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  1. Absolutely brilliant show, up there with his best work, it’s quite sad the Les Dennis episode, but fair play to him for playing the role.
  2. I have a holiday booked to Gran Canaria in October, if the current situation is still going on in over 6 months time sadly not having a holiday will be the least of my worries. I did manage to have a weekend in Oxford and a trip to Amsterdam earlier this year so happy that at least I’ve done something.
  3. I had the same in M&S a couple parked their trolley in front of the pie section and took an age, dithering about deciding what to buy whilst I stood a safe distance away waiting patiently before resorting to tutting, sighing and rolling my eyes.
  4. The dark days of Brian Carey and Nicky Mohan as our CB pairing.
  5. The Mercury headline read something like “City sign England international” really exciting until finding out who it was
  6. Words with friends 😊 I play that as well.
  7. Yes I downloaded that, it took 17 hours 😝
  8. I managed an 11 mile bike ride yesterday to Leire and back. Also trying to learn basic Spanish on Duolingo, thanks to whoever recommended that. Trying to resist buying the latest Call Of Duty as I’d end up spending my whole time on that! Hope all the forum members are holding up in these difficult times. 🦊
  9. Kalac has to be in there surely? How could he be omitted!!
  10. There was at least one lad from Leicester in this group. Good track. Saw them play the Uni and the Charlotte
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