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  1. 16 hours ago, UniFox21 said:

    I don't get gender reveal events, don't understand the hype or popularity of them 

    It's really egocentric.


    A real modern thing is for parents to view the child as an extension of self (I know, biologically speaking, they are but I mean in the sense of the ego). Any event related to the child becomes a celebration of the parent. 'HEY LOOK AT US GUYS WE'RE HAVING A CHILD WHO HAS A GENDER'.


    It's gone from a private celebration of happiness to an overt celebration of achievement.

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  2. 50 minutes ago, UniFox21 said:

    Sweden is very different to the UK. People keep socially distant and respectful of space more than us. 

    Much lower population and far less sense density. 


    The comparison that poster is throwing up is borderline idiotic. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Heathrow fox said:

    All the talk about pubs reminds me off when there was no all day drinking.Yet now it’s the tea time crowd that keep the pubs going.Twenty five years ago there was no tea time crowd as they would’ve been shut.Funny how habits change.

    People realised that you could be battered by eight and in bed for a good night's kip. 

  4. Just now, UniFox21 said:

    Funny thing is a big testing centre is at the univeristy. Can't wait for students to be fully back and unintentionally mixing with those getting tests. 



    Like you say, it's new to everyone

    But even with the concession of that in mind it's been a lumbering ham fisted attempt at actually guiding through this. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, Voll Blau said:

    I'm well aware of that, but the Prime Minister is saying there is actual hard evidence for it contributing to the spread. If there is, then I look forward to seeing it.


    If no such hard evidence exists, he shouldn't be saying it does.

    It's blind conjecture dressed up as fact. Borderline unethical.


    Besides, everyone knows that the virus is transmitted through press conferences to super-spreaders who pass it to the population.


    (It isn't but this is exactly the same - a half baked opinion passed as fact)

  6. Seems a bit of cake eating going on. 


    Line our coffers but don't have too much freedom. 


    With lockdown measures its an either or, surely. Either pubs are unsafe or safe. You can't really put a scale on time. Or maybe I'm being thick. 



  7. Just now, Countesthorpe Fox 1884 12 said:

    Seen a lot of people rubbishing Justin.


    at the time, I believe he was a 7M pound signing from a league one side.


    hes been chucked into the team in very unusual circumstances and for his age and background for me it’s astonishing he holds his own let alone plays well. Both goals we conceded he could have done better no doubt, but he’s out of position and inexperienced, we can’t expect miracles.


    so glad he got a goal and for me he will only improve. 

    Oh agreed on most points. 


    For seven million quid, SEVEN MILLION, from League One it's reasonable to expect some more defensive intelligence.


    He has room to improve though. He makes poor and rash decisions - he should be working on this outside of matchday. 

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  8. Great result but a good performance. 


    We took them apart but we have holes to be plugged. We need to couple games like this with defensively solid games. 


    So many positives though. Barnes was electric. Timo looks a great buy and Praet should be starting over Maddison at the minute - and that's not to the detriment of Maddison. 


    Once our back line is whole we'll be great. 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Izzy said:

    Never suggested for a minute that they're risk free. No parts of society are risk free are they?


    I don't think anyone is suggesting they're seen as 'collateral'. There's mass gatherings happening all day in supermarkets, shops, workplaces, public transport etc. so why should school kids be singled out? 


    They shouldn't be singled out. And if it starts to go south again I fully expect closed pubs, limited shopping, working from and reduced schooling. 


    Not the 'in school regardless' you suggested. 


    But that's just my opinion. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Izzy said:

    Will they? Do we know that for a fact? 

    That's me speculating but I believe it to be very likely the case. 


    I've been in schools since the reopening and whilst there are bubbles and masks and so on you'd be a fool to believe them to be risk free. 


    Huge gatherings of people in the same rooms all day and kids that are very likely to be in physical contact. 


    And, again, families of children and school staff really shouldn't be seen as collateral. 

  11. 4 minutes ago, Izzy said:

    I left school so 16 and agree to a certain extent.


    The 'filling in the gaps later on' causes a big knock on effect though. We've already seen the palaver with this years exams and any further suspension to schooling will set the kids back even further. 


    And the internet is no substitute for classroom learning imo. Kids need social interaction during the day as they spend all evening on devices. 


    I say we keep them all at school regardless. They've had enough turmoil this year and if they're unlucky enough to contract Covid then my understanding is the odds are they'll get over it without any long term damage.

    I agree to an extent but if the virus is running rampant through the population schools will be the transmission vector. 


    They should remain open only as long as its safe to be open. Whilst the kids may get over it there are school staff and families that might not. They shouldn't be sacrificed. 

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