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  1. What do people think of Callum Styles at Barnsley. I’ve just seen some of his goals and he does score some belters and he’s only 20.
  2. I quite agree he is possibly my one and only idol. Loved the bloke. RIP.
  3. I think the Spurs fans would love that.
  4. The whole team were poor last night. What I especially was disappointed with was Under's performance, there is no way will be signing him. It's a shame because he is very talented
  5. What a absolutely brilliant result.... I really can’t stand Klopp and their supporters...I am so pleased with that win. Well done to everyone 😁😁
  6. Youri has been outstanding most of the season probably the best player in that position in the Prem (apart from KDB)
  7. I was quite fearful for the second half but we were excellent without creating clear cut chances. I'm really proud of them and let's move on to Sunday.
  8. And clearly Klopp doesn't have faith in his two young centre backs. One of them looked relatively slow against West Brom so perhaps that could be the reason he will not play them.
  9. He was immense tonight again along with the rest of the team. Brilliant
  10. If you thought ours was bad did you see the Elland Road pitch, that looked awful.
  11. I am really looking forward to this game and don’t have any trepidation’s about it. Feeling quitely confident 👍
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