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  1. No way JJ would be left out our strongest 11.
  2. Wright and Hulme would both be ahead of Chitthawon in the pecking order.
  3. Pitch actually looks impressive
  4. The move in tights game v Chelsea. Kasper rolls it to little Wes...back heals it to JJ. Sprints up the line before giving it to Maddison who plays 3 one twos with a Youri before Slipping in Harvey who shoots from 20 yards and the ball thuds into Chilwell's face falling at Vardys feet who rounds the keeper and scores.
  5. Yeah im here now, its going to be awesome for these boys to play here all the time.
  6. The role your suggesting would play right into Chelsea's hands. No way will MA be left out.
  7. Albrighton would also stop Chilwell having tine and space on the ball so more reason to play him in my opinion.
  8. So your dropping MA? In tip top form ?
  9. What is it with some people? I cant remember him giving it way once. I always find it interesting that pundits seem to be of the opinion Kaspers distribution is good yet loads of people are never off his back. Personally I think he's improved massively with the ball at his feet since BR has been here.
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