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  1. It's nothing to do with an invisible man in the sky, our fans booed the talent into him.
  2. im not sat at home moaning about an atmosphere I'm not contributing to though.
  3. Nah, a lifetime in jail with no computer or phone etc would be better.
  4. We're not playing man utd tonight.
  5. is she pissed up, or a seasoned foxes talk contributor?
  6. read the thread and others, I'm not typing them all out, iv got a game to watch and Harvey to cheer on. Theres stacks of unecessary barracking for the lad.
  7. blinkered comment. read through his thread of hate plus comments in other threads.
  8. nice one. it's like Derek acorah is still alive
  9. eel done Harvey. fcuk your haters
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