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  1. Greville Janner and Colin Pitchfork are 2 off the top of my head far worse than the crazy Icke. Im sure there’s more 😂
  2. We need a scapegoat. Big Dan will do for now, Albrighton is playing well so he’s fine until his next poor game, Perez and Hamza nailed on scapegoats next time they play. Nacho still gets pelters by some diehard Nacho haters.
  3. Too many players can hide behind the manager when the team performs badly. Self responsibility is something a few of our players could learn. Not just off the field but on it as well.
  4. Rodgers isn’t on the field though, yes the buck stops with the manager as always but I’m sure he didn’t send them out and expect them to play so poorly. The players were a disgrace first half and Rodgers said in his post match interview how badly they performed and nowhere near the level of performance he expected.
  5. He was in our 2’s for a time as well. Missed out on a decent player.
  6. My partner is a midwife, she feels exactly the same way as you do. Tough 13 hour shifts, sometimes no break and gets a measly 1% pay rise. She has 25plus years of service and has seen maternity care gradually eroded over the years, never enough midwives on and too many office bods making decisions without talking to the people who actually know the job. The pay off is for her is that she can retire at 55 with a damn good pension, something most people in the private sector can only dream about. Although correct me if I’m wrong newer NHS workers won’t see such
  7. Brendan got the team selection wrong. The 3 party animals have cost us dearly. And we were so so poor. Well done Nacho though.
  8. Where’s the guy whose always complaining about Nachos new contract???
  9. Some games we just don’t turn up, roll over and tickle our tummies. Absolute shocker by all of them. Im not one to criticise but today I will, they’ve been a shambles every last one of them, including those 3 party animals.
  10. Come on foxes. A win today will be huge, a draw not too bad but we cannot afford to lose this one.
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