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  1. We will not pay £40m plus add-ons.
  2. I said £20m plus add-ons. The add-ons may be significant.
  3. No way we are going to goto £40m which is what they have quoted us. We are Looking at around half that with add-ons. As I said also before BR is not against Silva returning for pre-season. This is going to drag as Monaco are no doubt waiting for a bidding war but We are not going to be paying what they are asking.
  4. We wont pay £40m for Tielemans. Not that I think we will even get him anyway.
  5. Maguire or Chilwell will not be sold this summer. Not unless a stupid bid comes in.
  6. Still in the Premier league. 5 years is a long time and a lot can happen in football. All clubs have hopes and plans for big things in the future but only a select few ever achieve their targets. It goes horribly wrong for some. So if we are still playing Premier league football in 5 years time I think you could safely says its been out most successful period in the history of the club if its not been already. We have been spoilt with success and there is noting wrong with ambition but we should not ahead of ourselves. It only takes one bad season for things to crumble away. We have seen it in the past.
  7. I expected great thing from Darnell this year as well.
  8. Has Wes got a Tennis ball down his shorts?
  9. Reminds me of Schlupp but can shoot.
  10. BR is not against Silva returning. If we miss out on Youri don't be surprised to see him back in the summer. One player who will be available at the right price is Gray.
  11. Didn't say it as info. Just saying I think he will have better options but would live it if we did pull it off.
  12. Highly doubt we will get him now.
  13. We produce Chillwell a now established England regular. Barnes and Hamza U21 internationals. Pascanu was called up for the full Romanian team. And others who have gained U21 call ups for their respective countries. Add to that a whole host out on loan and still have some very promising players coming through. I would say compared to other so called top clubs that's an impressive return from our academy. Surely the coach needs some respect and deserves his job.
  14. Pretty sure we would get done for tapping up if our head of recruitment starts meeting players before any negotiation between clubs.
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