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  1. So you'l be mainly disappointed To not win any money?
  2. Interesting view mark, our fans say he's a load of crap though.
  3. Not contradicting yourself even slightly eh?
  4. Aka spoilt brat armchair football manager experts, that want every game won, nothing less will do
  5. On his armchair, our lot would boo him warming up
  6. Is that down to his own ability, mental strength, belief in himself, or our 'fans' heckling the f**k out of the lad.
  7. Our astute fans booed him into being a better player
  8. Set up to try to not get hammered, nige in the prem style, pre great escape, if a goal or so down bring on someone average with 15 ish mins to go.
  9. Because the grim reaper loves it when the selfish and the dim infect the innocent
  10. For crimes against haircutting by any chance? Bit harsh, surely he should have just been fined
  11. I'm welling up, these people make you proud to be from leicester
  12. All you need to say to the police is, map? what map? This could also be used by landlords
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