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  1. How did Targett not get red carded for that horrendous tackle on Ricardo.
  2. I don't really like Everton fans. They get what they deserve.
  3. Ricardo is awesome and brilliantly consistent.
  4. I thought I saw Digne taking a throw on in the first minute, and he was trying to waste time even then.
  5. I saw Danny Murphy last week on Sky's "The Debate". He was becoming quite shouty as the programme went on, methinks he might have had a drink or two. I don't mind that but he does spout some awful rubbish.
  6. George Graham won one trophy at Spurs, Poch zero!!
  7. Southgate has handled this terribly and hung Sterling out to dry. I'm sure lots of fights and arguments happen all the time, but to drop Sterling is utterly ridiculous. The media will be after him even more now. I don't think Southgate will ever make a Premier manager and this shows his decision making is awful, and he isn't very good anyway.
  8. I meant to eventually succeed Vardy. I think Morelos is a good goalscorer.
  9. Was is it with Arsenal and their captains imploding. Gallas, Van Persie, Koscielny and now Xhaka. They are a joke of a club.
  10. What a performance. That was absolutely brilliant. Stupendous. Marvelous. History making.
  11. Hopefully we can manage the game
  12. I expect Trudeau would get on well Prince Harry. They could talk about climate change, nazi uniforms and blacking up and being Liberal.
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