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  1. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Too slow to the second ball. Too slow in our build up allowing the opposition to get back and organised. Too few ideas in how to breakthrough a defence. Ineffective on corners. Lack of creativity. What has happened to the slick passing game we saw earler in the season under Puel? Apart from that we played well!!!
  2. Why are people clapping Mahrez?

    I wouldn't boo him but won't be sorry to see him go at a proper transfer price. Why should City lose him at a knock down price just because one of the bigger clubs want to bully us into letting him go? Well done to the Thais for holding out for a more realistic valuation.
  3. Fousseni Diabaté

    Impressed by what I have seen so far and looks a very promising prospect. It must have been a big step up to the Premier League but I felt he did very well indeed.
  4. Set pieces

    Anything in or near to the six yard box should be the keeper's. It doesn't help that Kasper seems to be glued to the goal line. Lately there has been evidence that he has been dominating his box much more but yesterday's goal was a good example of a player getting a free header and a keeper who should have claimed a ball on the edge of the six yard box in the middle of the goal. Kasper is a great keeper but this is definitely his Achilles heel.
  5. Huddersfield (H) Post Match Thread 3 - 0

    Bear in mind James was keeping Drinkwater out of the team until his injury. Considering how long he has been laid up he put in a good performance. With the likes of James, Iborra, Ndidi, Silva & Co vying for midfield places we are not as poor in midfield as some are making out. My only criticism would be the shortage of goals coming from midfield and creativity in opening up defences but under Puel there are signs these weaknesses are already being addressed since we are relying much less on the 'hoof it and run' football we had been experiencing.
  6. Slimani

    In some ways I thought he was better than Vardy. Vardy had a similar chance to Slimani's goal on Sunday and lost the ball. Slimani was equally as quick onto the ball and provided a classy chip over the keeper. Somebody recently said Vardy was an impact player but I thought Slimani led the attack well today by bringing other players, including the midfield, into play. On that performance I wouldn't be too hasty in getting rid of him.
  7. Slimani

    The attack looked better balanced today with Slimani playing and on song. He had his best game so far for City not only in scoring but in bringing other players into the attack. So many times the ball is played upfield to Vardy who is on his own, loses it and then we are having to retrieve it again. Midfield had a better day too.
  8. I would have been very happy to be in 8th place at the turn of the New Year. Looking forward to what 2018 brings.
  9. Bearing in mind how poor we are on corners did anyone notice Schmeichel coming off his line to punch clear instead of standing there like a rabbit caught in the headlights. He did well, especially in the first half when we were under the cosh for a large part of it.
  10. Apart from his goal Vardy was poor today. Once or twice he broke through and lost possession each time.
  11. Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    We missed Iborra badly.
  12. Have supported City for the past 60 years and although I lived away I could always get a ticket when I came home. That was when we were 'bad'. Since we became 'famous' it's impossible to get a ticket home or away and it seems a pity City could attract bigger gates and a broader fan base if more could get to see them. There must be many like me who would watch them if they could and plenty of young people in the same situation. Now City are pretty well established in the Prem perhaps the time has come to increase the capacity of the stadium which was rendered a possibility in the future when the stadium was first built.
  13. Puel

    Puel is a different kettle of fish to Ranieri who was very comfortable in dealing with the Press. Puel does not have that same personality but to be honest I would much rather he was getting his point across on the pitch than giving entertaining or meaningful press interviews. For my part I don't take much notice of any of them. Whilst on the matter I wonder how much Appleton has influenced the way we play and perform. It looks like he is settling in well as a part of the LCFC team and deserves credit for that.
  14. Puel

    Puel has been fantastic so far. He has taken what he was given and has transformed the team. I like the way he has brought in younger players who were just marking time on the bench. Gray is improving all the time, Wes looks more assured with Harry beside him, Mahrez looks keen again, Chilwell is gaining experience and Iborra is just pure class. Add to that the quality of actual football he has introduced and it has been a neat bit of astute business on behalf of our owners. Can't say I was overjoyed when he was appointed as I didn't really know him but his influence has been noticeable. Much as I liked Shakespeare he just wasn't good enough as a manager, relied too much on the old guard which was stale and needed revitalising. Looking forward to the rest of the season under Puel's leadership especially with Silva due to join the fold.
  15. Daniel Amartey

    Moss should have given him a talking to for the first foul although it seems strange to me that others were allowed to get away with much worse than Amartey and no action was taken. Not particularly defending Amartey but there is a considerable degree of inconsistency there. Pogba's behaviour in particular comes to mind.