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  1. We had him then I'm not sure he was that much bettter than those two. Very close to being the one though, I concur.
  2. Oh my old man loves to ask the question 'if you could have any player in the Premier league who would it be...' For the last five years its been KDB or Sergio Aguero. Hands down.
  3. He's so good. Probably the best midfielder in the Premier league for me.
  4. If I set up a tent in Bradgate it does not make me a bedouin. Just as living in a caravan in a lay by does not make one a gypsy. Pointing out that this brand of traveller is nothing but trouble does not equate to discrimination against the actual Romany gypsy. I
  5. There's trouble wherever the 'travellers' appear.
  6. I might be able to help. Got time to answer a quick question?
  7. At the start of I'd have taken a draw. At halftime, after a VAR intervention, I'd have taken a draw. After the sending off I'd have taken a draw. Anyone expecting us to roll over a talented and well drilled Wolves side needs to reasses how they view us.
  8. They've gone for 'fashion week' so anybody telling them they like absolute tits will be rebuffed with the excuse that 'its fashion.' Personally I LOVE to see unmitigated clothing distasters knowing that they'll age like raw trout. Good on the lads.
  9. Does that work if you've been with them only three months.
  10. He did threaten that. David Kelly, i think, confirmed it. The measure of the man. I will not play for my country if held accountable for my actions. Absolutely disgusting attitude. He's an awful bloke.
  11. I'd take him He'd certainly improve the squad.
  12. I don't know what you've read into my post and i can't read yours.
  13. Oh its each month its nearly the average person's entire annual packet. I'm sure her job is stressful. But the can't be representative.
  14. foxile5

    The gym

    Need to shed some weight big time.
  15. Prevent applies to any and all ethnicities so I don't know what the hell this is about. I've flagged up neo nazi concerns as part of the prevent initiative. I HAVEN'T had to flag things off Islamic nature. What is this idiot garbling about?
  16. Aye. Convicted, incarcerated, and released under tory rule. But a man who lost the election, and isn't in any power, is going to give him tea and biscuits. Ridiculous post by someone who is using a terrorist attack as an agenda to bash Jeremy Corbyn. Posts like that ought to be come with a forum ban for fly tipping it's full of such garbage.
  17. I'm not wound up. I find it brilliant.
  18. Haha he's turned into such a c u n t. When he was with us he was settled and family minded. Now his Mrs is cheating on him and he's boffing a washed up reality star. At least the kids will get financial security out of Riyad's descent into willy pullerhood. But remember - he's such a HUMBLE guy. That was the Algerian party line wasn't it?
  19. They're ****ing useless. And these huge swathes of road with lowered speed limits aren't about congestion anyways. Its been realised that there's a measure of control able to be imposed and so we're being controlled. A 1984 style society is creeping in through every aspect.
  20. Gray has a few more assists and goals in 100+ more appearances. As per the Premier league official site. He needs to be gone ASAP.
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