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  1. I think there's a danger of sensationalism sneaking in here. Yes, he's had 2 very good games. He's had 2 very poor years before this, though. I don't see as the claims of him being a £25m pound player and fretting about the buy-back should be making appearances. It's lumping undue pressure on a player who, bar 100 minutes, hasn't performed at all for us. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  2. Right now his dribbling and footwork is great but his finishing is woeful. Maybe best to do what was done with villa last week - bring him off the bench for a few weeks.
  3. Fabulous memories seeing that delapidated building with semi legible graffiti. Halcyon days my friends, walking past the rat van to Filbo.
  4. Seconded. Would love a stream pming if anyone has one
  5. Liverpool have lost one match in about 60. I agree, it's hard to see them slipping up.
  6. Theo Walcott looks like an entirely different human being to the one who played for arsenal.
  7. To demonstrate his position as a hard man. Same reason he needs to scream as loud as he can when they scored. When you're a hard man you need everyone around you to know how hard you are.
  8. Not sure how that isn't given. Didn't really get a good look at the game but that's a clear penalty.
  9. That Vigil Van Dyke one is a ****ing abysmal officiating. It is, no doubt in my mind, not given because its VVD tackling.
  10. Might be time to give him a rest and the resurgent Gray a game.
  11. As someone who believes that Puel did both of the above, please never stop this joke. Its absolutely hilarious. I'd be particularly delighted if you could get it onto talk sport. The frothing callers would be great.
  12. Are their prices more favourable than ours?
  13. I think they're using the BT OpenReach network for coverage so should be a bit more reliable.
  14. It's turned into a celebrity weep-a-thon. I know some people like that, it humanises the famous, but it's not for me at all. I can't abide it. It seems everything has to turn into a weepy during the course of its run. I much prefer things to be upbeat and exciting; I've no desire to Ian Wrigjt squeeze out a few tears because someone was nice to him. I manage these conversations with my friends and family without roaring. I can't help but think it's largely an act, deep down, and is done knowing it'll get referred to as 'raw' or 'poignant' or whatever.
  15. Just switched over to Sky from Virgin. Superfast package. Anyone have any opinion on sky they'd care to share?
  16. Jeeze! That guy stops it single handedly.
  17. Sky Broadband, Cinema and Entertainment package at 18 months for £48.50 p/m. Don't usually shop on black Friday, but our subscription is stopping soon so that was handy.
  18. The same Savage that loves to be associated when things are going well. He's derailing his own gravy train here.
  19. Corbyn can't have a beard without it becoming an issue.
  20. It's not his job to communicate with the general public. Edit - this should obviously be taken as sarcasm.
  21. I cannot see this happening whatsoever.
  22. Just incase anybody thinks I'm slandering here is a history of these remarks, complete with sources : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XzAujyzN9JxpUl9rN7EIIX0AlgaXL8rE/view
  23. Planning on visiting that Brew soon. Good place? They open as a boozer occasionally.
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