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  1. Totally weirds me out how they refer to Leicester as "It" rather than "they" in that article. And there's some annoying mistakes in the stats that make me question everything else That's 14 points, right?
  2. Well that's the central question of perspective isn't it? If we finish 5th or 6th again this season, have we 'bottled' it 2 years in a row? Or have we finished top 6 two years in a row, when we've only ever had one previous top 6 finish (which itself was a freak title win)? Maybe it's a bit of a cop out - but for me, it's obviously both. But I don't think slipping out of the top 4 in the final quarter of a season should be considered some sort of failure or 'bottle job' (whatever that particular phrase actually means...). The table doesn't lie a
  3. Let's just keep in mind, that unless we slip to 7th or 8th, missing out on Champions League for a 2nd season in a row, does not constitute failure or a bad season. We will have still gone from a non-established mid-table side to finishing top 6 two years in a row. I get that psychologically, as fans, and maybe even for the squad, it would feel differently, but you've got to keep that wider perspective too.
  4. He's scored 1 goal in half a season's worth of games. Must be his drought other than the gap between his 1st and 2nd PL goal.
  5. I think if that's what you truly believe then, it might go some way to explaining your perspective. Leicester's budget is around 9th or 10th. We're trying to achieve something that's pretty unprecedented - break into the top 6 without spending billions. The reality is, Leicester have finished in the top 6 twice in their history. One was a (freak) title win 5 years ago. The other was last season. We're incredibly ambitious and well run. And our recruitment is smarter than most. But what makes you think we aren't still a mid table side punching a
  6. UPDATE 12th April Obviously not a great weekend of results for us. Looks like the target of 68 points needs revising a little. Probably in the 68-71 points range now. Spurs, Everton, Arsenal and Villa out of it. Leicester, West Ham, Chelsea and Liverpool to duke it out for 3rd and 4th. If we're looking at 68 points - Liverpool can drop points in 2 games. Leicester, West Ham and Chelsea can drop points in 3 games. Looking tight for everyone! The points per game over the previous 10 and 5 also shows us that Chelsea, West Ham and Liv
  7. Has anyone got a replay of the elbow?
  8. Can anyone explain to me why the off the ball elbow on Vardy wasn’t a penalty?
  9. Can anyone explain to me why it wasn’t a penalty when Vardy got elbowed off the ball?
  10. Are they actively coached to delay the pass, cross or shot at every opportunity?
  11. Can you imagine being poised for top 4 and FA cup semi final. Probably the biggest couple of weeks for most of these player’s careers so far and then 3 or 4 of them piss about breaking rules and the others play like shite
  12. Wait, is Maddison playing at the back? Has he been marshalling the back 5 today? Has he been coaching the defenders this week?
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