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  1. This thread is super weird as a concept and it doesn't tally up. Surely it should be either 'God's and Demons' or 'Heroes and Monsters'. It's a mixed metaphor and I can't stomach it.
  2. No. Behind the cloying media-driven narrative of 'Rock and Roll football', which means absolutely nothing at all, lays an unpleasant person.
  3. I'm not moralising about either cause. I just think bringing that moralising to the FA Cup final - and our first win - is a misguided move. I think football should be apolitical as possible.
  4. It's a really ****ing weird post that. 'absolutely proves everything to me' is super ****ing weird. What a clown.
  5. I don't think that's okay either to be honest.
  6. Only about women's right and the immigration situation.
  7. Did you keep the FA Cup from the Leicester City Trivia competition?
  8. Whilst I applaud them taking the stance on grounds of their belief I have to question them using the FA Cup final to do so. This should be pure football and separate from a really sticky political issue.
  9. The deletion of any evidence of playing for Leicester and the comment 'Chelsea is champions club' rubbed a few folk up. I can look past it as he'd just won us the league
  10. He's quite the player. A rise to prominence in unfortunate circumstances. I'd not be surprised to see him pushing for an England spot next year.
  11. I've never been happier to be honest. We knew we'd win the league at a certain point. This wasn't ever assured. Big trophy.
  12. We're a fox-hunting county; should've splattered him just to be sure!
  13. Bonds and gestures to one side - I'm going to the gym, I'm getting absolutely larruped with my best mate and the family, and I'm going to shout obscenities at the moon tonight.
  14. There's an haunting beauty to it, isn't there?
  15. Kinda the point in putting it in quotation marks there, kiddo.
  16. My old boy has only seen losing finals. Its the biggest game of our history given that 'Chelsea win the league for Leicester'.
  17. It's one of those instances where the phrase 'if you know you know' actually applies.
  18. Wonder if everyone will be shitting themselves over the integrity of the league about it.
  19. Looks like a character from a fairytale, that. ****ing outrageous chin. How does that happen? It's like a separate species or something.
  20. Good grief. Is he affecting a cockerny lilt
  21. Not started on the under forties in my Area yet!
  22. With JJ back we've probably enough depth to be looking at loan for him but he might have outgrown a lot of the clubs in the championship.
  23. And its always pretty funny when Ed Balls gets stick every year.
  24. I'm calling him just the one name repeatedly as I find that a better means of airing my anger.
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