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  1. Very bad idea and will never happen. We play enough games without having more with another 2 or 3 teams in the league.
  2. Ha ha Paul played nothing like him. Never had that sort of pace. But if i know him he will take that comment. His Dad has hardly nurtured him hes left it to all his coaches over the years and never got involved in his development.
  3. Ricky for me again. Has to be the first name on the team sheet every game.
  4. Consider it cost just over £6.2 million to get rid of CP and almost £10 million to bring in BR add to that expences incured and legal fees and there alone is your £20million so we ain't dont that bad considering.
  5. Well he was offered to League 1 clubs in Jan for a loan and there were no takers so ineoyld highly doubt a championship club would take him for a season.
  6. The reason we play plan A is because its then best way we play.
  7. Taylor Pearson wellens Lewis Gray Chillwell Logan Puel Shipman Mandarich VAR Megson Holloway Akinbiyi Wise Mcgivern Danns Lowe Taft Jarrett (20) Not all my opinion but the famous Foxestalk Scapegoats and crap we have had.
  8. 60 maybe 61 points will be enough. Only need to average 1 point a game and we will be there. No way will the others behind us average 2 points a game to beat us to it.
  9. Fully deserved. Has to go down as one of the best if not the best free transfers in not only our history but premier league history. Never let us down and what he lacks in place now he makes up for in his reading If the game. A real pro and will go down as a legend at the club.
  10. I've seen some stupid threads in my time but this takes the biscuit.
  11. Really wish people would stick to playing Fifa when they come home from school when they clearly know nothing about football
  12. Erm... Yes he does because hes our best option by a mile. Difference is Man city have top quality strikers to come in when they give the strikers a rest. We dont. He absolutely has a divine right to start even when not firing on all cylinders. That one that hit the post goes in and people would be lauding him It is unreal how fickle some here really are.
  13. Sorry. For me it was a clear handball and a penalty all day long.
  14. People here calling for him to be dropped are probably the ones who were calling for Kasper to be dropped also. Some people really dint know how fortunate we are to have a team like this with top class players. Ridiculous. Close thread.
  15. The best option by far at the club. So lucky to have him. Every striker goes through lean spells and Vardy is no different. Anyone calling for him to be dropped clearly knows nothing about football.
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