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  1. He's 20...why does he need a rest ? Season only just started he should be fit as a fiddle
  2. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    There was a grace period. 2 hours.
  3. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    We could go with King NDIDDI and James in the middle with Albrighton and RM on the flanks with Vardy down the Middle.
  4. Leicester sign George Thomas from Coventry

    Zero track record? We are actually ranked the 9th best team in the league for bringing youngsters through the ranks. It doesn't happen that much with so much at stake these days managers are reluctant to give youth a go. Hence the problems with the national team. We are obviously focused more on improving this looking at the recruiting process for the development team this year. Why would a young kid not want to join a premier league team for a shot of the big time?
  5. Favourite player nicknames

    Alan Paris - Delbert Junior Lewis -Bambi
  6. LCFC league winners signed painting

    Pmd you
  7. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Slim training tomorrow DD out
  8. Leicester City vs. Borussia M├Ânchengladbach

    I can imagine the foxestalk meltdown if this happened . We would get pasted! Nows not the time to mess around with the side.
  9. Burton Away - 1st August

    Sorry I don't pick the team
  10. Burton Away - 1st August

    He's still a CB
  11. Burton Away - 1st August

    Mental health is Nothing to joke about
  12. Burton Away - 1st August

    Johnson is a CB
  13. Callum Elder loan

    Jamie Vardy
  14. Wolves pre-season friendly THIS AFTERNOON 3pm

    We loose a meaningless friendly that was nothing.more than a training session for us and foxestalk goes into meltdown. Wow just wow ­čś│
  15. Wolves pre-season friendly THIS AFTERNOON 3pm

    Do people not realise it was a friendly? Nothing more than a training exercise to boost fitness levels.