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  1. I can't think of anyone to replace Vardy. What do you think of Aaron Connolly from Brighton, as he is quite rapid and not a bad finisher. Whether he has the composure or not is another matter.
  2. I think a majority of players would prefer to play in all games whether it's every 3/4 days or not.
  3. LFC even want to appoint a VAR official who is pro their club. Laughable
  4. Out of the England team that played last night Dier is the 2nd top scorer with 3 goals!!! I didn't realise Henderson has not scored once for England in 57 games
  5. I saw that also but wasn’t in the away end. I was towards the halfway line but seem to remember lots of Leicester fans around us. Had a right drink afterwards 😁😁
  6. I saw that game as well and of course that Weller goal 😁😁
  7. He is one of my favourite Leicester players of all time.
  8. He’s been unbelievable, good luck to the lad.
  9. No it’s going to be another Rodgers’ masterclass 0-2 😁
  10. He is quite superb and considering he’s only a handful of games he’s immense. What a prospect we have.
  11. I think Mendy has been absolutely brilliant this season and has performed beyond what I expected. He never seems to misplace a pass or miss a tackle.
  12. I’m surprised the premier league is allowed to continue. It could be because it’s sponsored by Sky. It’s hardly essential is it 🤷
  13. I know that we have a few out but apparently Man City only have 13 players to choose from. Hopefully it's a good time to play them.
  14. Yes Bennett was awful against Spurs and how he let Kane and Son cut in and shoot was just basic defending. Wolves didn’t want him and would rather play a midfielder in the back 3 than him.
  15. And we saw why Woves didn’t want him. Not good enough to play in a back 3 or 4. I’ve seen pub team players with better skills. I was hoping he was going to be good but clearly not.
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