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  1. It's a good start - but I want to see how we react during a game when our back 4 is pressed. And how we react generally after some bad results. Last season we had some bad results that rocked our confidence and never really recovered over half a season's worth of games.
  2. Because between suspensions, extra games and Evans' injury record, we need a proven CB now, not later
  3. Not sure Cantwell would come to use - got Maddison, Tielemans and Praet ahead of him for starting places
  4. There's no guarantee of a vaccine ever being viable. Even a viable one is a year or so away at least. And even if a vaccine was available right now, it's a huge cost and massive logistical challenge to roll it out
  5. The problem now, is that back in March gov policy was led by a guiding strategy: suppress the virus and flatten the curve so that the NHS wasn't overwhelmed. But since June, there's been no guiding strategy - it's simply been a 'try to open things back up' and react with different measures approach. It'd be better if the Gov came clean with the public at large and said 'there's no finish line here' - there won't ever be a single moment of celebration when we beat this. Even if a vaccine was ready to go at some point in 2021 (unlikely) can you imagine the cost and logistical challenge of actually rolling it out to 65 million? The guiding strategy now should be to focus measures and testing on the most vulnerable (overs 70s, co-morbidities and care homes) that's where the vast, vast majority of deaths occur, and let wider society go back to a 'new normal' - whereby things are largely the same, but face coverings and social distance are the norm.
  6. And have literally one 33 year old striker in the squad? Makes sense...
  7. Also has poor injury record - and what's he gonna do, play every 3 days?
  8. One thing he added to his game since Rodgers came in is a few more territory gaining runs, from the holding position to the edge of the box.
  9. Yeah thought the commentators were really buying into this false burnley narrative. Kept going on about how well organised and good at defending they were, and how hard the team was working, and yet they created 4 chances, and we picked them apart and they conceded 4!
  10. Only a couple of hours of this week left, seems unlikely
  11. Have they changed handball again? It hit Wood’s left arm, below the sleeve, before he struck it.
  12. So is it pronounced Oonder?
  13. Didn’t Norwich reject a £20m offer from Barcelona for Aarons? Why would they sell Cantwell for £15m?
  14. I hope we continue to compare all our young signings with Champions League winners who played for Inter Milan and Real Madrid. It's only fair.
  15. OK fair enough. You had me convinced you were, the way you were commenting in this thread haha
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