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  1. Is this a wind up?
  2. Read your quote.... looks like we are treating this as a friendly. Hard not to when it is... oh my...
  3. Erm....It is a friendly
  4. Hopefully... I like him
  5. Don't think he will be here by the time the season kicks off
  6. Lawrence will not play.
  7. I'm not saying they will both play every game but Morgan is captain AND Huth has been our best defender in recent times. Injuries suspensions and maybe playing 3 at the back will ensure they both will still have a big part to play. You don't just change your team overnight it does not work like that. It's not football manager.
  8. Your forgetting Morgan and Huth. Both will still play a major role this season.
  9. The lad wants to play and who knows EXATLY what he has or has not said? And even what he has said could easily be taken out of context in the Media. Dont believe everything you read in the papers. My guess is has probably asked what the plans for him are and it seems Shakes has told him to get his head down and earn a place in the team. I see nothing wrong with a young player hungry to play as big a part as he can. He had immense talent it's clear to see but he's still a kid and learning. Why not get behind him and be greatful he's a Leicester city player who could kick onto having a great career. Personally I think if he hits the ground running he could have a major effect on our team this year and along with Chilwell could even force his way into the England Squad. Bold statements I know but let's see where he is in 12 months down the line.
  10. Wasn't me
  11. Erm .... never let's us down? I think you will find he let himself , the club, and the fans down in January.
  12. Oh crap it's Junior Lewis Bambi legs is back
  13. Looks like I lost my £50 on him staying. Fee agreed I'm told 35m plus add-ons.
  14. Hope he does I've got 50 quid on he stays!
  15. Bye-Bye Mahrez.