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  1. Should be more end to end open play games in a knock out competition, great for the neutral watching.
  2. I’ve done a few first aid basic courses but I think if you were presented with that situation you’d just kick into instinct training and go through all you have been taught. You wouldn’t really have time to think about it, I knew CPR was that brutal as I have heard before from people who have had it or done it that all the ribs break, they have to, they’re protecting the organs that you are trying to get to, to keep the patient alive. Hopefully you’ll never have to administer it but if you did, with training you would be fine and most probably save a humans life, that’s
  3. Show a bit of respect. Hope and pray he pulls through, I’m fairly sure I saw his body jump when they shock you. Didn’t look good when he collapsed though. Professional athletes at the top of their prime, if you need a fit and healthy body to pull through you couldn’t get any better, just need to pray he does.
  4. That video reminds me of something you’d see on Eurotrash late on a Friday night in the 90’s.
  5. If they arrive at the stadium on the first day without one then yes that’s a different story and a ball ache to go and collect but I’d guess they tell you to ring the night before (like if away tickets haven’t arrived the night before you phone them up and they reprint one for you at the away ground.) Either way you’ll still get to your seat for the game. I’d guess the amount not sent is very low though from 23k odd cards being posted.
  6. I never get this, ‘I want it in plenty of time’, as long as it is there the day before the first home game all is well, you can’t do anything with it before then. Foxes talk will go into complete meltdown though the second someone posts that their ST has arrived and others are still waiting. Still, it’s a giggle reading the bed wetters having a melt down over it.
  7. If that’s the case then life should mean life for the truly sick perpetrators that commit rape and murder, and not a cushy Cat C or D prison, proper brick celled prison with one hour exercise a day maximum. No point in courses to rehabilitate as they’d never be allowed out. Parole board letting rapists and murderers free, do they ever make mistakes as well and the convict reoffends? Which is worse?
  8. Totally understand where you’re coming from but with all the forensic and video evidence these days plus phone tracking if it’s a unanimous decision that they 100% committed it or they admitted it then why not? The days of innocent victims being hanged is back pre 1960 now, crime investigation has moved on a fair bit since then.
  9. But according to a lot on here he deserves a second chance To all those who think he’s changed and has a right to be free again I put this to you, those 2 15 year old school girls that were raped and murdered by him, innocent girls, do they not deserve a second chance for something they did not do? But you’re all saying a convicted murderer who has served 30 years has changed and does. People go on about capital punishment being wrong and miscarriage of justice but you’re totally forgetting the victims lost their lives through no fault of their owns and ones
  10. Some say it’s more punishment than executing them, I think the conclusion is we won’t all agree on this, some want him to rot in prison, some think he’s been a good boy for 30 years and is allowed a second chance. One things certain, I would guess his conditions will mean he never sets foot in this county again. Local MP isn’t impressed with the decision it seems.
  11. I don’t think mental health issues are a myth, does he have mental health issues then? He was married with 2 children when he committed one of these acts, a father himself so he would know as an adult right from wrong. A lot of the wrong uns inside do come from broken homes, are abused themselves, are fostered, been in children’s homes but it still doesn’t give them the right to take away someone else’s live after subjecting them to horrible acts. What if like some do he does reoffend? Who is to blame then? You’re not talking about ser
  12. You simply cannot but if you could put yourself in the victims families shoes of any child murder/rape would you still feel that way? Tgey live a life sentence from the minute it happens, this **** now has a second chance, is that right because he’s done a few courses inside over 30 years? Like I said you cannot begin to understand the pain they’re going through and now again it is in the news, but it’s ok he’s been educated inside and is a different person. No chance.
  13. An eye for an eye, you commit murder you face the death penalty along with peados and rapists. That would soon clear some cells and make those types think twice before committing those acts. There is sufficient evidence now in almost all cases so no miscarriage of justice happens. I don’t buy the poor upbringing or broken family etc, you’re an adult you know what is right or wrong, the fact he got someone to stand in for him in the dna test shows he knew he had done wrong. He has the rest of his days a free man albeit with occasional visits to make sure he i
  14. He was sentenced for rape and murder, in my book that’s capital punishment not just life behind bars.
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