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  1. Miss seeing Parker Pen on Teletext.
  2. Do we not have a Pre match thread?
  3. Not sure how you can say that when Maguire had played 134 games for Sheff Utd when he was 21. Hughes has played 43 games for Chester. Not quite the same. Yes he may be a decent prospect but no more than that you certainly can't say he has more potential at 21 than Maguire. Facts speak for themselves.
  4. You really think D Gray playing in league 2 rather than having him in and around the first team set up of a top half of the table Premier league club will futher his development? Come on. League 2 Is hardly better than u23s standard. I really don't see the logic of putting B teams in the league Pyrimid, it can only have a detrimental effect on the lower league clubs and will see more going out of business. You think that's good for the game?
  5. Yeah let's screw over even more "smaller" teams and let them die as the bigger clubs take over league2 as you say. The reserve teams would have to take the place of smaller clubs in the pyrimid forcing even more teams to go bust. You really think this sounds better for football in general? Or sounds better for the bigger clubs like ourselves. Don't you think the big clubs have not screwed the smaller clubs enough already?
  6. Given he will never play another game for us now I think that's highly unlikely
  7. Fair enough. No offence ment.
  8. Well BR disagrees with you as he obviously thinks he's good enough or he would not have been in the bench. I know whos opinion I value more.
  9. Yes. We all saw what you said! Each to their own.
  10. Calm down! Seems a few agree with me with your reaction sounding wayyyyyyyyyyyyover the top. 90 minutes into the season and your saying Vardy hardly getting a look in and the other attacking players are looking toothless. Maybe your wording in getting your opinion across was crap? Have a little patience . Ffs!
  11. 90 minutes into the season and apparently we are struggling. Ffs typical foxes talk comment.
  12. Good luck Harry. If that's his dream move then fair play. Great player and hope he goes onto be successful for the rest of his career. Go and prove those doubters wrong Harry. Worth every penny in today's market in my opinion.
  13. Has to be one of my favourite players ever to play for us.
  14. Good luck Shinji at Malaga. Thanks for the memories and that smile. A true Leicester legend who played a massive part in making our dreams come true.
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