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  1. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    Nothing I know of. Seems to me like the plan may well be although I could be wrong to line up with 3 at the back and wing backs so not sure there will be any real need to bring in traditional wingers. I know defenders are still on the wanted list interest in Joe worrell at Forest but not sure if we will take it any further. I would not be surprised to see us go in for a wing back or 2 rather than wingers. If we are going down that road Simpson and CF don’t really fit so would need competition/cover for Chilwell and Pereira.
  2. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    Mate it was nothing to do with Chilwell and the fee and terms were agreed 3 weeks ago. Already has 2 medicals with us In the last couple of weeks and the final part was due to his injury I presume that took place on Monday. That was the hold up. Southampton or anyone else never even tabled as bid with Norwich because the message they sent out was they and the player has agreed terms and it was a done deal. The speculation in the press the last couple of week about other interested clubs and bids was just that. Speculation.
  3. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    I did say expect an announcement in a about a months time when I called it about 3 weeks ago!
  4. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    This will be announced tomorrow at last.
  5. themightyfin

    Gray to Lazio

    Not saying he’s set the world on fire but he’s 21 and being written off already as a waste of space? Many players in fact most struggle for consistency at that age there are only a few very very special players who are regularly playing at their age for their teams. He may not establish himself as a regular in a team until he’s 23-24 but I’d rather give him the benefit of the doubt and stick by the lad and continue to develop him here rather than see him tearing it up against us in future years as we watch thinking if only. Will he become a great player? Who knows. All I know is there are enough people within the game both at Leicester and England who clearly see something in him and with all due respect they are better qualified to make that judgement than myself or most here. We scream for youth to be given a chance but then slate them. Give the kid a break, he’s a Leicester player.
  6. themightyfin

    Exit Rumours

    Sorry.New promoted club to prem that’s all I know right now.
  7. themightyfin

    Exit Rumours

    Enquiries made for Simpson.
  8. themightyfin

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

    To all who voice their opinion about me here about shouting out this transfer. Do I get everything right? No why? Because football is a funny old game and things can change in this sport overnight. Although I’m in a privileged position of getting snippets of information everything does not always turn out as it seems. The important thing is is see here is I’m a Leicester fan as we all are here so if I get some info I’ll keep passing it in here even if I continueto get stick for doing so. It seems every bit if info that’s posted of late be it from myself or others is linked to me when things don’t turn out. Or what I say is taken out if context. The ironic thing is other ITK people are normally the ones that try and shoot me down. Its not a competition to see who gets the best info and I’m not saying or will never say I get the best info but if I get some info that I think other Leicester fans would like to hear I will post it. Why would I do this with the risk of being slatted? Because I’m a Leicester fan like all of you.  Keep shooting me down. I’m still here. 
  9. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    Anyone who claims they know the wages are just guessing. Even the press just guess. Players/Agents don’t time tend to make it public knowledge .
  10. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    Ha ha watch this space. What I can’t tell you we are still very interested in Joe Worrall from Forest.
  11. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    He’s already had 2 medicals in the last week or 2 with us. This is the final part they were waiting to do presumably something to do with the injury. Terms were agreed with all party’s a while back , press just guess with most transfers it’s seems and took them a while to catch up.
  12. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    Not sure but I know Joe Worrell from Forest is one we are taking a very close look at. We have been quoted around £14million I’m told.
  13. themightyfin

    James Maddison

  14. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    Deal is done with his club. Apparently he’s on holiday medical will take place where he is this weekend or early next week. I suppose the medical will take into account his current injury. Expect an announcement in a month knowing us but I’m told it’s done.
  15. themightyfin

    James Maddison

    Done deal.