2. Correct, had a BTTS 6 fold win me £114. Happy days.
  3. I can't really say I noticed the new format that much, after day 1 had been and gone it just felt like a regular tour event where the opening rounds had been really low. I think what helped was that JT didn't do anything day 1, which brought the other big guns (Rory, Brooks, Xander, Hideki, Rahm, Casey etc.) All into contention after 1 day. If JT goes out and shoots -4, then you've got a different picture entirely. I suppose the fact that the number 1 didn't win, means it does still have the unpredictability element they were after. I suppose for the guys lower down, starting 10 behind with 4 rounds to go might be viewed as slightly easier to overturn than the previous format. That relied on a whole concoction of events materialising that just made it practically impossible. The honest answer being, "I don't know" to whether the new format is better. Perhaps, it'll take a few more editions to see it if works.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has ever been to Australia for an Ashes series? Probably only looking to go to one test as opposed to the lot, would like to sightsee for the rest of the time. Looking at going for 3 weeks total.
  5. They are weighted a lot higher in terms of points on the regular season standings than a regular tour event would be. It is this American style playoff thing to provide excitement though, they don't want it all tied up after week 1 of the playoffs which I can understand. If the majors were higher rated than they are now, Brooks would be walking away with 2 majors, POTY honours, FedEx Cup and $10m before we'd even made it to East Lake. I agree it needs a bit of fine tuning but it still does need that element of someone being able to make a playoff run and win the whole thing. The final competition for the top 30 can't be a done deal before it starts. I understand your Lowry point, but other than Portrush he's actually been fairly quiet. Only 4 top 10s isn't that great for the top players these days.
  6. The final playoff event is upon us and with it comes a new format, thoughts? Not sure I'm a fan, but intrigued to see how it will play out. For your guys at 20-30 I can't see how this gives you any more of a chance than it did previously, places 2-5 also lose out. Think its a strange revamp, they had it pretty good. They will start as follows: Thomas will start at 10 under at the TOUR Championship as the FedEx Cup leader, while Cantlay (eight under), Brooks Koepka (seven under), Patrick Reed (six under) and Rory McIlroy (five under) will be playing catch-up from second through fifth place, respectively. Elsewhere, those in positions six through 10 start at four under, those from 11 through 15 start at three under, those from 16 through 20 start at two under, those from 21 through 25 start at one under and those from 26 through 30 start at even par.
  7. Thanks both for taking the time to give me your thoughts, really do appreciate it. I do realise that I need to forgive myself, which you both said. Crinkly your sentence about a "lifetime offence" really hit home for me. Also the follow up about if I was the person being confided in by a friend. I would say to them that everyone makes mistakes, it's in the past and you've just got to learn from it and move forward. You can't spend life looking back at past mistakes and letting them impact your future. I need to forgive myself in the way I would forgive someone else. After I wrote it I definitely woke up feeling more positive, it is cliche but weight was definitely lifted last night. It helped no end, more than I could've anticipated. I am a "bottle upper" by nature, I do find it uncomfortable talking about my feelings or troubles in life. This is one of only two occasions that I can remember actually putting into words how I really feel when I'm not doing so great.
  8. I always read this thread as I've always found it very intriguing and inspiring as people support each other so much here. I've tried to dabble in and out with what little knowledge I have where I can so that I'm not only reading I'm contributing too. I have no idea why I've written that, just needed an opener. I'm relatively comfortable posting here as only one person knows who I am and I'm fairly sure they haven't found this thread yet or at least I haven't seen them post. Mine isn't directly depression related but I didn't really know where else to go and thought writing it out might help me. Does anyone ever get a bit troubled by things that have happened or involved them in the past? Things that either I've done, or been a part of, whether I was the main culprit or not in certain cases, particularly late at night I lie there and it all just floods back. All of my things that I am least proud of, come to the forefront of my mind and I wouldn't go as far as it keeps me awake but it's just a bit uncomfortable. I imagine if I actually explained what they were people would find it a minor thing, as many people in life have done far, far worse and many more people in the future will do far worse too but I get it occasionally where I'm still awake at this hour and it all comes back. I'm sure we've all done things we aren't proud of and I'm sure some people are better at dismissing it and forgetting it completely. For me, because nearly all of them are vastly out of character for me, I feel like I'm struggling to completely move on from them. I guess in case I have another moment like it. I like to think of myself as quite strong minded and determined and nearly all of the events that come back to me, I feel they happened at a time where I was mentally weak. Where I was either stressed with uni or work or just generally upset or getting over a family bereavement or just something happened to upset my usual mental strength. I do actually feel a little better for writing it down and thinking back to how I was feeling around those times and the triggers. If you can spare the time to let me have some thoughts, I'd appreciate it.
  9. Great stuff so far, typical that I've been to the last two and not tonight! Might stay away more often!
  10. Mane given a few weeks rest due to AFCON? Think someone already mentioned it here?
  11. I kept getting this on the app too, had to screenshot, autocomplete and then just transfer all the players I wanted in.
  12. Gone for this as my first attempt. Big fan of Bernardo Silva being less pricey than the other City midfield options. Can see City's midfield being very attacking this year.
  13. Start the car... Well done the foxes!! (He prays this doesn't come back to haunt him)...
  14. The first bit here really gets me. It was obvious their better bowling was full and when they bowled short it was bringing runs. Having seen that with their bowling, to then bowl as many short as we did, I just don't get it. Really poor, brainless bowling.
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