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  1. Grey Fox

    Manchester United (H).. Up next.

    Amen to that!
  2. Khun Vichai, You made our impossible dream a reality, and for that, you will never be forgotten. Your spirit will live on, forever, in our hearts. x
  3. It's not Puel's fault for the actual challenge, no. But pretty much exactly 10 minutes before, right in front of the bench, Morgan was given a final warning by the ref. At that point it was clear that one more mistake by Wes would mean us going down to 10 men. It's good management in that situation to balance that risk against the risk of unsettling the side by bringing Evans on. In my opinion, and that of many others, the sub should have been made there and then. I said so as soon as he was warned, so this isn't just smart arsed hindsight. We were playing really well in the second half up to that point, so fans who would have made the sub and avoided the sending off are within their rights to be annoyed.
  4. Grey Fox

    Söyüncü Signs

    He'll have to go some to beat Ghezzal.
  5. Grey Fox

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    If fans are making extra money by beating the bookies then I doubt that would become too ugly. More likely to cause the opposite. Something in this decision doesn't smell right to me. But it will be brushed under the carpet as usual.
  6. Grey Fox

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    I see that. But why do the police care about betting companies? Surely it's up to the bookies to fight their own battles?
  7. Grey Fox

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    Interesting. Does it say what their main argument was? Why do the police care about people betting?
  8. Grey Fox

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    Same here. I don't even check them during every halftime. But sometimes I might decide I would like to check them and I can't get access. I didn't even mind because I thought it was technologically impossible. But now it's been suggested that it was the clubs decision not to overcome this obstacle. That's the part that surprised me. Whether I agree with them or not.
  9. Grey Fox

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    In that case, was it 17 bookies that voted.
  10. Grey Fox

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    I thought they said they voted not to boost it, which basically means it's not allowed if no one can access it.
  11. Grey Fox

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    Can't they allow data before games and at halftime, then switch it off during games? Surely that wouldn't be that difficult? I'm sure most people would be happy enough with that.
  12. Grey Fox

    Söyüncü Signs

    Just in case people aren't sure how to pronounce his name. Here is that tweet from the transfer thread again:
  13. Grey Fox

    EFL Cup draw, second round, 16 Aug

    What time is the draw and where will it be shown? Thanks
  14. Grey Fox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

  15. Grey Fox

    Maguire and Vardy

    How bad is Evans injury, does anyone know? Could he make it back in time for Friday?