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  1. Just a mention for Kaspar who has been brilliant. No doubt people will say, "but he's not as good as his dad".
  2. The best player I've ever seen play for us.
  3. Seems a one trick pony to me. Annoying and limited player and certainly not good enough for us.
  4. Quite right. He absolutely cleaned out Nacho and he was lucky not break his neck. Why are certain keepers allowed to use reckless challenges, and all the Sky 'experts' said was the ball was there to be won, nothing wrong here. It is ludicrous how two players on the pitch have seemingly got carte blanch to more or less assault opposition players.
  5. Does Luiz get an assist for that.
  6. The Nazis used to make the Jews take the knee....and told people not to use Jewish shops. Sounds familiar. Soak in that.
  7. My rubbish!!! Who starts a post with "Oh boy, have you picked the wrong person to suggest that to". Take your head out of your arse.
  8. So I take from your reply you are happy with BLM on the shirts. Fair enough if you approve of BLM attacking the police...no doubt you want the police defunded.
  9. Oh boy you've not answered my question. Oh the irony
  10. Do you honestly think that BLM is about fighting racism? If so the MSM have done their job.
  11. What is wrong with "Kick it out" being on shirts. Instead of a movement that desecrates war memorials and statues.
  12. Well they certainly want it disbanded. I don't think people realise what aims BLM have. I'm sure that posters on here who were moaning about the police having austerity forced upon them, are now championing the defunding of the police. You couldn't make it up!!!
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