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  1. An achievement for sure. Champions league is better, though.
  2. Are you really suggesting that Liverpool AREN'T that good? I mean I do not like them or their fans. But fair they're ****ing brilliant.
  3. 'i should be allowed to film people even if they object and to ruin their matches with impunity.'
  4. I think the ability to be SEEN singing and dancing is at work here. The younger generation are very much narcissists in some respects.
  5. Glory hunters. We support our local team!
  6. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    Nothing sensationalist about that.
  7. Did he turn out at Filbert Street? Damien Delaney did but i feel like he's retired.
  8. Not sure you can count Royce. He's about 48 😂
  9. He's been about for a while. Could be a shout. I know there are some further down the pyramid playing for fun but I'd be looking for top 4 divisions.
  10. With Crouch retiring last season are there any current professionals who played at Filbert Street?
  11. I've been vocal about this before - it's rooted in his attitude. Ben Chilwell knew he wasn't quick enough or fit enough. Trained through the summer and the result was a fitter and all round improved player. England caps for days now. Demarai thinks he's more than good enough to start, has vocally agitated for moves. Accused us of holding him back. The result 12 goals and fifteen assists spread over 157 appearances in 5 seasons. Don't give me the 'yeah but substitute' bullshit either. He's had time to improve himself. He's had time to develop. Four managers haven't fancied him. He isn't good enough because he thinks he IS. Maybe somewhere else he can realise he isn't the complete player and make something of himself.
  12. Don't be. He's set for life for basically turning up.
  13. It's not really 'brilliance' is it? It's glimpses of acceptable ability.
  14. Buy the ticket take the ride. If he was that upset he wouldn't be videoing it. No sympathy.
  15. Whilst I don't condone violence it's going to definitely **** folks off waking round with a camera purely to film yourself. I don't want my kid being recorded because you can't exist without filming yourself for validation. Same goes for me. If he wants to be acting like that he needs to accept people won't like it.
  16. Been saying this for years and have been shot down by people writing 'flair' in capital letters. He's not equipped to succeed. Physically he's capable but he's not sharp enough mentally. His stats are abysmal.
  17. Love him. If he were a footballer in the age of Shearer and Ferdinand the his crossing ability would've earnt him endless caps.
  18. He might be many things, our best ever player included, but he isn't a 'legend'. That would put him in the company of people who loved the club and gave their all. He did neither. And blaming Algeria for his acting the ****. You must've strained your shoulder with that racist reach. He acted the **** because he IS one.
  19. @UpTheLeagueFox You're in the industry - what do you think. Objectively, of course.
  20. Howmuchisit - lead to certain seaside resorts calling us 'chisits'. Ey up mi duck, too.
  21. Once, after a heavy drinking session, a mate of mine was starving. The host agreed he could have all of his sausages on the proviso he ate them with dog food. I don't know what he was thinking but he cut the sausages length wise, loaded the dog food on and covered them with cheese. The gusto with which he attacked them tickled me endlessly. I know it's puerile but it really got me for some reason. Also, when I was nineteen I was visiting Amsterdam with some pals. Tagging along was your archetypal stoner. Oblivious to the world and nearly braindead. He was about to walk into a row of bicycles, god knows how impaired he was, but a friend shouted him. The entire group turned and watched as he dodged the bikes, walked head first into a lamp-post and the impact dislodged his belt somehow. His trousers hit the deck. Utterly hilarious.
  22. Think this is a tad harsh. I love the club. I call it Filbert Way because it aligns a little more with my past as A City Fan.
  23. The management of the club need to stress that we play on in all cases. I know some 'injuries' occur in breaks of play to lengthen them, but if we show a ruthless streak in the ones during play then we lay down a marker of intent. It might well curtail it a little.
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