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  1. Just got the Silva card. Put him in my premier league team. Made my chemistry go down obviously but that shouldn’t matter too much when he’s such a beast
  2. Typical, why do these things on a Saturday. So you could book a train and it not even be running
  3. I see that it says every Saturday in November and December there will be cancelled trains and delays. Which is great when I’m planning on going Brighton, Man City and West Ham on the train. All which could be affected. it does state wait till Friday so is that when we will know what times will be cancelled on them days?
  4. When’s the best time to buy packs?
  5. Sunday 2pm I can’t see that many being keen in going. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s one of the only away games coming up I’m not really bothered about going
  6. Is there ever a chance to get old cards again? I missed out on that Pique card and it’s a card I really wish I had now
  7. Sounds like you need to relocate to where you can stand
  8. I was thinking Brendan and Kolo seeing as they’re the managers just trying to make it fit
  9. Can someone make up some new lyrics for we’re on our way please and make it clear for everyone. Everyone around me singing follow the boys and Claudio yesterday
  10. Will follow this thread a little closer in future
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