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  1. As someone said earlier, just offer £35m. Can't see Everton wanting him anyway unless they sell Barkley.
  2. Mahrez wouldn't want to go to Arsenal. They are not in the Champions League!!
  3. Give him a season.
  4. Good luck to both of you. Be strong for your families.
  5. Watford are an annoying side. Really hope we can win this as I know loads of their fans.
  6. Arsenal should bring on Ozil and Giroud.
  7. Sanchez is a prize c**t and is an embarrassment to his club and country. Loved what Fuchs did tho.
  8. Come on City!!! I really want a win or a draw. Hate arseanal.
  9. So proud of all the players and management. And considering their ridiculous penalty in the first game. Great great performance.
  10. Everyone a ****in hero. Brilliant!!!
  11. Spoke with a Sunderland fan who saw them at Watford. Very poor and uninspiring. Hope we can take advantage and get on the front foot early.
  12. I think we can get top 6 next season.
  13. Mahrez is clearly worth £40-50m.
  14. I was watching on BT sport. Ince was so biased to whu it was unbelievable. I'm so glad we managed to prevail. We are coming back to form now. Brilliant stuff.
  15. At least lcfc can uphold the English football clubs in Europe.