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  1. Fair point, but it’s difficult to suggest that his performances to date have had a significant impact. We are in third thanks to the likes of Vardy, Ricardo, Ndidi, Soyuncu, Evans and Tielemans
  2. Wholeheartedly agree. We should have signed that sort of player in the summer to get on the end of crosses, in particular from Chilwell. It will give us another option. Go for it in January
  3. https://images.app.goo.gl/cqQ3cqjB9SKGSBH76
  4. Bellerin is a good wing back but poor defender. If we get it right this season we should be finishing above these
  5. The only top notch player they have is Aubameyang
  6. Remember the booing that was directed at Ossie Ardiles by our fans in the 1982 FA Cup semi-final the same day as Argentine forces invaded the Falklands . Ardiles was obliged to play abroad the following season
  7. Forgot to mention that Saul and Solomon March will be in the squad, as will Remi Moses who hopes to lead the team out of the wilderness. Let’s hope that there isn’t a mass exodus of fans, bearing in mind it’s a bit of a David and Goliath match. No need to crucify anyone. With Lazarus in the side we can come from the dead
  8. They would play at the home ground of the Saints. Their midfield four could comprise Luka Modric, Matthew Le Tissier, Mark Noble and Jonjo Shelley. The Manager is likely to be Martin God O’Neill rather than Judas Little. George Thomas could come into the squad although there are some doubts as to whether he could make it.
  9. Quite a few players would qualify- Jesus,Kane, St Ledger, Pope
  10. With so many minnows playing, how long before the Vatican City enter the fray
  11. And a country that produced Bobby Moore can’t field a decent centre back, even one that cost £80m
  12. Would we have won the title without Kante and Mahrez. Morgan was great but his status was enhanced by having the defensive cover afforded by Kante
  13. Part of the holy trinity, along with Vardy and Kante, that won us the league. Top notch player and legend. The people who have included Morgan and King are surely having a laugh. Even Lineker would not get in before this trio
  14. Might as well have Sam Bailey in the mix
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