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  1. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    5:30 are always better, more people spend the day on the beers
  2. New chants and songs

    I started singing it as a joke at work in front of a Liverpool fan. Got it stuck in my head after just thought I'd share but yeah I'm not expecting it to take off at all
  3. Harry maguire song

    Harry Maguire, Harry Magure, oh harry Maguire he plays for Leicester with Schmeichel and Morgan wouldn't the extra line make more sense? Makes it more catchy
  4. New chants and songs

    All round the fields of filbert way where once we watched the king Vardy play and could he play Riyad mahrez on the wing we had dreams and songs to sing of the glory when we won the premier league may be a copy but who cares it'd be a great chant
  5. Harry maguire song

    See what I mean?
  6. Harry maguire song

    Too many boring sods who just stand in silence for 90 minutes in our away end now for that
  7. Harry maguire song

    Don't get me wrong love the chant, I just feel the third line is more dragged out and then a pause compared to the England one? Or is it just me
  8. Harry maguire song

    The England one sounds alright, but if you watch the video of Leicester fans singing it yesterday I don't get the pause in the middle of it? Doesn't sound as good to me
  9. Harry maguire song

    The video I seen yesterday looked like they sing it wrong, instead of singing the third line you put (which would sound better) they just leave it out and wait to sing the next bit?
  10. Bournemouth (A) - 3pm Sat 30th September

    First games in years it's not hit my priority. I'm 138
  11. Huddersfield (A) - 16 September 3pm

    I have two available if anyone needs due to maybe having to work. If they don't get sold I'll tell work to p!ss off and go my self
  12. Drinkwater reception next week.

    He's a bigger hero than knockaert was and look at the reception he got. So knowing leicester fans they'll boo the premier league champion who moved to the champions
  13. 3-5-2

    We'd need two CB's coming in for that to work in my opinion.
  14. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    I was impressed how much standing there was at united. If they introduced safe standing they'd need it behind both goals!