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  1. Think we need a bit of perspective. In a fairly short time frame Rodgers have moved us on from Puel's era quite successfully, but I think even him and the top brass wouldn't have expected to have been 2nd or 3rd for much of the season. Yes, that's no excuse to be happy with less, nor should be accept a slide down the table. A Top 4 finish must remain the priority and would represent a fantastic achievement and be a huge boon for the short term success of the club over the next season or two. But I think it's clear from this recent patch that the first half of the season was a bit of an over-achievement. Rodgers' task now is the prove that we're not in a false position. We've a young and raw team outside of Kaspar, Evans and Vardy. You have to accept the good with the bad with that sort of team. Flashes of brilliance, patches of good form, but sometimes a lack of composure and confidence. We maybe got a little bit lucky at times in our good runs and the hype probably got to these young player's heads. That overconfidence can cost you important percentages. On top of that: Teams have figured us out a bit The squad doesn't have much depth and the extra games/Xmas period necessitated rotation which has unsettled the team Vardy injury and loss of form Ndidi out Poor wingers have been a problem all season, which looks worse when the results dont come I think the solution is more psychological, mentality and attitude based than tangible tactical stuff. Somehow Rodgers has to re-establish that sense of swagger that had permeated this young side. But obviously that's easier said than done
  2. Yep every week. Apart from all those weeks when we’ve played well, and won. Apart from all those weeks when we’ve been 2nd/3rd. Apart from all those weeks when we won 8 in a row. Yes we are in bad form and yes we have lost our way - but have you forgotten this season so far?
  3. Agree - but is this true?
  4. Sometimes I wonder what some folks have been drinking/smoking. According to FT it seems like this Leicester team is full of players that are somehow simultaneously: Wanted by the big clubs Not good enough for Leicester Sellable at huge profit Replaceable with better players at a lower price
  5. This is going to be the new thing isn't it? If clubs like Man U and Arsenal continue to miss out on Top 4, the pundits will start simply calling them 'Champions League calibre clubs'
  6. Overpaid, overrated. Man U paid £25m+ and will want that back and more. He's got a bad attitude and mentality too by all accounts. Totally not a Leicester kind of signing
  7. Such revisionism on Chilwell on FT last few weeks. . His weaknesses are well known: rarely beats his man, poor final ball, often cuts inside and passes the buck and sometimes goes missing when defending crosses. All of these had, to some extent, been addressed in the first half of this season. Which shows he has it in him. He's lost confidence and form and is probably knackered.
  8. Didn’t see any of it. Can anyone explain how the match actually went and how we actually performed? I followed the match thread and from that it looks like Chilwell should be sold for £5m, the whole midfield isn’t good enough and Rodgers out. which seems like classic FT knee jerkism
  9. So you’ll be disappointed even if we do equalise!?
  10. This match thread is embarrassing, so many ‘fans’ slagging off our players.
  11. Jesse Lingard is a midfielder who doesn't score or create goals and isn't a holding midfielder. He is pointless. How he has lasted so long at a club like Man U boggles the mind
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