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  1. Id be surprised to see him back in the first team this side of Christmas. He's still weeks away from playing any kind of contact game.
  2. I was responding to the quote he said it was the only thing he was told to do. Read the conversation before jumping in.
  3. Not exactly saying it was the only thing he asked Hamza to do.
  4. So how do you know that was the one thing BR asked Hamza to do?
  5. He would be lucky to be offered anything north of £5,000 to be honest. Clubs are being even tighter with contracts because of covid so I doubt he would even get that.
  6. Has the opportunity to go this window but turned it down. He will be running down his contract and we will get no fee for him.
  7. Will eventually becomes Vardys successor. His confidence will grow and he will find his scoring boots.
  8. Disagree. A lot are glory supporters who forget where we gave come from and moan about players of the quality we have never seen before in these last few years. 95% of clubs supporters in the country would live to have players like ours. Lots of our 'fans' here on foxes talk act like spoilt kids. Support the team and every player that wears the shirt. Just my opinion.
  9. The positivity here is unreal. Support your team through thick and thin. That's what a real supoorter is. Not slag half the team off 45 minutes into a new season. I really wish these 'fans' would just piss off.
  10. 45 minutes into the new season and half our team are being written off as crap. Classic foxestalk
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