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  1. #itsstill0-0
  2. Hopefully start by getting rid of Andy King
  3. Hard work only gets you so far. His job is to score goals and I think he's actually only hit the back twice. He's weak, has no first touch, offers no creativity, no goal threat, he's doesn't want the ball at his feet and he spends all game on the floor. It's like playing with ten men from the off. Wouldn't get in anybody else's team in the top two divisions.
  4. Can you browse the edit player menus on the early access? Do we have any new players game faces? Okazaki, Fuchs, Gray, Amartey etc?
  5. What new game faces will be expecting to see? fuchs gray amartey okazaki chillwell? Just wish EA did the scans later so summer signings could be included too.
  6. Great move for him. Same with Liam Moore, David Nugent etc. the club has just surpassed them now but played a massive part in where we are today.
  7. Hoping to try and get hold of 2 tickets for my parents. (preferably together) If anybody has any spares or knows of any memberships that are not in use i would be most grateful!
  8. Anyone have any idea if EA have done any further face scans? Will Okazaki, Gray, Fuchs etc all have real game faces?
  9. Thankfully Shakespeare and Walsh have signed new deals. Now let's all panic about the sports science department!!!!!!! Will be interesting to see how he gets on without his usually back room staff and how much of a overhaul he has on the expensive squad Derby have put together!
  10. Gotta be in it to win it
  11. Wayne Brown?
  12. I've said this for the past couple of years now since they introduced the live seasons with top goal scorers and league tables updating every week. They need to introduce a manager mode where you can play on from the current point in the live season. For example, you could carry on Leicester's tittle push for the remaining 12 games with Vardy on 19 goals already and the whole squad full of confidence and form. You could try and perform a great escape with Villa with all players having no form and confidence etc. All the players who are currently out injured will remain injured until their expected return dates etc. As sad as it sounds, I get bored playing the same fixture list over and over again when starting new seasons, so I tend to simulate to the current date, with Leicester in particular, we tend to be sitting about 16th with nothing to play for.
  13. Not overly fussed he’s not at the 40 man meeting, the meeting is to go over the qualifying campaign and recent friendlies with all the players who have been involved during that process. Would be a waste of his time. If he’s not picked for the upcoming friendly’s against Holland & Germany then I will be concerned!