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  1. He also called Chilwell, Cresswell before the game
  2. For any of the sado’s like me, this years new LCFC game face additions ....
  3. I cant work out if Wolves' trip to Armenia is a good thing for us or a bad thing. Will they be tired or will they be a lot more match sharper than us? Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Söyüncü Chillwell Choudhury Tielemans Maddison Perez Albrighton Vardy
  4. I really hope he comes good. He needs a 'moment' where he comes on as a sub at 0-0 and gets the winner!
  5. I think it's as simple as Barnes plays at Rotherham to get as close to a full 90 minutes as possible. Our First / Best XI pretty much picks itself and that's what we will be starting with at Stoke (Ndidi excluded), I think as it stands the only decision Rodgers has to make is Albrighton or Barnes. Albrighton has arguably been our best player so far in pre-season.
  6. Remember Kerrea Gilbert? He literally disappeared off the face of the earth after our loan spell and I thought he was quality!
  7. It worked for Vardy in the pre season he came good
  8. I keep hearing from the media about how Man Utd are doing things the right way now, but by losing Valencia & Herrera on free's & spending about 65 million on AWB & James have they even improved?
  9. If I was Man City I would active the 25 mil release clause for Toby Alderweireld and keep the 65 mil change!
  10. Wouldn’t swap our squad for this, how times have changed
  11. Apparently the players are training in the morning, going to the Marriott for a couple of hours to chill and then back for a second / double session. Should hopefully mean they are nice and fit!
  12. Imagine saying to somebody 10 years ago; We’ll win League 1 We’ll win the Championship We’ll pull off the greatest Premier league escape with Cambiasso pulling the strings We’ll win the Premier League We’ll reach the quarter finals of the Champions League We’ll reject a £70 million bid from Man Utd for our England centre back We’ll break out transfer record with a 40 million pound signing
  13. Just watched all his goals from last season on the Sky Sports website, i know he scored a greater header against us but I didn't realise how good he was in the air and how many were actually headers! Seems very active and alert in the box running onto loose balls.
  14. I think, providing we sign Tielemans he plays on the left of the front 3, similar to where Maddison played towards the back end of the season. Drifting inside and cutting in on his right foot. Chillwell is effectively our left winger when we attack.
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