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  1. Also gone triple captain this week, I think if you're doing half decent it's almost a risk not to. I'm as much doing it as the crowd is doing it to maintain/hold my position more than anything else. If I get some green arrows from it, then it's a bonus. Still unsure who to go to, but I've got 3 Liverpool players so hopefully even if I pick the wrong one the damage won't be too bad. Just hoping Klopp doesn't go all Pep on us and rotate the shit out of his side!
  2. Not me personally but I know someone who has made about £750ish off it in about 18 months. He showed me his portfolio of players and honestly I'd never heard of half of them.
  3. Genuinely wanted to chuck Traore out this week, but both Richarlison and Rashford got injured so I ended up benching both, keeping my transfer to roll to two transfers for the double game week and played Traore. Sometimes doing nothing works!
  4. 2K20 is a game with so much potential but so many little snags that are just annoying. Can't quit out of a game in the rec center online back into the neighbourhood without closing the game down and rebooting. Your friend sends you an invite to their neighbourhood, sometimes (often) it drops you in a random neighbourhood without your friend. Can't see someone who joins your rec center team's full stats like field goal percentage, 3 point percentage, turnovers - just get the basic points, assists, rebounds. The career mode for My player is excellent though, well worth playing.
  5. Having not broken the million barrier since Leicester won the league, being 1200 (out of about 7.5 million players) is bloody good in my eyes!
  6. You must be doing well overall, every time I post about doing well you're beating my score!!
  7. First time in 6 week I've picked a decent captain and through in the FPL cup with De Bruyne to play, green arrows, good week.
  8. They might be, but their midfield is absolutely shite and not one of them would get in ours.
  9. Had Harvey Barnes first goal at 17/2 tonight which was nice. Had the brace at 18/1 as well, not quite.
  10. Brendan doing me a favour leaving out Vards as I benched Grealish. 13 points to add to the tally, cheers Brendan. Another terrible captaincy choice though as i went for Rashford. Trying to go different doesn't always work!
  11. A tale of two days, had Vardy, Ings, De Bruyne, Grealish all score decent points. Along with clean sheets for Fernandez and Lundstram, the score was looking good. Cue Abraham, Lucas Moura and Captain Son to crash the party. My captaincy choices are shocking.
  12. KDB saved my week, this week without Liverpool is going to be tricky. Few folks going to use their free hits I'd imagine. I've clung on too long with Mount, so for anyone who has him, you can thank me for the goal and assist he will inevitably get this weekend.
  13. I have a couple of times. I'd never done it until this season but sometimes you look at your team and their fixtures in a gameweek and it just doesn't sit right. That's when I've made that move, which of course pays off handsomely if you get a goal, clean sheet etc from your new guys and your old guys blank. In the grand scheme of things too, if a player is starting to hit a real purple patch (i.e Vardy) best to take a hit to get him at the start/early in the run than be two weeks down the line and way behind the curve. You're just sliding in the overall rankings at that point. Don't ignore form would be my advice and don't be scared of taking 4 point hits occasionally, it really isn't that much of a killer.
  14. Harden averaging 38.9 points is just frankly ridiculous. If he gets to 40 that really is just mind-blowing, particularly since Russ joined, who you'd have thought would've wanted his own limelight.
  15. Had a run of making rubbish transfers, particularly in my defence. Luck finally changed this week as I brought in Ings and Son. Gone for David Martin as well as a bit of a differential, he'll be in until the new year I'd imagine. Only £4m and the same price as my other sub keeper that wasn't getting any points so no loss.
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