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  1. he's a melty faced, clueless, Scouse loving, 70s throwback twa*. apart from that he's ok.
  2. quite a few of our fans bitched about him while he was here ( not a perfect player every game etc etc) they're still bitching, now that hes gone. you can't have it both ways you twa*s!
  3. empty vessels make the most noise.
  4. this is what happens, when southerners have too much to drink.
  5. right now, bbc 6 music playing joy divisions unknown pleasure album,(in full on vinyl) in tribute to 40 years since release. a masterpiece of dark chilling sounds. sometimes melancholic, sometimes energetic. my goosebumps are overwhelming. rip. Ian curtis, he couldn't handle this world and took himself off too soon to the next.
  6. yeh! we should be booing our players noisily.
  7. does this mean theyl stop playing 5 at the back at home and still losing?
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