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  1. Jarrod Bowen. Young and improving, yes it is a step up but he is consistently scoring goals in the Championship again this season whilst playing a Hull, and I think would compliment what we have.
  2. Has Rodgers finally found the solution to the enigma that has been Nacho ? I hope so. The reaction of everybody else in the squad tells you he is pulling his weight in training and that they clearly like him as a bloke. Fingers crossed we have found the Nacho we all thought he was. In fairness today he made a difference, his movement was better than I have seen since he arrived. Think we have to chalk this up to Rodgers.
  3. I think England is a bit like Arsenal for Vardy in that they are never going to play a style of football that suits him, or at least that they think will suit him - as Rodgers has shown that Vardy is more adaptable than people give him credit for. They seem to think Vardy is just pace and selfishness, but he is quite the reverse - he works hard for his team. England have wasted Vardy, but don't clamour for them to call he back up, it suits us just fine to keep him at home.
  4. Vardy is not the only one chipping in on the goals front though and this is because he is playing differently for Brendan, and in a way that will give him longer in the game. He has lost a little pace in the last couple of years but Brendan plays him much more central and uses him as a decoy as much as the main man, and this is giving others more space to play in. I think Vardy gets it too, he wants to play as long as he can at this level and sees that he can both score goals and contribute more to the team playing this way. We are lucky he is still here, and that he had enough nous to realise that he would play here as opposed to warm the bench at somewhere like Arsenal. He knows we took a punt on him and stuck with him whilst he adapted to a higher level. Just like Morgan bleeds City, so does Vardy.
  5. All the right letters just not necessarily in the right order !!!! My spelling is fine, my typing is less so
  6. I watched use go out to Harlow Town in the FA Cup in 1980 and that was pretty awful, but not nearly as horrible as being beaten 6-0 by Leeds in the League Cup in 2001 although I am proud to recall us chanting 'we want 1' whilst being 6 down an Robbie taking it with a smile as the Leeds fans chanted 'Lily Savage' at him. Really felt for the Southampton fans last night, we have all been there but I have never had to watch us go so meekly to the slaughter.
  7. He is playing wide right, but his finishing last night showed you why long term he will take over from Vardy through the middle, although the way Vardy keeps on going and going, he might have to wait 2/3 years yet !
  8. Perez needs to be understudy to Vardy, there is still lots he can learn from Vardy, but I think this is really what he really is, not a winger.
  9. VAR has a place in football, indeed it is needed in football, but not in the way it is currently being applied. It needs to be applied as it is in rugby, in the manner of collaborative refereeing. There is so much going on in a game both on and off the ball the officials on the pitch haven't a hope of seeing it all and so instead of giving primacy to the on-field refereeing decision you make it collaborative, and let them help each other to get it right. It does of course me that you have to have in the VAR room people with the balls to change decisions made on-field. So Hamza challenge, yellow correct, but before that there is the most blatant shove on Caglar which should have been pinged and so everything that followed shouldn't have mattered. Albrighton challenge. Yes it should have just gone to Row Z, yes there is a touch which makes it possible for a penalty to be considered, but Mane doesn't go down following the touch from Albrighton, in fact he takes another touch realises he is going nowhere with it and then goes down looking for the penalty knowing that there was a touch on him. Now this happens fast and I can understand the referee giving the penalty, but this is where VAR should be stepping in to correct the decision because it was a dive. I know the Liverpool fans wouldn't like it, nor would we in their shoes and let's face it Vardy has won his shae of pens like this but VAR is about getting it right and cutting out this sort of gamesmanship. Sort it out.
  10. The problem is the clear and obvious error rule. I don't understand why it isn't used as it is in rugby where the 4th officials are able to assist the on pitch ref, the ref can ask them to check on something as the game carries on and bring the game back if the 4th official sees foul and similarly the 4th official can say to the on pitch ref you need to stop it and look at this. A collaborative approach to refereeing has to be the way forward.
  11. Chilwell and Ndidi improve this team when fit, but the fact that we come out of a tricky game with 3 points bodes well. The most interesting thing so far this season is that we haven't particularly missed Maguire. This is a young side and there will be bumps in the road, but the potential is like nothing I have seen in the 40 years I have been watching us. Even better is that we have the right man in charge of this group at the right time. Genuinely looking forward to this season.
  12. If we do go for another centre back, then please let him be in the Huth mould, ball playing centre backs are grossly overrated, first and foremost they need to defend and keep a clean sheet, next just pass be able to pass it as far as one of our now talented midfield, and that will do for me.
  13. Transfer fees are nonsense these days we all know that. However, I think if we land him, we will find that Dunk is actually a better defender than Maguire. I don't buy in to all this playing from the back rubbish, first and foremost your centre back needs to know how to defend properly, and then once they get the ball just give it to one of our talented midfielders and trust then to use it properly. Dunk and money in the bank (or pretty much paying for Tielemans) I am okay with this.
  14. If we are serious about breaking into and staying in the top 6 then we need to keep players like Chilwell, and keep the happy. That's hard when someone like Pep whispers in their ear at the end of game. I think Man City will push really hard for Chilwell. Lets face it if they go to £80/85m now, it's £15m cheaper than perhaps buying him 12/18 months down the line when he improves further at somewhere like Atletico. But we then have to shell out a good chunk to replace him if we are serious about bucking the top 6. The money is just mad, but the truth is whether it is £1m or £100m it all just keeps going round in circles and making some agents very very rich.
  15. Still not a fan, is there any chance we can get back to the blue shirts, white shorts, kit ?
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