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  1. There goes the 'Captain Hindsight' stick which Boris has used against Starmer.
  2. It's a bit more complex. Liverpool have had a 'cleaner' second wave where cases were low, suddenly accelerated to a high level then are starting to decline again (they'd actually turned a corner before tier 3 came in). Manchester and surrounding areas actually had much higher levels throughout the summer and have been in some sort of restriction for a lot longer, so it's not had the sudden upsurges and won't have a sudden decline. This second wave is not winter based, it's a true epidemic based wave and it could quite easily be on the way down nationally around Christmas time.
  3. I do feel a bit stupid tonight, I would class myself as a Corbynite between 2015-2017 but the response to losing the 2017 election really turned me off. I always felt that anti-semitism was a stick to beat Corbyn with and felt that others were out to get him. But it became evident that there were real issues within the left of the party. Being 'right' is more important to Corbyn and the likes than being in power and that is a terrible way of doing things. Anyway, firmly on the Keir train now and I think today's actions can't have been easy, and ideally he wouldn't had to have done
  4. By Khan I assume you mean Imran not Sadiq?
  5. So how do we think this will play out for Starmer nationally? Kevin Maguire just said on 5live that there could be a vote of no confidence from the membership but surely on an electorate level this will only boost him. The party eating itself from within once again.
  6. If we tested for other coronaviruses which cause colds, it would look very similar to this. Sadly it's not going to clearly improve until march.
  7. They're properly going after Biden for daring to look past the oil and fracking industries. It just goes to show how screwed we are from a climate perspective. Europe can do whatever it likes but while USA and China pedal along the paths they are doing, then there's zero hope.
  8. In all honesty you just have to embrace the sadness for a little while in this situation. Breakups are never easy, but they do always get easier over time. Remember how you feel now because in a few weeks you'll be able to look back knowing how much you've grown in this period.
  9. Maybe they should make that a little bit clearer then and not report everything through the press again. These are people’s lives they’re pissing around with.
  10. Anybody who blames Burnham for this is an Ostrich. He would’ve accepted pretty much any lockdown measure if the government could financially protect businesses who wouldn’t be able to operate. The government were not willing to oblige, so he refused on the basis that the effects of the economic damage would massively outweigh short term health damage. He was then expecting the minimum £60m offered. Boris, Sunak and Cummings have spitefully withdrawn all funding to the bare minimum of £22m (for the whole of Greater Manchester) because he wasn’t playing by their rules. He dared to stand up for h
  11. It’s likely young people would only need one jab whereas over 50’s will need a booster.
  12. From reading, the scientists at Oxford were p*ssing about with an experimental MERS vaccine in case it was ever needed, but obviously never got the funding to trial it as it was never required. So once SARS 2 came out, they just altered one or two things and it was good to go into trials. It wasn't just magicked out of the air, the vaccine technology they use has existed for a good while.
  13. The aim will be to stop people being hospitalised and dying, not catching covid. So given that under 50's generally don't get hospitalised and die from covid, they may never need vaccinating, especially if we find treatments for 'long covid'. Which leaves roughly 40% of the population at risk who do need vaccinating. I think Astra Zeneca alone were looking at least 2 billion doses by the end of 2021 for worldwide use, and they're just one of many who will have created vaccines by the end of 2021. So capacity is not going to be an issue. It's just the logistics which will be tricky
  14. No but it's something that they wont know until it crops up. It'd be for longer than immunity caused by the virus itself for sure, but very unlikely to be forever.
  15. The noises are that these vaccines, specifically the BioNTech/Pfizer and Astra Zeneca/Oxford ones are effective. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/hope-for-covid-vaccine-at-new-year-25b52b86s I suppose the next challenge will be convincing enough members of the public to be vaccinated. Once vaccinations start, hospitalisations and deaths will naturally reduce and that's when measures will be dropped I would imagine. I feel that people will accept restrictions a lot more as long as they know there's an end, which is where an approved vaccine wil
  16. It’s so ironic that Republicans are kicking off about this after the pure corruption Trump has gotten away with over the past few years.
  17. So what do you do in Liverpool now? NHS covid beds are 95% full and the local epidemic is still rising so they're going to be overwhelmed, and are going to have to cancel non covid related medical routines anyway to create extra capacity. It's not an either/or issue. It's to protect the NHS and ultimately, the quicker you lockdown, the quicker you come out, which means less of a hit to the economy.
  18. Ferguson's forecast was based on an unmitigated epidemic. Covid has a 1% worse case fatality rate, if hospitals are overwhelmed it would be higher. 80%infection achieves herd immunity. 80% of our population is 50 million. 1% of 50 million is 500,000. If we'd carried on completely as normal, then that's what would've happened. Hence why we took the measures we did and why it's important we continue to take measures until we have a vaccine.
  19. Biden is miles ahead in the polls to the point where Texas is looking 50/50. It's just going to make it even more gut wrenching when Trump fudges another electoral college win, surely not? All logic says a Biden and democrat clean sweep but the ghosts of 2016 still haunt us.
  20. The problem is if hospitals become overwhelmed, that average age will plummet as those younger people who need the life saving treatments will be less likely to get them.
  21. If Biden can win Florida and Pennsylvania, is that essentially game over for Trump, corruption aside?
  22. Missing a Praet or Maddison to unlock the door. Tielemans can't do it all himself. Also West Ham are playing very well, incredibly well disciplined. Antonio always looks dangerous against us.
  23. To be fair his tweeting has started again so he can't be that bad. I think if he's beaten handsomely by Biden like polls are currently forecasting, he'll handover power ONLY based on the fact he gets presidential pardoning. Which Biden should just accept and move on.
  24. Looks like his condition is improving which is good news. I'd prefer to see him in handcuffs post election rather than on a ventilator or in a bodybag.
  25. A couple of early indicators that the rate of infection may be slowing. Only 4044 positive cases today, with a lower positive % although that's not the most accurate indicator. This thread also indicates that things may be slowing down a bit too
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