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  1. You come on here basically calling us a bunch of ungrateful, bad fans for wanting the best for our club, tell me big guy, what have you done to honour Vichai or Top? What have you done for the club?
  2. Just as well we have some easy fixtures coming up then
  3. WTF is that useless non entirety still employed by the great LCFC
  4. Didn't we sign Roger Davies from Club Brugge for £135,000 in 1979, my mate (a staunch Leicester fan living in Derby) lives next door to him
  5. Why give him the window? He has already said he's happy with his squad and doesn't intend to add to it
  6. Paul Bunce was a striker who played a handful of games in the 80's - He is a season ticket holder in the West stand and goes to many away games including those Champion League games
  7. Yes, just got the same, I've got a whole £9 Shame the new shirt won't be out this month
  8. I think less of you, you're on here like a girl who's having a meltdown, go and play with the nice kids who won't pull your pigtails and **** off to a less disturbing part of the ground
  9. I do represent a group, the fed up of the sanctimonious lot on this forum on here who think L Block are dirt on their shoes and you've made it clear which group you belong to
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