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  1. Why isn’t the 12 minutes Spurs went top on the list? I desperately wanted to vote for it.
  2. Well here’s my thoughts on values, not that I think any will go mind and it’s just a bit of fun! Kasper 18 million Ricardo 65 million Evans 15 million Cags. 70 million Chilly 60 million Maddison 80 million Tielemans 80 million Wilf 60 million Barnes 35 million Perez 40 million Vardy never leaving Thats just the first 11, What a fantastic job the club have done assembling this squad, nobody is going to pick our pockets.
  3. This was bound to happen, the media can’t accept that we should be able to keep our best players, we’re on the up and can’t imagine any of our players leaving in January (the ones we want to keep anyway) the media are utter bores, stuck up the bottoms of the so called “big six” stirring up the 💩 for a cheap storyline
  4. Such competition for places now, it’s fantastic, loads of options in midfield and out wide, we’re in such a positive place and he’ll get his opportunity to start.
  5. I’m hoping all our players will recognise there’s something special happening here and will want to remain part of what could be a fantastic time for the club. 🦊
  6. I know it’s easier when you’re winning but not only has his game improved but also his attitude and demeanour looks better, he’s smiling and enjoying his football, i hope he keeps improving because potentially he could be a real gem.
  7. Basil Fawlty: Zoom! What was that? That was your life, Mate! That was quick, do I get another? Sorry, Mate
  8. I’m on serious 2 and also late, I’m enjoying it but it’s not grabbed me enough to binge watch it yet.
  9. They’ll say it allows the batters to get in good nick, I’d say due to the lack of quality bowling to “test” the batters in these 2 day games they’re largely a waste of time, better than a net though but not by much.
  10. SKY sources say Sterling grabbed Gomez around the throat but there was no physical contact between the pair, then they kissed and made up 🥰
  11. Key player, sign him on a long contract, he’s only going to get better.
  12. Finally watching Saturdays show, West Ham looked dreadful losing to Burnley, Chris Wood caused havoc
  13. Only 70 I think a struggling championship side might take a punt on him this season.
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