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  1. Thanksto everyone who posted a reply, is there nearby parking?, thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, could anyone tell me exactly where this is, i would really love to get a high quality photo of this, thanks
  3. markie100

    Gokhan Inler

    Could be worse, it could be an ostrich!!!
  4. markie100

    Lcfc plane tracking topic

  5. markie100

    Lcfc plane tracking topic

    Is t ‚Äčit possible to find any pictures of the plane & their helicopter. i would love to see how these people get around
  6. First manager to be interviewed by an ostrich live on tv !!!!!
  7. markie100


    Where have you been recently? are you an ostrich?
  8. Thanks for the speedy reply, i will e-mail the club & ask them
  9. Hi, I work as a learning support assistant in a special school for youngsters with learning difficulties & to make their maths more interesting & get them used to numbers, we thought by doing a football fantasy league we would hopefully accomplish this.This will only be used in school & not be registered anywhere but by using a paper for the students to update their own results. I wondered if it would be possible to have a ball or something signed by the players & staff as a prize for the winner of our competition & how or who would i need to contact at the club to enquire. Thanks for your time reading this & any any help offered.
  10. markie100

    Mark Albrighton chant

    What about "always look on the albrighton side of life" adapt the monty python classic
  11. markie100

    Players that you completely....

    Alan Smith
  12. markie100

    Players that you completely....

    Conrad logan
  13. markie100

    Worst 30 seconds of my life

    Knockert serves him right for cheating!!!!!!!