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  1. Any chance of having someone who doesn't keep falling over?
  2. This. If people could be trusted more we could ALL be back in the grounds before long, the pubs could be opened up and life would be much more pleasant but it's because people were stupid we are now back to square one. The trouble is we all suffer.
  3. Jamie Vardy, Vichai, Steve Walsh, Claudio Ranieri
  4. High in the corner of the net. Tieleman style. Nobody saves those.
  5. Anybody notice what a leap Mendy has on him? There were times in the second half he was competing against players much taller than him and he still outjumped them. For such a little chap he can't half jump. Great result for the Foxes tonight. They were no pushover but we more than matched them. Barnes was a threat when he came on but some of his decision making was questionable, same with Praet who had a great break and could have put in Iheanacho but went wide and fluffed it. Nevertheless when you look at our injury list that was a very professional performance.
  6. I don't know who created this but it is simply beautiful. How poignant it was the day after the fateful accident a fox was seen running past the stadium. A year later I went to pay my respects to him and again there was a fox at the stadium.
  7. A beautiful man and a beautiful family. I don't think he nor they will ever realise what they mean to the people of Leicester and those who support the City. He was taken from us in the cruellest of ways but he will never be forgotten. RIP Vichai
  8. First game was 11th Feb 61 against Newcastle. We sat in the double decker and won 5-3. A couple of weeks earlier we had beaten Manu 6-0. Later on I was there as a kid for an attendance of over 40,000. I remember we all had to go over the wall and sit on the touchline. No elf and safety in those days. You had to get there early if you wanted a place on the wall otherwise you saw nothing if you were little. Entertainment was the Loughborough Town Band and a selection of Souza marches. There was always a real crush going out, everyone pushing so hard your feet left the ground as you fun
  9. Because I live away and have little or no chance of getting a ticket when I do visit I would happily pay to watch my team home and away on a reliable and legitimate stream if the funds were going to "the club economy and support my team and the owners whilst not being able to attend". I will not be paying PPV nor Sky nor BT Sport who will only be screening City matches when they feel like it.
  10. VAR decisions should be made according to where the feet are, as in FOOTball, not given on an elbow, a hand or any other part of the body. Some of the disallowed goals are ridiculous. As for the ref I thought she did a great job. She was authoritative when she needed to be, fair and consistent to both sides and ignored the play acting and falling about to keep the game flowing. One of the best performances from a referee I have seen
  11. How many more times is Kasper going to play these hospital balls.We have seen so many from him over the season and we have got away with it but last night we didn't and we paid heavily for it. He's a great goalkeeper but surely he must realise that wayward passes in the centre of the park, if they go wrong, will cause us massive problems. I also ask why Ndidi had his back to Kasper when the ball was being kicked out. These are professional footballers and whilst the kick was wayward had he been facing the ball he would have seen it and could have acted appropriately rather than letting it
  12. To be honest I won't be too sorry if Maddison and Chilwell do go, albeit for a good price. Neither have impressed so much that I don't feel they could be replaced by somebody cheaper but offering similar qualities. Don't get me wrong, both are good players but do I honestly think they are irreplaceable. I see some of the young players at other clubs who are offering just as much and in some cases more. The one player I would hate to lose is Ricardo. I think his loss has ben particularly badly felt by the team as a whole for his energy, his drive, his passion and his skill not only in defe
  13. Got to admit we're bloody good at passing the ball around at the back!!!!
  14. What an astute signing he has turned out to be. He put on an impressive performance yesterday and was all over the pitch. Reminded me much of Drinkwater in his heyday before he thought he was too good for us.
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