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  1. Newcastle seem to have money to spend. Let him go back for £25m
  2. Thought he was just going through through the motions
  3. and I was there when Tommy English scored a cracker
  4. They paid £23 for Wijnaldum in 2016. In today’s currency that’s probably around £50m. Keita was around £60m and Fabinho I think cost circa £40m.
  5. 49er

    Luke Shaw ????

    Shaw - no thanks. Cresswell or Digne will do
  6. In my day you would get a stick of chewing gum with the football cards
  7. unfortunately my knowledge of the NFL is not as extensive as soccer
  8. @SouthStandUpperTier perhaps we should start a Name the NFL Team thread
  9. Stopped watching the 49ers when we were rubbish after Harbaugh left and my attention was wholly on the exploits of Vardy and co
  10. Getting back into NFL, particularly as my lads -49ers- are doing so well
  11. Dear Pep, you need a left back. How about a swap deal? We give you Chilwell and in return we get Riyad. Sounds like a good deal all round
  12. You must think for yourselves
  13. it is a sign that we too must take off our shoes
  14. I’m Brian and so is my wife
  15. Sanitation, medication, education
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