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  1. But also why make the Vardy op/injury public if you’re actively pursuing a striker? I think that + his quotes shows we aren’t going to sign any forwards this window
  2. Thing is, who goes this summer? We've tended to try and preemptively replace players a few times recently - Benkovic and Soyuncu signed before Maguire went for example. With all the others that have gone there was always a sense they were on the way out long before they actually went. I don't feel that with any of the players currently. And if we do manage top 4, who'd want to leave? Fofana - way too early Soyuncu - missed too many games this year, don't think he'll have many suitors Ricardo - as above Ndidi - so crucial to how we play and no replaceme
  3. We obviously made some mistakes after winning the league. And those transfers pretty much all failed. But when we won the league, we were a team that had only just stayed up the season before and hadn't been in the division for 10~ years. People like to look back and say that we failed to capitalise on winning the league, but I think most players were smart enough to recognise it was an anomalous result and that Leicester were still a small club - heck we couldn't even claim to be in the same bracket as teams like Everton or Southampton at the time. Kante absolutely mad the right
  4. I'm not particularly bothered about getting bogged down in terminology and semantics on abstract concepts like 'big' and 'elite' clubs. It's why a neutral would probably describe Arsenal as a 'big' club and not Leicester, despite us generally having been a better side over the last few years and Arsenal being 17 years away from their last title win. As I say, terminology aside, it's quite demonstrably clear on many different metrics that Leicester are in a different bracket to the 'big 6', but in a way it's kind of irrelevant, because we're doing well, we have a plan and are going
  5. Maybe I'm misinterpreting your posts and tone, but it comes across that you're irritated that we are considered to be in a lower bracket compared to Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City and Liverpool?
  6. I'm so worried about the Praet injury. Without him I think we struggle to rotate Youri and Madders
  7. Semantics about the words 'big' or 'elite' aside, there's many reasons: Lack of silverware, finals appearances and going far in tournaments Only 2 top 6 finishes Small stadium Not North West or London based Still selling our best players to top half rivals Far, far smaller revenue and financial clout compared to other Much, much smaller global appeal in terms of marketing and social media etc We are demonstrably in another bracket, compared to the 'big 6'. That is not to say that we aren't a fantastically run football club.
  8. Stupid isn’t it? I did initially wonder whether Albrighton was offside for Ndidi’s goal though
  9. Yeah I wasn't trying to make a simplistic 'lose more than 5 games and you can't win the league argument'. My point is that it gives Man City/Liverpool a lot more margin for error, compared to us. Or put another way, we would have to win a lot of games to compensate. Obviously based on the 'half time report' of the season so far, there's cause for optimism. I just don't think the numbers and huge sequences they've put together over the last few seasons should be dismissed, particularly when you account for our own inconsistencies.
  10. It's hilarious isn't it? All the title race talk for the last several weeks has almost completely ignored Leicester, despite us being up there. Now that we're actually top, all the pundits and articles come out, retrospectively, talking about how great we've been.
  11. No. We're in the race as much as anyone, granted. But we're already on 5 losses, compared to Man City and Liverpool's 2. We can only afford to lose 1 or 2 more games all season...
  12. We're in the race as much as anyone, but I can't see past Man City or Liverpool, still. Great squads, great managers and have been in ridiculous form for 2-3 years. Never mind the fact that we already have 5 losses compared to their 2. We can probably only afford to lose 1 or 2 more games...
  13. This is my worry with the Praet injury. Mendy/Hamza can fill in some gaps, but without Praet we've no one to rotate Madders and Youri...
  14. This season, with all the games, and all the injuries we've had (and more to come - see: Praet) there's no such thing as 'first choice'. You simply play the best team you can for every game, considering injuries, suspension, rest and recovery. All 3 will rotate.
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