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  1. Arias bidding woukd start at £30m+ and much bigger clubs than us in for him.
  2. Disagree. When we defend we defend with 2 banks of 4 with Ndidi sitting between the 2 and vardy up top. That never changes. When we attack we attack as a team leaving 2 at the back as cover and to recycle the ball . The only way this changes is when we break at pace when players and formations can switch and change depending on the attack. Likewise when we defend.
  3. I think people are reading too much into formations. We basically attack as a team and defend as a team.
  4. Imagine the bidding would start at £30m+ and a host of clubs interested led by PSG. Highly doubt we could tempt him.
  5. Gyamfi is one we are going ro regret. Has a great chance of making it at the very top.
  6. All playing better? Id have to disagree.
  7. Name 6 midfielders in our team playing better thsn he is right now? I'm intrigued
  8. Many more much worse than him today.
  9. No. He looks as sharp and fast as ever just not getting the right service.
  10. Lower league clubs can have upto 8 players on loan. Thry are allowed to play 5. Not sure where you got this from league 1 and 2 clubs have huge amounts if players on loan. Eg lincoln 2019/20 always had their max 8 loan players on their books through the whole season.
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