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  1. Naby Keita, Sadio Mane & Minamino have all joined the PL from RB Salzburg too
  2. Soyuncu is this seasons 'I don't want him to go, but he's probably the one we could cope without best'. This follows on from Chillwell last season and Maguire the season before.
  3. I don't think Vardy ever looked fully fit after his op. A good few weeks rest now with a full and proper pre season should hopefully do him the world of good - same with Maddison, Ricardo, Evans etc.
  4. Dyce still lives in Northampton
  5. I remember us really wanting to keep Lee Hendrie in the season we were relegated to league one He came in and showed more fight and determination in a couple of games than a majority of the contracted squad. Scored a decent match winning goal against Scunthorpe at home too. Look how far we’ve come!
  6. I assume he and all his family have all got priority one season tickets then?
  7. The worrying thing for Maddison is who would he even replace in that 33 man squad? Never mind when it gets whittled down to 26. Before Xmas you would say Lingard, but since January he’s arguably been the best player in the premier league. It was clear Southgate wasn’t sure about something, wether it was his personality, attitude or just simply couldn’t trust him but after COVID gate and the Casino incident, I can’t see him getting selected ever again whilst Southgate is in charge.
  8. So looking at our squad, the following players will feature at the Euro's; Schmeichel Ward Soyuncu Castagne Tielemans Praet That gives a vital / key rest for the following players to overcome their injuries / niggles after pretty much a 2 year slog; Ricardo Fofana Evans Amartey Thomas Ndidi Mendy Choudhury Maddison Barnes Albrighton Perez Vardy Iheanacho Hopefully this will stand us in good stead going into next season as a majority of our squad will be back in f
  9. With Wes on the pitch yesterday we win that game. Moving Ndidi to centre back meant we completely lost control of the game / midfield. From a selfish point of view, I hope he misses the under 21 euros so he has the full summer to rest and recover to hopefully be back in for pre-season fresh and flying. The same goes with Barnes, Maddison, Ricardo, Vardy they all need this break now to get over their niggles and come back full fit!
  10. I don't think clearing off down the tunnel on his phone whilst we were 4-0 down to Newcastle went down too well ...... He hasn't been seen since.
  11. Exactly, we just couldn’t get out. Chelsea had Chillwell, Kante, Mount, Pulasic, Werner all driving at us / going beyond us at pace. It could of been worse had James played RWB too. We won the ball and just had nothing, we could barely even string 2 passes together.
  12. He's always mentioned in the same breath / category as Mount, Grealish, Foden etc. but he's a million miles away from any of them. Look at the difference when they get the ball, there's no dithering, its straight on the front foot, attacking at pace, beating a man and squeezing out of tight situations. Maddison seems to want too many touches which completely slows our game down, very rarely does he beat a man or at least have the pace to get away from them. I would happily cash in, especially as he only seems to stay fit for half a season too.
  13. A real alarming lack of pace last night, apart from Fofana, Soyuncu and arguably Vardy (who had no space) who else in the side has a burst of pace to drive at teams or at least carry us up the pitch?
  14. My worry with us desperately needing to win this game is we will play right into their hands with Kane, Son, Bale etc. picking us off on the counter. We could of easily conceded 6 last night, Kane & Son don't miss those chances. I hope I'm wrong but I can see a 0-3 and in true Leicester fashion Liverpool or Chelsea will drop points!! #keepthefaith
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