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  1. Maddison has more raw talent and quicker feet. Tielemans has a quicker football brain. Quite simple really. Both equally important to our system.
  2. Hirst is a long way off first team football here. Potential to be Vardys replacement? That's a bold statement and Highley unlikely in my opinion.
  3. Been training with the first team all season.
  4. Safely through. I think ths team has a good chance of silverware in this cup this year.
  5. Not a lot to do to be honest. Scrappy game. Midfield battle.
  6. Disagree. The 2 CB have Hirst in their pockets.Hes Not won a thing in the air all half.
  7. Why so much bitterness towards a player who was brilliant for us I'll never know. Good luck Harry.
  8. I think you will find he made his debut a long time ago.
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