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    You cannot have the players dictating whether they are going to cooperate with the manager or not. Personally I think we need a clear out of some of the old guard who have been too comfortable on the team sheet. Whether it's Puel or comebody else they have to be given a chance to develop the squad and if any of them feel they can't accept that they should be out. I can't imagine O'Neill or Jock Wallace putting up with any nonsense from the players. Finally, if somebody had suggested we would finish 8th in the Prem at the beginning of the season I would have accepted that in spite of the poor run of form we have suffered. Considering some of the poor play we have witnessed I think the coaches have something to answer for, not just Puel. Why is it Schmeichel, after all these years, cannot command his 6 yard box? Why are we so clueless in breaking down a packed defence? Why do we continue pumping the ball into the middle when there's only Vardy to aim for? This happens week in, week out so why, as professional footballers doesn't somebody do something about issues which are so patently obvious to Joe Public?
  2. oldbluefox

    Brendan Rodgers as a replacement for Poo-Hell?

    I agree
  3. Substitute 'Any other team' for 'CP' and that's what we have witnessed over the past few weeks. Total lack of desire with the exception of a few.
  4. I tend to agree. Ferguson took a while at Manu before he got them sorted out and was facing the sack. The rest is history. There's a lot of dead wood at City which needs clearing out. I wouldn't call them quitters but there's a lack of passion, determination and desire from a good many of them. Obviously Benitez would be a good (but unlikely) choice otherwise persevere with Puel until Christmas.
  5. oldbluefox

    **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    I agree with this although I would probably include Iheanacho as opposed to Okazaki. Iheanacho is still young and has shown enough to convince me he will get better, has a better touch than Okazaki and doesn't keep falling over!!! Similarly Puel needs time to improve an average squad. Bear in mind how long it took Ferguson to produce the goods at Manu. For two or three seasons they were pretty dire and on several occasions he was on the verge of being sacked . It pays to be patient.
  6. oldbluefox

    Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Man United could be saying the same after their home match against West Brom. It happens but we didn't lose, they did.
  7. oldbluefox


    Am I the only one who thought that was a vast improvement on what we saw against Burnley? The passing was much improved, there was more intensity but we created few chances against a packed Southampton defence. The defence looked much stronger with Dragovic alongside Maguire, Albrighton making runs down the right, midfield more industrious with Ndidi and Silva and Iheanacho showing some of the talent he undoubtedly possesses. Hamer had little to do but didn't put a foot wrong with the little he had. Unfortunately we produced few clear cut chances and Mahrez did little all match long considering how skilful he is. Give me that display any day after some of the rubbish we have seen. Puel is working with the remnants of the Premiership winning team and it's time some of them were moved on. They are clearly not what they were. This should have been done ages ago so instead of a minor issue we now have a major rebuild, not only in terms of playing staff but tactics too. How long have we known we needed a new RB and a new central defender. Time for a clear out.
  8. oldbluefox

    Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Morgan looking like a rabbit stuck in the headlights was a liability today, Simpson just not good enough and, yet again, Schmeichel stuck on his goal line when he should be dominating that six yard box. That defence was a shambles today. Dragovic must be wondering what he has to do to to get in that team.
  9. oldbluefox

    Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Too slow to the second ball. Too slow in our build up allowing the opposition to get back and organised. Too few ideas in how to breakthrough a defence. Ineffective on corners. Lack of creativity. What has happened to the slick passing game we saw earler in the season under Puel? Apart from that we played well!!!
  10. oldbluefox

    Why are people clapping Mahrez?

    I wouldn't boo him but won't be sorry to see him go at a proper transfer price. Why should City lose him at a knock down price just because one of the bigger clubs want to bully us into letting him go? Well done to the Thais for holding out for a more realistic valuation.
  11. oldbluefox

    Fousseni Diabaté

    Impressed by what I have seen so far and looks a very promising prospect. It must have been a big step up to the Premier League but I felt he did very well indeed.
  12. oldbluefox

    Set pieces

    Anything in or near to the six yard box should be the keeper's. It doesn't help that Kasper seems to be glued to the goal line. Lately there has been evidence that he has been dominating his box much more but yesterday's goal was a good example of a player getting a free header and a keeper who should have claimed a ball on the edge of the six yard box in the middle of the goal. Kasper is a great keeper but this is definitely his Achilles heel.
  13. oldbluefox

    Huddersfield (H) Post Match Thread 3 - 0

    Bear in mind James was keeping Drinkwater out of the team until his injury. Considering how long he has been laid up he put in a good performance. With the likes of James, Iborra, Ndidi, Silva & Co vying for midfield places we are not as poor in midfield as some are making out. My only criticism would be the shortage of goals coming from midfield and creativity in opening up defences but under Puel there are signs these weaknesses are already being addressed since we are relying much less on the 'hoof it and run' football we had been experiencing.
  14. oldbluefox


    In some ways I thought he was better than Vardy. Vardy had a similar chance to Slimani's goal on Sunday and lost the ball. Slimani was equally as quick onto the ball and provided a classy chip over the keeper. Somebody recently said Vardy was an impact player but I thought Slimani led the attack well today by bringing other players, including the midfield, into play. On that performance I wouldn't be too hasty in getting rid of him.
  15. oldbluefox


    The attack looked better balanced today with Slimani playing and on song. He had his best game so far for City not only in scoring but in bringing other players into the attack. So many times the ball is played upfield to Vardy who is on his own, loses it and then we are having to retrieve it again. Midfield had a better day too.