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  1. Remember when Wilf would get slaughtered on here by a huge percentage of our very knowledgeable support,
  2. the cardboard tray in a bounty bar
  3. he left Liverpool, and suddenly Liverpool go up a notch ,then finds form dipping dramatically, probably because the midfield workers are not around anymore , remind you of anybody who left us in a hurry ,hint begins with c ends in o
  4. on the way back from spuds , somebody said we should defo get cl now ,and i think for the first time i thought and said if we can get cl , there is no reason we cannot win the league.
  5. No he won't ,one year at a football club doesn't give you a right to be classed with our great players, and if I recall at villa in the cup people were screaming at him and shlupp to do one,good last quarter of the season but didn't all of them ,so let's forget about legend shall we, and going down in history ,
  6. Over the two legs 31 shots 12 on target 2 goals, villa 9 shots 4 on target, 3 goals, one goalie played great over the 2 legs the other so so,
  7. Against Southampton Maddison turns his back on the ball, hits him goes in, today Fuchs does it ,ffs at least do what Ben me does , because if it hits you on the arm even if you lean into it, it's not a penalty ?
  8. In that case Boxing Day should be mental
  9. Souness was impressed , said when we went under the cosh for a 20 minute spell and it got feisty, Leicester were prepared to go to war ,
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