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  1. He's been threatening for weeks, pleased to see him get over the line. It'll be interesting to see how he fares at Augusta, he will be installed as the favourite now I'd imagine and everyone will go with the expectation that the slam can complete this year. Be interesting to see if he does it. Strangely enough I think it might've suited him to not win beforehand (less pressure, expectations, more focus on others etc) but we will see.
  2. As long as you can afford it and you're not chasing, in my opinion, absolutely no problem.
  3. Day two has passed its inspection, let's the games begin!
  4. Gault Stats interestingly is 3/3 today....
  5. So excited to be going to my first ever festival today, going to be an absolutely fantastic day and even better if the weather holds up! Hoping to pick up a few pennies too!
  6. Hardline being hammered into 11/2, some places 5/1 for the Arkle, interesting.
  7. Thanks, decent app that to be fair. Absolutely buzzing for Tuesday, all I can think about at the moment. Think I've got my selections in my head, just toying between a few in a couple of races.
  8. Fair play to you, I can't even be arsed to read past the summaries on that website. Too much information for me to take in and make any sense out of, I lack the patience to go through it all. I'm so excited for the Festival though, the fact I'm going for the first time this year has only added to the feeling. I've got it on the brain all the time at the moment, all I can think about is what I'm backing in race 1!!
  9. Jesus Christ I was exhausted reading the summary of race one on the first day! I scrolled down and the depth there is just mental. I need two weeks just to read about day 1! Only ones I've liked the look of so far for day 1 are Al Dancer and Ok Corral. Not sure of any of the other races thus far. I liked Fusil Raffles too but that's gone now...
  10. It is difficult, I only have a bet on the majors and have done ok recently! I just can't stand him full stop, doesn't matter what he's doing or saying, he's just a moron. He's definitely sided with the PGA Tour which is fair enough, all the money is there. He does still support European events but does the minimum, it's a criticism that can be levelled at a few of them though not just Rory! I'm a big fan of Schauffele, I really think he's got multiple majors in him. Already won twice this season I think, won the Tour Championship a few years back too, he's got a brilliant game. Whilst there's lots of new talent coming through, it's great to also see the resurgence of the old guard at the moment (Mickelson, Woods, Kuchar, Scott etc.), all competing and winning in tour events - it really is a very strong time for the sport. I think that part of the problem is with our own tours superstars as we've sort of alluded to. McIlroy, Rose, Stenson, Casey, Poulter, Rahm, Garcia, Lowry have all been predominantly PGA Tour players for years and now you're getting Hatton, RCB, Molinari, Fitzpatrick going there regularly too. In my opinion, you'll only get the US players coming here if the European players start sticking around a bit more. It somehow needs more investment, sponsorship etc to make bigger prize pots which they've tried to do with the Rolex Series. Their problem is the FedEx Cup is so established, they're 10 years behind the curve. I think you've got to up the number of tournaments for ET membership, chuck more money in the prize pots (easier said than done I know) and start trying to keep more of these European stars on the home tour. He got it wrong obviously but he's realised and he's rectifying it. Surely they would've negotiated a percentage before? I don't see how this situation has got this far! A ridiculous situation created out of nothing.
  11. Rule changes are designed for speed but some have already been shown up to be plain daft. That penalty with Haotong Li the other week was absolutely ridiculous. I think (unfortunately as I can't stand the bloke) DeChambeau will win a major this year, he sets up for a US Open to me. Can't stand his science bollocks, nor how fricking slow he is. Given how he's started the year, thoroughly expect to see Phil contending at Augusta and interesting that he won last week at this year's US Open venue. I don't see Rory winning a major this year, Spiethy seems to be on the comeback trail he just hasn't strung 4 rounds together yet. He contended for a lot of last week before falling away. Golf in terms of depth of talent is as strong as it's ever been and continues to get stronger. There's so many players that have got the game to win majors these days, it's an exciting time for the sport, if they can iron out the rules niggles and speed the game up - in my opinion they are laughing.
  12. I think I've booked "Club" if that's correct? It's not the cheapest option as I was warned off of that by my manager as well. He said pay a bit more and go for a decent enclosure. We are travelling by train to Cheltenham Spa, there's a shuttle bus from there apparently. Have you been by train before? The only thing that worries me is that I think it may end up like a bit like watching the golf, it's good to be there but you see so much more on the TV!
  13. I'm going for the first time this year on the Tuesday too, excited doesn't even begin to cover it and we are 6 weeks out. I've followed Cheltenham for the last 3 years or so, not that I pretend to know much about horse racing. But I do love going, my first experience of horse racing was in a box on Ladies Day at Epsom with my old work, it was phenomenal. Ever since then Cheltenham has been on my list. My manager at work goes and he warned me off Gold Cup day, so glad to hear that echoed by you. Will join the fantasy league once it's up. Any tips welcome, both about the day and the winning horses!
  14. Thanks for your totally useless reply and for calling out one of my friends as a bullshitter. Next time, check your facts and think before you post.
  15. My mate has just messaged saying he's been charged on his bank statement for the amount of betting transactions over the year. A nominal amount, not even a pound, but made me wonder - could this be used as a deterrent for people? Obviously would need a significant cost increase but it may take people away from online gambling and force them back out into the bookies if they wanted to bet.
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