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  1. Ended up plumping for: Berger 33/1 Simpson 22/1 Day 33/1 Leishman 66/1 Bring it on.
  2. First major of the year this week, doesn't feel the same without it being Augusta either! Hard to look past JT, but Brooks was showing signs again last week. Xander Schauffele has been on my major radar for a long time and he will win one soon. Not had a detailed look yet to report an outside chance to you all, anyone got any fancies?
  3. Not used it as such but I currently am and this is one of the things about them far more eloquently put by Martin Lewis on the Money saving expert website than me. Edit: Link: https://blog.moneysavingexpert.com/2016/04/the-help-to-buy-isa-v-lifetime-isa-which-should-first-time-buyers-get/ But basically you close the ISA and the solicitor obtains the bonus on your behalf, you then send the solicitor your deposit funds net the bonus and if you wish you can choose to use it to cover their costs. In simple terms, if you saved £4,000 you'd have a £1,000 bonus to come. With a £10,000 deposit, if your solicitor fees were £500, you'd send the solicitor £9,500 instead of the full £10,000 assuming you wished to use £500 of your bonus to cover solicitor cost and the remainder would then deduct from the deposit. It is worded horrendously compared to the Lifetime ISA, which has a far simpler premise of "use it towards a first house and you'll get the bonus which can be used towards the deposit." Please don't think your H2B is pointless though, it definitely isn't, although I completely understand your confusion as I've read countless articles on it myself and been in and out of understanding at various points.
  4. Great going forward? Really? He's ok but far too many misplaced crosses/passes or just turns back and plays the simple ball not willing to take his man on. Have we managed to clone Ricky P and turn the clone left footed yet?
  5. Definitely would. Don't see a downside here. With us in Europe we need extra cover that isn't Bennett. Morgan or Evans + Soyuncu can't cope with the amount of games we will have. If it were me I'd get rid of Wes, keep Evans, sign Lascelles and rotate between the 4 of Cags, Evans, Lascelles and Benkovic. Lovely.
  6. I completely get that, I've been there myself. The thing I ended up thinking was you're not even paying it now, you've got your deposit which is the bit you're paying "now" and the extra 2/3k like Izzy says is just a few mortgage payments down the line. Yes you don't want to be ripped off, but if you can see yourself there for even 5 years it won't matter. Obviously the longer the term the better. I kept thinking the fact I'm a FTB would have a huge sway for me, in reality all we kept finding was that we were constantly up against other FTBs because of our price bracket. Yes it has its advantages, but we didn't actually come up against another person that had a house to sell. Perhaps we were unlucky, but I can't see that being the case.
  7. This happened twice to us. Both times I thought the estate agent was telling fibs to get us to pay more, both times I was wrong. There was someone else and they beat us. What I have learnt through missing out on two houses is that we learnt is that you won't be OVER bothered by paying £2-3k more if you get what you want. Yes you don't want to pay ridiculously over the odds and in an ideal world you'll make a nice profit and everything is hunky dory, but if it's a house you like and you want it then you need to go for it. We missed out on two we liked because we weren't brave/aggressive enough and we lacked confidence in our finances. As it turns out now, given what we have had an offer accepted on, we are so happy that what happened to us happened. But if you've got the finances and it's what you want, then make it yours.
  8. Finished just outside the top 1000 overall, bit gutted as I was inside the top 100 at one point about 5 GW's ago.
  9. I don't think we are in any position to talk about bottling things right now.
  10. Had £5 on Kane to score within the first 20 mins today. Nice.
  11. Completely agree, I just thought the joke was good/appropriate/made me laugh.
  12. Someone might've already said it, but introducing masks in shops now is like bringing condoms to a baby shower. Yes I've stolen that from somewhere else, I'm not that smart.
  13. We are really excited, it's been a long, long time coming! Particularly since we nearly moved in January. I buy commercial property through work so my expectations and knowing a bit about how long they can take has dampened my expectation on timescales. Given the pandemic, this is probably a good thing. Yes they went a week ago now for the mortgage valuation. We haven't been asked for anything else in terms of the mortgage as we stand, so perhaps end of next week we should hear something. I'm so keen to not have our side be the hold up! That's a great rate you've got, is that a fixed rate? Ours isn't quite that low but not a million miles out! I'm hoping our solicitor is as good as my friends have made out, had two of them vouch for the solicitor we are using. One in particular absolutely raves about them. The chain is fairly standard, albeit nothing our side as FTB. The people you're buying from have to move somewhere and so do the people they're buying from. Always a chain somewhere! We've started picking up a few house bits too which has been nice, some very generous folk around. Someone we know is having a new integrated kitchen which has worked a dream for us, got a few big appliances from it!
  14. We are in the same position albeit it sounds like we are slightly further down the line. First time buyers, this is 5 years of hard saving for us and arguably lifetime savings too from money we've kept behind from birthdays etc. We too are at 20% deposit. We've found a house, offer accepted, so we've applied for our mortgage, decided to go it alone and without a broker. We had a meeting with one back in January when we nearly bought and First Direct comfortably beat his best deal that he could offer. Slightly lower rate, lower monthly cost, significantly less product fees and not paying his fee. That's why we didn't bother this time round. It was definitely worth seeing one though, gave us a few hints and tips given our position that we have taken forward. Got a mortgage deal we are comfortable with, fixed for 5 years as interest rates are outrageously low. In my head I'm overpaying already and we've not even got it yet. Does anyone know how long the full offer etc takes to come through? I'm assuming it varies by lender, in my head I've got 10 working days but no idea where I've got that from! Looking forward to finally getting on the ladder and owning our own place. Expecting a bit of a longer purchase due to the pandemic, usually 6-8 weeks I'm thinking perhaps 12-15 might be more reasonable. Any experience or tips anyone can share appreciated.
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