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  1. So very disappointing, the Lilley misfield was huge as was his 1 over, he had a poor game. We deserved to win that, umpires were 💩 proud of the team though
  2. Weird scores which probably reflect the time of year and the 10 day gap between the last group games and the quarters. If we can get past Notts tonight I wonder how the finals will be decided if they can’t play due to the weather..... it’s supposed to rain from 9am tomorrow through to 7pm Saturday. Sunday is a reserve day but Edgbaston could be underwater
  3. Come on the foxes 🦊 beat the big time Charlie’s tonight
  4. A barrier was broken by a plane, according to some reports it smashed it.
  5. I’m the same can’t go during the summer months, booked my upcoming holiday way back in last October, I’m a worrier anyway and am struggling with the uncertainty
  6. Fingers crossed for you, I’m due to go away in a weeks time so pretty worried at the moment
  7. That’s correct, that was why I couldn’t get my head around taking countries off the safe to travel list when they went above 20/100,000, that’s 200 cases in every million.
  8. Deaths involving COVID-19 have increased for the second consecutive week in England and Wales. There were 139 fatalities which mentioned coronavirus on the death certificate - up from 99 the previous week, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). COVID-19 deaths still only accounted for 1.5% of all deaths
  9. Hmmm Boris seems to be dragging his heels when deciding to put London under further restrictions.
  10. What a fantastic signing, we’ve really sorted out our transfer dealings in the last few windows, gone are the days of what seemed like we were pulling names out of a hat and signing them. Timmy looks top class and has improved our team loads.
  11. Perfect summary, both legends in different eras. Love them both.
  12. Absolute class, he’s come back from the summer break fitter and hungrier!
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