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  1. HowardsBulletHeader

    The NBA Thread

    Doncic will be a star for years to come in this league, I watched the Mavs against the Rockets and he went on an 11-0 run himself down the stretch to win them the game. It was brilliant to watch, the calmness, making the correct decisions, backing his ability, fantastic stuff. He will walk ROY this year, in fact, call the engravers now.
  2. HowardsBulletHeader


    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 91 seconds  
  3. HowardsBulletHeader

    I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2018

    Who is Noel Edmands?
  4. HowardsBulletHeader

    PDC World Darts Championship 2019

    Love the Worlds at Ally Pally it's fantastic to watch, I think the new format seems a good idea too. Just seen that Rob Cross potentially has Jeffrey de Zwaan who I'm a big fan of think he's got a great game and I wouldn't be surprised to see Rob beaten there. Always been a big fan of Gary Anderson as well, feel he ups his game for the world's too. Bring it on. Love all the walk ons too, think it was James Richardson who had Vindaloo as his walk on song and it was superb. Like Van Der Voort, Barney as well and a few of the others, brilliant stuff.
  5. HowardsBulletHeader


    This is terrible viewing, it isn't entertaining at all. Particularly with it just being the two of them, the viewing is so stop start. As has been said the small talk between the two is painful, I get the reasoning but it is just stupid. I can't believe one of them will get $9m for this, it is painful and insulting for the game. Particularly when season long FedEx performance is paid with $10m. I didn't like the idea when it came out, I haven't enjoyed watching it and I hope it never happens again between two greats of the game.
  6. HowardsBulletHeader


    Hi both, Everyone in this thread would appreciate any form of help you can offer, so your offers of an ear will be greatly appreciated. I don't have a great knowledge of depression like some of the guys in here, but I have learnt I can help where certain experiences relate to what I have experienced or seen. For example, the fella in here talking about university life. Whilst I have a limited knowledge of depression, it wasn't so long ago I was at uni and knew about that side of things. So I posted what I knew about the university networks of support. I suppose what I'm getting at is that depression is situational in some instances. Sometimes there may be a situation that has happened to you or close family, that is having an depressive (is that even a word?!) impact on someone else and you may be able to help. Even if you're not sure it will help, if you're at least trying people will appreciate it. Let's face it, they don't have to take your advice, they can just ignore it! But who knows, it might trigger something for someone else to contribute something that will help. Everyone will appreciate you taking the time to post in this thread, this thread is like no other. Keep posting when you feel you can help and I'm sure you will surprise yourselves.
  7. HowardsBulletHeader

    Decent restaurants in and around town?

    Been there many times and it's great. There's also one at Wolvey which is also very good.
  8. HowardsBulletHeader

    Betting Thread

    I used to do over 2.5 in this league every Friday, hardly ever got it right. The odds were terrible as well as the bookies had registered that it's more like basketball than football. Good luck.
  9. HowardsBulletHeader


    Hi Harry, As others have said pretty much what I would've said in a much better way than I would've compiled it, I'll just leave you with one note: Universities have plenty of superb support networks these days. They know that it is a lot of upheaval and a lot of stress for a number of people. These are not limited to academic problems, it can be literally anything from more typical issues like moving away from home for the first time to problems with peer groups to family issues at home. What I'm trying to say is people think their support is for students struggling in a work related sense and it isn't just that. You can get support from a number of places, be it through your lecturers, student bodies, societies etc. There will definitely be organisations or places to go at uni that will be able to support you. If you don't feel confident going to friends, new flatmates, family then it is a good option as they don't know you or your story and even if they don't have the answers right there and then, it will be a step in the right direction. They will let you know where to go for the best advice and support. Keep posting and stay strong.
  10. HowardsBulletHeader

    Ryder Cup 2018.

    Alex Noren binning that monster on the last against that stupid twat has made my day. What a hero! The perfect way to round off one of the best Ryder Cups. Simply superb.
  11. HowardsBulletHeader

    Ryder Cup 2018.

    DeShambles is like one of those spotty, pre pubescent kids who cares about their kill/death ratio on Call of Duty, despite their team getting an absolute battering. The "Well I won attitude". Guess what Bryson? You lost, your team lost, stick your compass up your arse.
  12. HowardsBulletHeader

    Ryder Cup 2018.

    Fleetwood crowd surfing is my new favourite thing. What a hero!
  13. HowardsBulletHeader

    Ryder Cup 2018.

    Absolutely brilliant from each and every one of them. Molinari was fantastic all week, Fleetwood too. Superb calmness and experience from Casey, Poulter, Stenson and Garcia. Great captain as well. They were all brilliant. Long live the US's naivety to not play the course that will host the Ryder Cup and keep picking erratic golfers. They won't win for a long time on this soil doing that, not matter how many major champions they bring.
  14. HowardsBulletHeader

    Ryder Cup 2018.

    Who's going to seal it? Garcia? Molinari? Maybe even Stenson stuffing Bubba?
  15. HowardsBulletHeader

    Ryder Cup 2018.

    Nearly, Rahm hasn't. Although looking like he might after that absolute monster of a drive down 17.