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  1. Lcfc back on top of the league, after casting these bubble blowers, aside
  2. I did but wasn't as disturbed by man city not winning as you
  3. Poss not, but explaining how man city need to improve should be posted on the blue moon forum, cos pretty much we don't care much for our rivals
  4. Man city get 1 point only, from last 2 games, poss they thought a deffo 6 about to come. Never mind.
  5. Yeh, man city to drop points would be good, I'm not sure about the other nonsense.
  6. You miss my point. Him explaining why another prem team, a rival, need to be great.
  7. Thanks frannie Lee, but we are leicester city.
  8. Most man utd fans are cockneys and people from the home counties. It's a glory hunters club, selected by people that want to be seen to be winners.
  9. Yes, as it proved to be a Rodgers tactical masterclass. Deny that.
  10. Have the 'brendan Clueless against the top clubs' brigade sneaked away?
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