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  1. Player of the match? Can we no longer say man of the match?
  2. He's good but not good enough for now. He's served us very well and, under terrible circumstances, it seems his time is over. He can go with his head held high. We've moved on since his horror injury and THAT night.
  3. He started brightly but the England network has ground him down. Its back to big club bias. There isn't any reasonable explanation for Ox to be be playing. He won't be fully match fit and isn't pulling up trees when he plays. This is why I'm over England. Other nations play their best eleven, we play our most famous. As one poster alluded to, its to perpetuate the 'must play for the big six' mentality that ensures the money keeps moving. **** em.
  4. Justifies the criticism DG has copped from the fans the last two seasons; he wasn't working hard enough. Hopefully Rodgers is the man he needs.
  5. Imagine scratching a man with you're a full grown adult. Sterling is a turd.
  6. Incredible isn't it. Imagine if it were Corbyn.
  7. But wiki isn't subject to libel law is it?
  8. He's made repeated comments. By all means have your own personal view, he's entitled to feel like we're beneath him, but to make it public is intended to communicate it to our club. What is so wrong with us that he feels the need to let us know. He could've been an absolute hero to our fans and kept his view private. Humble my ****ing star.
  9. I have been pointing out the bloke is an utter **** for a year. People have leapt to his defence as though related to him. I'm glad this shines a light on what a stoool sample he is. One of our greatest ever players, and no mistake, but he is a disloyal, arrogant, selfish cock. The Algerians love to spin the old 'humble boy done good' yarn but look at the state of this. He didn't even need to shit on the club but went out of his way to do so. Ugh. He couldn't kept his mouth shut, thought badly of us and let us be none the wiser. Takes a special arsehole to go out of their way to vocalise it.
  10. Wonder if that weird eyed freak is making silly little hand signals tonight?
  11. I'd assume there's some political reason beyond talent. It can't be an argument of ability. There aren't many better in the world are there?
  12. I admire his use of the youth but i still get the impression that big clubs get preference. Maddison surely gets a start.
  13. Absolutely is. Absconds him of responsibility and creates a public facade of humility. If he's sorry then go and speak to Gomes. There is zero reason for that kind of behaviour.
  14. I think the bought the crying act. He tripped the guy cynically. 99/100 nothing happens. But if you're gonna leg someone over you take a risk.
  15. Sanchez is a c u n t. I hate everything about him. I would love the chance to fill him in. Human dogshit.
  16. Think it was Chelsea not Tottenham. But I'd be interested to know, absolutely!
  17. Is that more than Tottenhams swoop for AvB. What's the record transfer for a manager?
  18. 'so offensive he had to double check' he signed the contract didn't he? I find it creepy when people assume to know footballers as though they were friends.
  19. Why do people act this way on twitter. Its so confusing.
  20. This is a grey area in football that could do with some shoring up. Make contracts binding beyond 'we'll just buy it'. It would level the playing field. No more cynicism by club or player. For a club like ours the uncertainty would erased. Either you buy in or ship out.
  21. Phil Thompson getting mugged off by the presenter of sky sports news there. Classic.
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