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  1. Brighton - Fat Boy Slim Leeds - Russell Crowe Southampton - Craig David
  2. I think the whole system is wrong. We have our best headers of the ball in a zone and the rest who aren’t as good in the air all trying to track runners leaving the opposition a running jump on our static defenders. Surely it should be swapped?
  3. 2018/2019 - 31 appearances, 7 goals 2019/2020 - 33 appearances, 6 goals 2020/2021 - 16 appearances, 5 goals. Encouraging numbers this season on the basis he’s struggled to get fit and 5 of those appearances are from the bench!
  4. Based on nothing but the pieces in the puzzle seem to fit .... Ozil > Fenerbahce (loan) Ozan Tufan > Leicester (loan) Choudhury > West Brom (loan)
  6. He’s only got 4 years left, give him another contract!
  7. I think we’ll play perfectly into Spurs hands, they’ll suck us in, allow us to think we’re in control and hit us on the counter, luckily we don’t have Morgan & Bennet in the back line this time! Son is on 99 Spurs goals .....
  8. Anybody else finding his lack of discipline a little concerning? 5 yellow cards from 12 games now and he’s not even been available for all 12 of them taking into account his back injury and his suspension carrying over from last season. Could tonight’s booking have been a tactical one to ensure he definitely makes the Spurs / United games? Seemed such a daft foul to make at 3-0 up!
  9. He will cause Solly March a lot of bother
  10. Can this thread get back to more pressing issues like the Seagrave Training Centre?
  11. Out of interest, who do you realistically think we could get who is anywhere near as good as Riyad?
  12. Not being at Southend away (league 1 title confirmed), Forest away (to secure play offs last day), Bolton away (championship title confirmed) & Man City away (title winning season) probably stick out the most for me after going to most of the games in those seasons.
  13. Its clear to see he's not 100%, he's probably playing with injections in his back to get us through.
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