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  1. I’m impressed seeing it every time I drive in or out of my village, night time is best obviously as it’s lit up like a Christmas tree, I even noticed it from Kendal Road/ Avenue Road junction last night which is the first time I have seen it from that spot. It’s a bit like the Eiffel Tower or the Shard popping up in all odd locations when it’s dark. Amazing complex.
  2. How many international players do league 1 teams have to have on duty for a game to be postponed? Wouldn’t it be like this? That Man U Third kit looks like what they wrap prototype cars in when doing road testing to make journalists guess on the shape of it.
  3. I wouldn’t be showcasing that second pic, shoddy tarmac around the manhole, should’ve sealed it first before taking the pic so it does look good online.
  4. This doesn’t sit right with me. The club has tried to pull a stroke here, it’s back fired massively and they’ve altered their ways, so what next? In the future will we get more of this kind of stunt?
  5. I think most can afford to pay it, that’s not the problem with it, it’s the principal behind it and the fact it vanishes to dust come May when it’s still operating at reduced capacity, which without a vaccine in full flow could be the case. The start of your second paragraph is where the trouble lies, there are too many fans who will do just that tomorrow morning as if they’re going to miss out if at 9am they’re not logged in to pay it, I know one who will be doing it for certain, always buys away tickets one minute past the time it opens up, must sit there waiting and clock watchi
  6. Is it tomorrow when you can bend over and take it for £70 starts? If so then for the club to reverse it they need to adjust something today or the ones who will pay whatever will be online at first thing to hand it over, then they’ve got the refund process to deal with. I agree with some that £70 isn’t a lot of money and it isn’t but I still won’t pay it just to hold my ST when it won’t go towards the next one. I would sooner take the stance and walk away from it, I’ll go to Quorn FC instead, at least they play on Saturday afternoons.
  7. Seeing as you're ok with stumping up the 70 notes, would you still have been fine if it was £250? Im not sure you realise, but this is non refundable in the case of no full capacity crowd this season for a game which is very highly likely. What the club should've done is say pay £70 or even half the ST amount upfront that will come off your next ST, still pay match day prices in an empty stadium but once at full capacity you pay the balance for however many games are left, I still don't think they'll be one so the upfront cost comes off next seasons ST instead.
  8. Look at it from a wider perspective. Cases in Europe are on the up again, in the initial outbreak we were always a few weeks behind them. This could have a similar effect now which will slow down any return to an empty stadium alone. Leicester has already had a local lockdown, most of the season is through the winter months, more chance of it taking hold again. As of now it’s not gone away just all the hype and measures have meant less are getting it through contact. We are told constantly about the match day experience, it will be dire long before you’re i
  9. I’d have liked to see them try and pull this stunt with the £70 admin fee when we were back in the championship. If it went towards the season ticket cost next season rather than being non refundable then I’d accept it but to say it will be non refundable if we don’t have a full capacity game this season is wrong on so many fronts. They’re simply forcing you to pay it knowing full well they have demand for ST from others. Everyone should stand up and refuse but that will never happen, they’ll be some on here who say they don’t want to pay it but will due to the scare of
  10. First time I read the OS I thought it was worded as you don’t need to pay£70 if you don’t want to attend match by match games, but will retain your seat for when at full capacity but as you say it’s not that, it is pay up or lose your season ticket. ****ing stinks if you ask me. I cannot see a full capacity game before May, if anything come winter they’ll put more rules in when the cases go up again. So football will go back to closed doors.
  11. What’s this talk on admin fee increase? £1.50 per transaction now then? They can go and do one. I never received the admin fee for any of my 3 away or one cup ticket I paid for even though the Arsenal ticket never even got sent out. Money for old rope that bollocks. As a family of four that’s £6 every time now. But let’s all bend over and take it for the snazzy scarfs and hats and clappers.
  12. It certainly won’t be a nice experience going to a match day in a mostly empty stadium with all the Covid 19 wearing hi viz jobsworths telling you to walk one way (because Bat flu only transmits one way) , you can’t stand there, you can’t sing, keep your mask on etc. It hasn’t gone away yet, it is purely the fact everywhere that’s open is shit scared so have introduced these procedures to keep it at bay, I’m guessing the ground will have a lot of lines and arrows all over the place, and you’ve got to stump up full match price for that. I went to a customers house the ot
  13. To be fair as you well know it’s not Jim’s doing, he is just the face they all hide behind, I do feel for him at times in the role he has, more so on away days, he never stands still, certainly earns his coin. As you say it’s him who will get it in the neck from fans though, he’d be better off staying in Corby next week.
  14. Sadly there’s always enough that will bend over and take it no matter what, I’m thinking the usual suspects on coach 1 for example. Multiply this around the ground then they have enough to pat themselves on the back and say job well done chaps. What irks me, we have absolutely no idea when if at all we will be back to full capacity this season, so stumping up £70 just to hold onto your seat that you won’t be sat at anyway is wrong on lots of grounds, more so if we have to then pay full price for a match ticket if your name gets pulled out the hat. OS has too
  15. So this £70 we are being asked to stump up, what does it actually get you? Someone a page or so back has said we will be paying full match day price and the games will be categorised, if that’s the case this stinks seeing as it’s a lucky dip for a start in getting a ticket. What happens to your ST seat if you don’t stump up the £70 admin fee? When does it all start as well? If it’s near the Christmas period before we are allowed in the £70 admin fee seems even less of a bargain.
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