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  1. Newcastle want Morgan?!?!

    Earlier in the season Wes has looked like a rabbit stuck in the headlights and many goals could be attributed to his poor positional play or inability to dominate. Much as I like him he has looked very vulnerable and is not going to get any better.. Whether we sell him or not is immaterial but we definitely need a younger, quicker and more dominant CB. At times Wes has looked more like a lumbering carthorse. He has been a good servant to LCFC but unless shielded by those around him he is looking progressively more susceptible.
  2. Please respect our owners

    City wouldn't be where they are today were it not for these owners and they now need to save the season.It is the players who have let Ranieri and the club down and now they have to step up to the plate. Much as I admired Ranieri and the job he did , and much as I am sorry to see him go in this manner he will pick up a very nice compensation packet the likes of which none of us would ever know. Keep it in perspective.
  3. Robbie Brady to Burnley

    If he can do this we'll have him................................
  4. Wilfred Ndidi

    We are signing quite a lot of good, young talent who are only going to get better. We need to be patient and give players like Amartey and Ndidi a chance. (I can't believe some of the comments about Amartey on here). In the meantime we need some quality added to the squad especially CB and AM. The defence has creaked of late and we have created little of any note for Vardy and Mahrez to feed off.
  5. Deeney bid rejected - Signs new contract with Watford

    Nothing certain yet with Vardy but I'm hopeful. Similar situation as that of Watford supporters.
  6. Deeney bid rejected - Signs new contract with Watford

    Much as I would like to see him at Leicester he has been very loyal to Watford and I admire him for that. There are a good many players out there who would have jumped at the opportunity of a big money move and done little to justify their price. THe Prem is littered with them. IF Deeney does move I believe he has the right attitude to give his all for the new club.I can understand why Watford are so keen to hang on to him and fair dues to them. I would hope we would do exactly the same.
  7. Vardy

    If he was undecided whether to stay or go these dipsticks will probably have made his mind up for him. Thanks fellas/kids!!!
  8. Gianluca Lapadula

    I like the look of this guy - energetic, enthusiastic, quite clinical wherever he is in the box, always ready to run in behind defences. I can imagine he would fit in well alongside Vardy and whilst the likes of Musa and Slimani are looking around making their minds up this lad could be just what we are looking for, and no doubt cheaper.
  9. Islam Slimani

    If we sign this guy for £23million and he turns out to be as good as we think he is, it will have been a shrewd bit of business when you compare him with some of the exorbitant prices the big clubs have paid. We'll just have to wait and see.
  10. Ahmed Musa

    Anyone notice our run of good form from last season coincided with the introduction of Albrighton and Huth? Albrighton is not flashy but is totally committed, crosses a good ball and contributes with the occasional goal. I would not be unhappy to see him playing at the Nou Camp or anywhere else for that matter. I bet Villa wish they had kept him.....................
  11. Ahmed Musa

    Based on the YouTube video I have just watched I'm not sure he is much better then Schlupp. Plenty of pace, plenty of endeavour but I couldn't really say the end product was particularly special. Invariably he either got fouled, the ball went out of play or it went to the opposition. I reckon there are better out there at that kind of money but if Steve Walsh says he is right then that's good enough for me. He will have seen more than a 5 minute YouTube clip.
  12. I cannot believe we have just won the Prem for the first time in our long history and we are worrying about a bit of gold here and there. I have a shirt which was worn for our 125th anniversary which is blue on one side and gold on the other. Whilst our shirts are predominantly blue gold has for a long time featured in the design. It just so happens that blue and gold represent the Royal House of Thailand, something which may have had some bearing in attracting our current owners in the first place. We've a great club, a great team, a fantastic manager, fabulous owners and a support second to none. A bit of gold trim or a gold ribbon here and there does not bother me one bit. There will be hundreds of other clubs wishing they were in our shoes right now. Just enjoy the ride.
  13. The "do they mean us?" thread

    A question............................. If it's not a good league this year why are they not winning it?
  14. Confirmed: Ranieri new manager

    Nobody could have predicted this. However I would love to see City win it if only to rub the noses in it of all those who were so scathing about him. Some of the comments were rude at best and utterly despicable at worst and a nicer chap you couldn't wish to meet. He didn't deserve it.
  15. The "do they mean us?" thread

    I hope the City players saw and heard the Arsenal singing and celebrating after their win on Sunday. I hope they have seen the photos and read what has been written about them, I really do because if there's nothing else that will motivate them then that will be it. And the more the press and the glory teams try to put them down the greater will be the motivation. It may be just what they need to spur them on over the next 12 matches and the victory will be all the sweeter if they do it.