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  1. What a woeful performance - slow to the ball so we were always second best, too many wayward passes giving possession away easily, failure to close down players on the edge of the area cost us, few ideas in the final third of the field and misfiring forwards. Am I the only one not to rate Ndidi? He had yet another poor game. So many times he gave the ball away needlessly. How many more times are we going to work the ball up to the edge of the penalty area only to take it back into our own half? I was prepared to give Puel a chance but we are getting no better. The players don't seem to have a clue what they should be doing. Surely it can't be that difficult for them to pass a ball to somebody wearing the same colour shirt.
  2. oldbluefox

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    It works in cricket and it works in rugby. I can't see that football is so vastly different that it can't work there as well. Bad decisions by refs can cost points. The technology is there so why not use it.
  3. oldbluefox

    Burnley video from Saturday

    When I lived in that area I went to quite a few City Burnley matches at Turf Moor and always found them a good bunch, win or lose. Great chippy near the ground, good supporters, never any issues, so I am not surprised by the way they have behaved. There's always the odd clown in any club but the respect they have shown to the club and our supporters at this sad time in our history has been superb, as it has been from supporters of other clubs.
  4. oldbluefox

    Burnley video from Saturday

    Well done Burnley. A beautiful video.
  5. oldbluefox

    Matchday Programme (Burnley)

    "What would Vichai do?" What a beautiful tribute to Vichai. Thank you. (No I am not the recipient but this strikes at the heart of what Vichai was).
  6. oldbluefox

    Away Supporters Today

    Credit to Cardiff and their supporters for the respectful manner they received us yesterday after what has been a terrible week for the club and its supporters. The respect shown by supporters of other clubs around the country has been pretty amazing.
  7. oldbluefox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    That's probably what Man City are thinking...................... which is why, with all their money, they are not prepared to spend any more. However I doubt we will ever know what the real price is.
  8. oldbluefox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Top clubs weren't exactly clambering over themselves to get his signature, and how long has this been dragging on for? Mahrez is good but not as good as some seem to think. If he was that good at £60 million he would be seen as a bargain and they have all had plenty of warning that he wanted away from Leicester. I'll just be glad to see him gone and then we can move on.
  9. Not one who is such a great fan of Mahrez. He had a fantastic season when we won the Premiership but apart from flashes of genius he has been too inconsistent for my liking running himself into two or three defenders or trying to beat the same man over and over again and then losing the ball. Capable though he is he could be much better and a move to a bigger club will do him good.You never know which Mahrez is going to turn up. Hopefully we can bring somebody in who poses a threat week in, week out.
  10. oldbluefox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    What's this got to do with Mahrez to Man City?
  11. oldbluefox


    You cannot have the players dictating whether they are going to cooperate with the manager or not. Personally I think we need a clear out of some of the old guard who have been too comfortable on the team sheet. Whether it's Puel or comebody else they have to be given a chance to develop the squad and if any of them feel they can't accept that they should be out. I can't imagine O'Neill or Jock Wallace putting up with any nonsense from the players. Finally, if somebody had suggested we would finish 8th in the Prem at the beginning of the season I would have accepted that in spite of the poor run of form we have suffered. Considering some of the poor play we have witnessed I think the coaches have something to answer for, not just Puel. Why is it Schmeichel, after all these years, cannot command his 6 yard box? Why are we so clueless in breaking down a packed defence? Why do we continue pumping the ball into the middle when there's only Vardy to aim for? This happens week in, week out so why, as professional footballers doesn't somebody do something about issues which are so patently obvious to Joe Public?
  12. oldbluefox

    Brendan Rodgers as a replacement for Poo-Hell?

    I agree
  13. Substitute 'Any other team' for 'CP' and that's what we have witnessed over the past few weeks. Total lack of desire with the exception of a few.
  14. I tend to agree. Ferguson took a while at Manu before he got them sorted out and was facing the sack. The rest is history. There's a lot of dead wood at City which needs clearing out. I wouldn't call them quitters but there's a lack of passion, determination and desire from a good many of them. Obviously Benitez would be a good (but unlikely) choice otherwise persevere with Puel until Christmas.