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  1. Will certainly not be £1m! It will be a very small minimal fee.
  2. If be goes it will be to a top 6 club not a sideways move to mid table team. Highly doubt Rodgers has even spoken to the recruitment team yet.
  3. Rudkin and that's been the case for a while.
  4. Wow. So Glad we have fans like this.
  5. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11674/11633885/former-portsmouth-midfielder-mick-kennedy-dies-aged-57 One of the old fashioned tacklers in the game. Thoughts with his family.
  6. Stay tuned ......in before the lock.
  7. Yeah standing between the sticks? Amazing how fans know more than professional keepers.
  8. For me Kasper has to get a mention. Always criticised for his distribution unfairly in my view. He has nothing to aim for upfront and when your having to kick out wide all the time to give us a chance to even compete for the ball you have to be very very accurate and I think he does a fair job. Still made some crucial saves a lot of times towards the end of games that have Won/Saved us points. Been beaten by a few ling range this season but again I think he's been unfortunate that most have been worldies that most keepers would struggle to get near. Gets an unfair amount if stick get for me and we will see how good a keeper he actually is when he's gone. Consistent performer season after season.
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