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  1. Harry Deardon has forced his way back into the squad.
  2. What a player he was when he burst onto the scene, strong and quick, he looked like he was going to be a world beater, didn’t quite achieve that but wow he was great for us, loved that time as a City supporter and Emile was a key part of a fantastic team, great days.
  3. 2-3 great game with us edging it and Vardy destroying Harry.
  4. I’m sure he’ll turn out to be a good signing, he’ll get plenty of opportunities to shine, it’s a long season.
  5. Looks uncomfortable against the short ball and could struggle on bouncier pitches but what a find, a proper 4 day cricketer.
  6. Northants starts today, we need to bat first and go big, it’s the only chance of winning.
  7. Vardy will be raring to go, I can see this being a 5 goal thriller, with us winning 3-2
  8. Why is the club website so slow in showing results? Yes I know the seconds lost last Friday but the county page says the game is entering its final day (Friday) and we’re 0-0 it’s now Monday evening!
  9. Love Bob Mortimer, these little cartoons are so funny, the Peter Beardsley ones are good and so is the spurs gang, proper piss take 🤣
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