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  1. Send him on loan to West Brom. He he does really well and scores loads of goals we can give him a chance next season
  2. Let that retire for a great legend. Plus it doesn't sound as good. Let's get something original going
  3. Hamer isn't even that bad, I'd be happy to have him as back up. Porto game everyone played shite so can't blame hamer for that. if two keepers are signing does that mean we're getting rid of Iverson?
  4. Apparently one of our best rated youngsters that was tracked by Barca, Impressed on loan at burton. Now wanted by Rangers and Hearts on loan. A good deal or prefer to be loaned to the championship?
  5. Hamer - SSL - Hammond a nice backbone in the side. Just need an old striker now
  6. Why is it gold not white?
  7. Hopefully trains/trams run back after the game?
  8. Anyone know the best place to train/tram too for this? Never been arsenal
  9. Arsenal away first game of the season.... great oh and that confirms arsenal away being moved TV just because of that reason. Mahrez vs Leicester.
  10. Not having a dig but how would you ask the questions they've said?
  11. Anyone else get a reply from the club today?
  12. Email sent #bringbackstanding
  13. True it'd probably be a lot easier for our fans
  14. Heard on the radio this morning and was singing along. About time he had a chance and with recent events... du du du du du du Danny Simpson du du du du du du du Danny Simpson we think you're better than Carragher the sh!tty scouse w@nker du du du du du du Danny Simpson du du du du du du du Danny Simpson Got to 1:40
  15. Maybe he seems him self as the future boss if Shakespeare doesn't get it right this season, surely the only reason you'd leave a managers job for an assistant. Oh yeah and a lot more money I suppose