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  1. They’ll always be some that moan. It’s one cup game against lower opposition ffs. Anyway just because you have a ST in a certain seat doesn’t make it your seat. It’s still the clubs.
  2. The training ground is a good sign. All we need now is a bigger stadium being filled every week and there’s no reason we can’t stay a top 6 side just like Man City did. We just need to qualify for Europe every season. As soon as we don’t that’s when our players will move on.
  3. I’m guessing they just want to be able to attract more fans, inviting everyone who wants to stand and sing to the same area. As where they currently are in SK1 they can’t expand until the ground capacity increases. In terms of what they’ll do during the game though I imagine it’s just the same as normal. Sing your heart out for 90 minutes. But hopefully with a lot more people.
  4. Will this be located at the front of the KOP?
  5. Walsh and shakey are both unemployed so you’d imagine they’ll both join Nige. Hope they stay up now.
  6. 16 minutes to get from new street to witton and then walk to the away end is enough?
  7. Looks like trains will be a nightmare.... anyone know how best to get to Aston from Birmingham new street?
  8. Looks quite a few streams available today
  9. Then people in SK2 need to stop being miserable and sing up then so it carries over !!
  10. Must admit this is one of the hardest I’ve found in lower league management. Struggle to score
  11. I’m sure the union FS lads will be belting it out on Sunday this year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to Brendan Rodgers
  12. Was great, same again on Sunday please lads
  13. Can we please stop singing follow the boys and Claudio.... follow Brendan and Kolo is probably better now...
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