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  1. It’s all really sad, peoples lives destroyed by lockdown.
  2. Which in the grand scheme of things is still small, but as I’ve put in the Leicester lockdown thread I can’t see our lockdown ending anytime soon due to the lack of social distancing outside of the lockdown area
  3. I live outside the lockdown area and am listening to hoards of people getting drunk at Blaby club, don’t suppose there’s any social distancing going on. Cant see the Leicester lockdown ending before August .
  4. The scare mongering by the media is ridiculous, headlines like Corona virus local hot spots where cases have surged, so on further reading they’ve surged to 36 cases per 100.000 people.
  5. Give the lad a break, you’re even picking holes in his assists, he’s assisted in 8 goals, that is however which way you look at it a fact.
  6. San Miguel x2 in The Finch’s Arms in Hambleton, yesterday, we walked from Manton, pint, walked the peninsula, pint and roast beef dinner, then walked back. Good to be back in a pub again.
  7. Didn’t see that coming at half time, really pleased to be back to winning ways, that was a real crucial win.
  8. This has got 1-0 Leicester written all over it. 🙈🤣🤣🤣 yay!!
  9. My lady friend has been she said Gozo is lovely. Personally I should of been going to Sicily next week and really disappointed not to be going. Off to Gran Canaria in October all being well.
  10. Seems to me like the terrestrial TV channels have given up on showing any decent programmes, absolute garbage.
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