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  1. Based on the logic in this thread: Cags was a bit poor today and made some individual errors, so I think we should push him out to Man City for £50m in Jan.
  2. literally the most discretionary and generous VAR decision to rule out Burnley’s equaliser. Dyche is going to be livid!!!
  3. A club like Leicester = a mid table club that’s only been back in the PL for 5 years, that other than one freak season, hasn’t won anything or finished in the top 6. That’s not to say that we aren’t ambitious or that we don’t have reason to be optimistic, this season or in the near future. Obviously we do - but it’s attaining, developing and keeping (for as long as can) players of Chilwell’s ilk that shows our ambition and gives us that optimism - not ‘cashing in’ at the first sign of a dud performance or a ‘bigger’ club sniffing around. The owners have a fantastic track record of being stubborn negotiators and I’m sure if a first teamer actively wants to leave, the player will go on our terms and we will get a good fee. But let’s leave the agents and other clubs to try and prise them away, not agitate for a move from among our own fan base!
  4. I suppose the question is, is ‘good enough for Barca and Juventus’ the correct yardstick to measure a Leicester player against? Pretty sure every player who has ever played for Leicester (apart from maybe Kante and Mahrez) would fail that test.
  5. Am I losing my mind? This thread is bonkers. This isn’t football manager you know. I’m always amazed at how eager some fans are to ‘cash in’ on our players. Chilwell is first choice leftback for us and England, runs up and down the wing all day, defends well, is good in the air. And he’s only 22. The big clubs aren’t mugs - they’re interested for a reason. Yes, he doesn’t have a great final ball - but if he did, he wouldn’t be playing for a club like Leicester! There can’t be many better left backs in the league right now. What’s the plan here? Sell him for £60m+, strengthen our rivals, spend half of it on replacing him with a worse player?
  6. Ref didn’t really make any crucial mistakes or errors today. Seemed fairly even until the last few minutes. Clear push from Salah into Cag - not given Hip height tackle from Perez, zero contact, VVD stooping low - given as high foot foul!
  7. On balance of play and number of chances Liverpool created its the ‘right’ result. But we played great and fairly robustly to get ourselves into that position. Same old story though: away to the big sides our game management is poor in the big moments.
  8. This. All sorts of debate to be had about 'best' or 'most techinically gifted' etc - but overall greatest? Vardy hands down.
  9. The main challenge is next summer - regardless of how we do this season. In previous years we've had one big name first team player going, almost after a gentleman's agreement based on previous interest. But there was only ever one player that fit the bill of 1) doing well for us 2) having received concrete interest from other clubs 3) having been here for a couple of years. Next summer that applies to Chilwell Maddison Ricardo Ndidi
  10. I know it's a bit of a joke thread but legitimate reasons: 1) Not enough goals in the side outside of Vardy 2) Not enough chances created against the mid/bottom sides 3) Injury to Vardy 4) Players poached/squad disruption in January 5) If we aren't on for potential top 4 around Jan/Feb, you'll see the senior players down tools again and aim for mid table
  11. My only (luxury) regret of that wonderful season, was this result. Would have much rather us win it on the pitch and share the moment - fans and players - together. Also the media bias repeatedly reports this game, result and Hazard's equaliser as what won us the league - which is total BS considering we finished 10 points clear.
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