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  1. Transfer fees are nonsense these days we all know that. However, I think if we land him, we will find that Dunk is actually a better defender than Maguire. I don't buy in to all this playing from the back rubbish, first and foremost your centre back needs to know how to defend properly, and then once they get the ball just give it to one of our talented midfielders and trust then to use it properly. Dunk and money in the bank (or pretty much paying for Tielemans) I am okay with this.
  2. If we are serious about breaking into and staying in the top 6 then we need to keep players like Chilwell, and keep the happy. That's hard when someone like Pep whispers in their ear at the end of game. I think Man City will push really hard for Chilwell. Lets face it if they go to £80/85m now, it's £15m cheaper than perhaps buying him 12/18 months down the line when he improves further at somewhere like Atletico. But we then have to shell out a good chunk to replace him if we are serious about bucking the top 6. The money is just mad, but the truth is whether it is £1m or £100m it all just keeps going round in circles and making some agents very very rich.
  3. Still not a fan, is there any chance we can get back to the blue shirts, white shorts, kit ?
  4. Anyone else worried we could lose some very good youngsters this summer ? Maguire likely to go, and personally won't mind as long as we replace well. Chilwell is going to attract a lot of interest in the summer and if Pep comes a knocking it might be hard to keep him. Maddison will attract attention too Periera the season he has had will attract interest too. Hope we keep all bar Maguire out of those. Goals is going to be the big problem, can't keep relying on Vardy, and that is gonna cost us !!!
  5. Bit early for us to have completed a deal involving Silva !!!
  6. Don't think anyone will come into the first team set up in January and don't really have a problem with this. January notoriously bad on the value for money front and what will any new signing achieve this season ? we are not in a relegation fight, nor are we pushing the Top 6. Let this season play out, then move on a load of our old guard in the summer and hopefully show some real ambition with new signings. Would be happy with 2-3 really class signings and continued development of some of our promising youngsters.
  7. Pearson - bring on the abuse ! In recent years the only manager we have not sacked for footballing reasons, twice ! Has done his time, learnt a little about humility, and still must have a good relationship with the owners. Pearson is the one who got this Club back to the Premier League, developed the team that went on to win the Premier League, and who simply suits LCFC. It happens that way with some managers. Still got something to prove and would develop us further. I'm gonna duck for cover now !
  8. There is talent going forward but defensively we are shocking, and can we please finally accept that Morgan and Simmo are gone at this level, and we do need an experienced head in midfield to help control the game a bit more. Wes is a top top bloke, but this alone cannot make you immune from being benched, and it will be a shame to watch him disintegrate at this level, deserves to be remembered as the title winning captain. Puel, as divided as ever, but think he has got to go for me. I hate the constant tinkering. By now you should know your best 11. Play them, and only change them for injury or if form falls off a cliff. Tell the others they gotta earn the shirt and then earn keeping it. I'd take Rodgers right now, he'd love the attacking talent we have, but by God he'd sort it out at the back.
  9. Okay here we go. I am not a big fan of Puel, but nor do I utterly detest him. Sometimes I think I can see what he is trying to do, and he is bring our youngsters through successfully whilst playing them in the Premier League which is a tough ask and not without risk. With youngsters you will get mistakes, ups and downs, that is player development. Then at other times as against Cardiff we look like we could be out there all day every day for a week, by the end of which we would still lose 1-0. On balance I don't think he is the right man for Leicester, and this is harsh because personally I think that if you want to see the best of a manager he needs time, 3-5 years to build a squad in the way he wants to see the game played, he needs backing to keep the players he wants and help to get rid of those he doesn't. If we toss Puel out we might live to regret it, not so very long ago where we sit now would have been consider a success in itself. To push on we need a manager from the next level and that is hard because they want money, players and prestige. We have a very proud history but the sort of manager we need is the sort that would want Man Utd, Liverpool, etc, on which point Liverpool have struck gold with Klopp, young, talented, enthusiastic, determined, but also given time, money and players. Where Liverpool are now is not an overnight success, but Klopp could reign like Fergie did. But would a Klopp ever have come to Leicester ? Probably not, unless we are prepared to pay more and back his dream to build something. Personally, I do believe if we want to develop further, this is what we will have to do. Is Rodgers the man. Difficult to say. I think he is a step up from Puel but only just. I think we would be safe enough with Rodgers and we would probably be more entertaining, but I don't think he would be the one to take us higher. No guts no glory, is the saying and I think we are at a watershed in terms of our ambition. Easy for me to say, I'm not really the one who will have to foot the bill. However, if we are not going to push the boat out and really go for it in terms of getting the sort of manager to develop the club further, and bring in the top end quality players, then PLEASE can we give the Cup competitions and right good go !
  10. Whether it has been title winning or great escapes we have enjoyed a number of seasons now of exciting football, ever the great escape year we were playing good football even before the results started to turn in our favour. Puel's sides pull off some excellent 1-0 results against sides people don't expect us to beat, but the rest of the time seem to have the ability to bore the pants off us. Personally I would sooner watch a team that was really going for it on the attack then a side designed to grind it out. We actually have some talented attack minded players for once so let them do what they are good at. I would sooner have lost 4-3 yesterday whilst thinking we could still score again and get something out of the game than go down like we did. No wonder Vards is fed up. I defy anyone to say they prefer the football we play under Puel, to that we were playing under Pearson during the great escape. Puel gotta go for me, we need a manager with some attacking imagination.
  11. So divided over Puel. I don't find him inspiring, but at the same time we play more football under Puel than in quite sometime, I can see that he is trying to makes us more adaptable. The loss to Cardiff wasn't good, but the team is getting younger and when you start bringing through younger players you do get some inconsistency. That said he is bringing youth through. Hamza is starting to look like he belongs. Never thought I'd say this and I good have got shot over the summer, but unless we can replace him with a seriously big name who is capable of bringing seriously big players and we are prepared to back them to do this, then I'd stick with Puel and his policy of bringing youth through.
  12. Daniel Sturridge will be out of contract this year. If it is a Vardy type striker you want, could do worse. Think he would suit us. Not getting much game time at Liverpool now, bring him in a tell him to show Liverpool they are wrong to have let him go. BUT only if we really cannot bring Tammy Abraham here.
  13. It is no coincidence that we play better when Albrighton is playing. The graft he puts in both going forward and going backwards to help out his full back is phenomenal. In the modern game where full backs are expected to bomb forward, your winger has to be capable of covering for him, and Albrighton fits the bill perfectly. When he does get forward his delivery is generally pretty good. Reminds me of Steve Guppy in many ways, might not be an outstanding talent but a brilliant team player. Albrighton haters just need to do one, because he is part of what makes us tick as a team.
  14. Mahrez on bench again tonight what a waste, if we want to be taken seriously go and get him back someone
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