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  1. Milliband oddly, is by far the best which Labour have in the shadow cabinet. He's so much more charismatic now than when he was leader. He could've and really should've beaten Cameron in 2015, I think he'd have done good things for our country. The pandemic has completely blown the political spectrum open, which I'm sure will realign over the forthcoming years, maybe come 2024 people may actually be sick of conservatism enough to back someone else.
  2. Honestly if you were Harry, why on earth would you want to stay in that position? He lost his mum is the most traumatic of circumstances as a child, he watched her reputation get torn to shreds then watched her get buried. He gets hounded by the press, every relationship scrutinised, every night out scrutinised, every single action scrutinised. Then he meets a woman who for all intents and purposes makes him happy. He watches the same press who vilified his mum, vilify her. Why should he stay? He owes this country nothing, he owes himself everything and he should do whatever makes him happy. T
  3. Well these guys have essentially been playing twice a week since the start of June, so there must be something in that. A reason Man City are doing so well is that Pep threw the first few weeks of the season and treated it like a pre-season so he could ease his team in and now look at them.
  4. You can't vouch for those sorts of injuries, it's just pure bad luck. Muscle injuries maybe.
  5. It would be brilliant to see him succeed at Bristol City, the Premier League could really do with a bit of Bristol and in combo with Big Nige would be a very likeable team. There's very few people as misunderstood as our Nige, he built a siege mentality which I've not felt with any other manager (I was only very young during the MON days). I often think he's probably a bit too articulate and complex for the cesspit that is modern professional football. I really hope Bristol City back him long term!!
  6. If this lockdown is potentially going to be 6-8 months long then why the hell were cases allowed to get so high in the first place? B117 variant is not an excuse. Was it really just so shops could be left open in the lead up to Christmas?
  7. I feel that it helped in the short term but it's clearly lost its effect now. Each person will have their own opinion, the opinion's of the black & ethnic minority players are the only opinions that matter however!
  8. He'll only go elsewhere if he feels he's taken us as far as he can take us. He's going to have a UCL season at least with us so no need to worry yet. He's clearly the real deal to turn it around again after the end of last season.
  9. They employed good people, and got lucky with how effective vaccines have been in addition to the NHS smashing it. I don't think our vaccine rollout has been astonishing rather that the EU's attitude towards the vaccine rollout has been astonishingly bad (and of course we have to compare everything to the EU these days). I would argue that if this vaccine rollout is enough for a person to exonerate and forgive the government for their utterly appalling handling of this pandemic then you're an incredibly fickle, easily led person.
  10. I really like this, being able to critically analyse stuff, especially your own core beliefs is sadly rare in this mess of a society at the minute. You’re either right or you’re wrong, people are horrifically emotionally driven. Incidentally there’s a new Adam Curtis series coming out soon which should be good.
  11. Agree, it's not us who's ballsed up. We need to rise above it while providing support for AZ. I'm sure there'll also be a lot of frustrated european leaders.
  12. Don't worry about the SA variant, our variant is more transmissible which should mean, in a twisted way, that the SA variant will never get a foothold. Or not until a very high % of the population have been vaccinated and evolutionary pressure builds (by which time we'll have a booster for other variants).
  13. I'm encouraged by a lot of what he's pushed through so far. The private prison order for example was very admirable, and I've seen tonight that he's banned exportion of arms to Saudi Arabia and UAE, temporarily at least. If he can't unite, it will be due to the damage already done rather than a reflection on Biden himself I feel.
  14. At least you know that your immune system is doing something. Vaccine side-effects wont seriously harm you but covid could. Fortunately, give it a week or two, you're protected at the very least from a serious case of covid, and probably covid completely.
  15. Positive things regarding covid-19 at the moment. - We have incredibly effective vaccines and in Israel they're now seeing cases and hospitalisations drop off in over 60's (who have had the Pfizer jab) compared to the under 60's. - The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs are genuinely groundbreaking and in time to come we'll look at them as one of the greatest human achievements of the 21st century. - We have vaccinated 80% of over 80's. That's approximately 2.5 million people. Approximately 160 jabs save 1 life according to research. Therefore we've already prevented the death
  16. Good news, whoever got that wrong and printed the story deserves to be sued.
  17. ****ing next level disaster if true. I know there’s a lot of politics around the AstraZeneca vaccine & the EU so hopefully it’s just that gotten out of hand, otherwise we are truly screwed given where we’re at with our rollout. Equally if false, whoever has leaked this ‘fake news’ should be prosecuted.
  18. I think, what they've learnt from the half arsed lockdown in November is that if you give people an inch then they'll take a mile. Once it became clear that the lockdown would end on December 2nd, people stopped complying and it helped cases to go up. They're not going to give any definitive dates. If we're being honest then it's going to be March/April when the first restrictions are dropped and month by month we'll hopefully see less and less restrictions until we're back to normal. Unless something drastic happens then we wont be back in major restrictions ever again due to cov
  19. They'll open after the Easter holiday, if not a bit before if we can get case numbers down as quickly as we have been doing. No way will schools be shut into May unless there's a sudden uptick in infections. I've been reading a lot of Devi Sridhar's stuff recently, I think she's delusional and would question her motives. Zero covid is idealistic, theoretical and has no long term end goal. Would the British public really lockdown for 6+ months to get levels to zero and would they be prepared to go into a national lockdown everytime a new cluster of cases breaks out,
  20. Germany did exceptionally well in the first wave, whether that was luck or preparedness then who knows, but they're not representative of most of Europe. Their second wave has mirrored most of the rest of Europe. As for the second group of people, if they're willing to go to a gathering of that sort, the fatality rate increasing from 1% to 1.3% really isn't going to make much difference in their daft minds.
  21. Do I believe they're lying? No. Do I believe they've been massively irresponsible in how they've communicated this then yes. By all accounts it was Ferguson who leaked it to Peston. I would also argue that at this stage a higher lethality means pretty much nothing (unless it was double or whatever). We're in lockdown, cases are coming down, vaccination is taking place and this variant responds just the same against the vaccine. So who benefits from this information now??
  22. I think that yesterday's press conference was one of the most appalling messes I've ever seen. How can scare the public by announcing that covid is more lethal now, with the poorest, sketchiest evidence to support it??? Then you had the journalists picking and choosing the most negative things to ask questions about??? Hugh Pym from the BBC ffs quoting a flawed article saying that the Pfizer vaccine isn't working in Israel when the evidence is now emerging that it quite clearly is working both in terms of hospitalisations and infections. I would almost go
  23. Reflective of our mess of a society. If you're a tory = the PUBLIC are to blame, the disgusting PUBLIC, how dare people blame the government. If you're a deluded lefty = it's the GOVERNMENT, the public only follow the rules set!! The truth is probably that the government have time after time taken action far too late, and the public compliance has become worse over time.
  24. I think we're going to see this week just how popular sensible, left wing economic policy would be in the UK given the Tories are about to reduce the amount available via universal credit.
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