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  1. I bet you do anyway, when nobody's looking.
  2. clearly you know what you're on about.
  3. didn't take long for some of our lot to turn on him. player not always perfect shocker.
  4. man Utd, hahahahaha.
  5. wow, almost spooky! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. the public wants what The public gets.
  7. life? don't talk to me about life.
  8. ooh look his confidence is shredded to pieces, he's playing even worse now. fcking boooooooooh!!!!!!! that will teach him a major lesson.
  9. certainly isn't love and support. during our chant,..... 'through the good times and the bad, we will always support the lads'..... you take no part of?
  10. yeh, it's as if there's not enough threads of hate for our players.
  11. he's behind you ! is panto season early or late?
  12. we're s goal down away at man city, shock. yet some on here are melting down. how dare our team do this?
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