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  1. Absolutely, but the way he separated himself in the first two rounds was sheer class. As a spectacle it is terrible viewing, but credit Koepka, he is a phenomenal major player.
  2. Really need Koepka to come back to the field to make this an exciting weekend. He's ridiculously good at the minute. Absolutely nuts that he's 7 clear.
  3. Koepka is just unbelievable, literally goes to a different level the minute a major championship is on offer. The definition of a big time player.
  4. I feel the same, just the recent crumbling when he's been in contention on the tour has put me off a bit. There's always that one "plotter" that gets it round and finishes top 5/10 though, someone like a Kuchar, a Furyk, a Zach Johnson etc.
  5. USPGA picks then folks? Personally I like Day, Koepka, McIlroy and Rose from the big guns. Outsiders: Wallace, Bjerregaard and Jimmy Walker. Got a feeling Walker is going to stir again at some point.
  6. I'd ask the guy and if they don't have a lefty one, rather than waste your time rotating the mat, I'd just hit it off the other side. If they can't be arsed to cater for all, why should you go to the effort to rotate your mat? Plus you'll get all the good part of the mat where nobody has been hitting from! The only downside perhaps is if they are really badly worn you may end up with your feet feeling like they are in a hole. Enjoy the game, it's class, even better with your pals.
  7. Thing is mate, even though that happened you'll still come back because you know you're better than that and you won't let it beat you. Golf is one of those games that no matter what level, whenever you play badly, you know you're better than that- so you come back for another crack. No matter how much it gets you down, just keep going it's such a reward when you do play well and beat your handicap. There were two comps on this weekend, first one was Saturday and I was going alright nothing special, finished poorly and ended with 32 points. Today, same again, not really pulling any trees up, was two behind my handicap through 14 holes and I'd got a bit scruffy since the turn. All of a sudden holed out from 92 yards on 15, eagle. Par on 16. Birdies on 17 & 18 and all of a sudden an under handicap finish. 2, 4, 4, 2 and some money in the two sweep, cheers. Where it came from I have no idea! Basically keep going, it'll come.
  8. Celtics were brilliant against the Bucks in game 1, so impressed with Kyrie and Al Horford. This Rockets Warriors game is feisty as well, the officials got their work cut out.
  9. I'd been saying for the last 2-3 weeks my game was on its way back, no competition today just a knock between friends and I was feeling good, feeling confident for the day ahead. I'd started to putt better (always one of my weaker areas), stopped hitting it off the charts left and making double bogeys, I could feel a great score coming. What was that great score you ask? A 9, down the 1st. NINE! Lovely. At least it was sunny!
  10. Before I went to be custom fit I had a lesson and he put this gizmo on my club and had me hit a few shots. On his iPad was a quadratic graph and it showed stability of the club throughout the swing, it was supposed to stay between -1 and 1 on the vertical axis (horizontal was the swing, so left was in the backswing and right in the downswing), mine was literally like zig zag all the way through and he said there's no way you can hit that consistently as your clubs are too flexible for your swing speed. I can't remember how high and low it got in terms of the numbers but you looked at it and you just thought, that can't be good! Sure enough it wasn't!
  11. Izzy has pretty much said what I would've about the other stuff so I'll pick up about the lessons. My post above was about me starting lessons again and it's slowly fixing my game. If I'm honest the reason I didn't take lessons on any further when I was younger was because just through playing and practice over time I'd managed to work out how to play with my flawed swing. The real issue was I didn't really realise how flawed my swing was until the amount I was able to play became less. My swing was so reliant on timing, it was making the game impossible. As an example, when I had my old irons (which were my first ever set that I just played with, regular shafts etc.), we did the fitting and hit my old irons first, I had a 42 yard spread between my furthest left shot and my furthest right shot - which you might say isn't horrendous, but when I tell you I was hitting 8 iron you'll soon see why I was struggling!! A very lengthy way of saying, make sure to check in with your pro, I go once a month. You'd get away with once every two months easily, even every 3 if you are able to video yourself and send it to the pro for feedback.
  12. How's everyone's games coming along? Anyone picking the game up again after a break/for the first time? Still just looking to get cut to a particular number again? For me I've been having lessons since last July, once a month, it got so bad during last year's club champs I couldn't take any more. I wasn't anywhere close to my best game and just getting more frustrated with it. Worked hard during the winter months (compared to my usual self anyway) and starting slowly to see the benefits. I played in the first medal comp and shot +6, 1 over my handicap with a bad finish (bogey, par, double) and the weekend just gone was an am-am and I shot level par (typical non-qualifier when my good stuff shows up). Hoping for a good season, get back down to 4 for sure, 3 would be really nice. Anyone else got any hopes for the season?
  13. Well well well what an unbelievable finish to yesterday, one of the best majors for a long time. Seeing Tiger win like that once again made all of my childhood memories of him come flooding back, no matter how much disappointment came with his antics, they were nearly all forgotten by the golf world yesterday. Let's be honest as well, it's arguably been coming- he was leading The Open at one point last year, he was in contention at the USPGA and won the Tour Championship. The signs were there. I'll be the first to admit, I thought he was done, I said he wouldn't win another major. He said himself that he couldn't walk/lie down/swing the club at one point for Christ sake. From there to do what he did yesterday is unbelievable. The scale of that only really the man himself can comprehend. I thought the game had gone past him, the likes of DJ, Koepka, Rose, McIlroy, Thomas, Day etc. were all too good, too powerful and he wouldn't be able to catch them. How wrong I was. It was vintage Tiger yesterday, biding his time, taking his chances and winning from being in contention. He does it better than anyone, when he gets a chance, he grabs it and doesn't let go. The game has its true superstar back, say what you like about his previous, this is another leg up again for golf. Golf has been handed a second chance to kick on again, to inspire another generation of kids to emulate Tiger. It needs to grab it like only Tiger can. Congrats to the GOAT. Tiger slam anyone?
  14. I said it before the round that I can't see anyone catching him, he's just not making mistakes. Every time he stares a bogey in the face, he cans it from 6/8/12 feet for the par. He's a machine.
  15. I can't see past Molinari now, he just doesn't make mistakes. He's had 1 bogey in 54 holes!!! I saw another stat that he's only bogeyed or worse 6 of his last 163 major championship holes. (Unsure when that was from and to but an utterly ridiculous run). It's difficult to catch a guy that's already in front and only going to go forwards. I genuinely think someone (i.e Koepka, Woods, Finau) needs a 65 to beat him.
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