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  1. Leeds fan on loan to Leicester tomorrow. Want to see Man Utd crash into 5th missing out on CL, especially in the year they're crying about Man City getting their ban overturned. Would round of what's been an excellent season. Also want to see a break in the usual top 4/6.
  2. Leicester do you're job Sunday and make this perfect season even better
  3. Everyone is bottlers but Leeds aren't bottlers what is 2020!
  4. You were 14 points above Man Utd in February. Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs are at their lowest quality in years. You've had every opportunity at top 4 and you're blowing it hard. Unforgivable.
  5. From a Leeds fan you've completely done a Leeds this season. How have you let the Red shite and Lampard's Chelsea overtake you. ****'s sake!
  6. EFL chairman confirmed today he intends to have promotion and relegation whether the season completes or not
  7. Foxes Talk is a fan site of which football team?
  8. Came straight on here after seeing that
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