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  1. Having read about Man United’s new shirt deal, is it not worth the club looking at getting a new shirt deal? Especially with the finances being released today. I know King Power do it at the minute but there must be more money to be made from this?
  2. Don’t really know why people are saying we didn’t deserve the win. We weren’t amazing but were definitely the better side and did deserve the win. We were much better than we were against Fulham and Zorya
  3. This is in no way me blaming Maddison for our recent form or laying in to him as he has barely played. I just hope when he is back fit he can really pick up some form. Last season he was as good as Grealish at points and going toe to toe with him and was around the england squad. Now though Grealish has gone to another level and i just wonder if Maddison is capable of taking it up another level. On form he is definitely better than Mason Mount but Grealish i am not sure about. Just wondered what people thought?
  4. Something is seriously wrong. Should not have this many players injured at the same time. Ricardo, Soyuncu, Ndidi, Praet, Evans, Amartey and Vardy all possibly injured right now. Maddison, Morgan and Fuchs have also been injured this season. Not to mention Mendy and Benkovic who get injured alot. Only seems like there are a handul of players who don’t get injured.
  5. Tbh i still feel in shock. Like i still can’t believe what i watched yesterday
  6. This team just does not have any bottle. I don’t see any fight or pride in playing for our club. There is no way the players will pick themselves up from this, they’re not strong enough mentally. Even though he was poor today, Kasper is one of the only ones who looks like he gives a shit. Even if it is not his style, Rodgers should lay in to the players. Okay he made a bad sub but come on. The players in that second half were pathetic.
  7. Tbh I honestly thought we would comfortably beat Norwich. No disrespect to them but they are bottom of the table for a reason and hadn’t won for months. Now after losing to them, I am struggling to see where our next win is coming from. These next few games should be games we should win comfortably but now I have no idea what’s going to happen
  8. Rodgers seriously needs to lay in to the players and tell some home truths but I don’t know even know if he is capable of giving them a bollocking. Maddison, Chilwell, Perez, Tielemans all need a rocket up the arse and need to pull their fingers out. There is absolutely no excuse to lose to the team bottom of the table who have conceded over 50 goals and who hadn’t scored a goal from open play for like 700 minutes. Really starting to worry now about top 4 because I can’t see where the first win is coming from. Oddly enough though, I honestly think when we do win a game, we will go on a little
  9. I am seriously concerned about our form now but I just can’t put my finger on why we have become so poor. I refuse to believe it is fatigue. They had two weeks off not long ago. Have teams sussed us out? Is something not right behind the scenes? There must be a reason for such a nosedive in form
  10. Our next four games in the prem are Norwich, Villa, Watford and Brighton. It is vital we get back to winning ways against these. I think we should aim to get maximum points from these games. What are other people’s thoughts?
  11. I’m not having that he was poor tonight. I thought Maddison was one of our better players. He just didn’t have his shooting boots on
  12. I desperately want us to get to the final and win the cup but one thing slightly worries me. I’d hate to get to the final and get battered by Man City and then our confidence takes another huge hit. I’m probably just overthinking it
  13. I don’t get why everyone’s making out that Southampton were really good. They were definitely the better team and deserved the win but we were absolutely atrocious. They were just better than we were which wasn’t hard
  14. You’ve hit the nail on the head there. That’s exactly what I mean. I just don’t think we have the appropriate football savvy or football knowledgeable people at boardroom level to find these managers.
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