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  1. themightyfin

    Danny Drinkwater

    I get some right and some wrong can only post what I'm told. Not everything always goes to plan.
  2. themightyfin

    Danny Drinkwater

    Good luck. Still 12-1 at hills I see but much shorter everywhere else. We are also keeping tabs on a player from Genk. Possibly Mbwana Samatta but not confirmed by my source.
  3. themightyfin

    Danny Drinkwater

    Bid is imminent I hear but deal is far from easy because of wages. Could be a loan I'm not sure but discussions are taking place. And not all transfer targets are reported in the press! In fact very few are.
  4. themightyfin

    Danny Drinkwater

    Nothing new yet I've heard. Keep watching!
  5. themightyfin

    Danny Drinkwater

    Watch this space.
  6. These Puel outers are more boring than his football IMO.
  7. themightyfin

    Who then......

    Nobody who is decent would come to us knowing we have just sacked a manager when we are 8th in the table. Be careful what you wish for.
  8. I think a lot of people are forgetting he is having to cope without Mahrez this season. That is going to take a huge amount of attacking flair from most Premier league teams. Yes you could argue he could have replaced him better in the summer and I know the club desperately did try but truth is nobody realistically near his quality would have come to us he's one of the best we ever had. We are clearly a in transition and clearing the deadwood and freeing up places and wages to improve the squad in the summer is what everyone wanted! As for people moaning we had 3 defensive midfielders yesterday must have been watching a different game to me. Hamza was clearly not deployed as a defensive midfielder. I Say it time and time again we are going with a very young side and young players are inconsistent. Only match day experience will make them better and plenty are going to get that this season while we are in a comfortable position in the table is this not the best time to play them? We are planting the seeds and the future is bright. Too many fans have been spoilt with success these last few years. Believe me it's a great time to be a City fan. We are in one of if not the most successful periods in our history. Enjoy it!
  9. themightyfin

    Best X1

    How many if these threads do we need?
  10. themightyfin

    Silva back to Sporting

    Loan I'm told not done yet but close.
  11. themightyfin

    Silva back to Sporting

  12. themightyfin

    Che Adams

    Correct. This may be a second bid I'm not sure ...or if we are in for 2.
  13. themightyfin

    Che Adams

    Bid imminent.
  14. themightyfin

    Fousseni Diabate

    Time to fly.....
  15. themightyfin

    Silva back to Sporting

    Highly doubt we will ever see him in a City shirt again.